Nandi Hills

Life gets as busy as it can be in the Electronic City of India. Everyone would need a rejuvenating getaway either with the family or with the best of their friends. Well we are here to take a virtual tour of the ancient hill fortress situated in southern India known famously as Nandi Hills or Nandi Betta. The destination is full of life with a lot of adventurous places near Nandi Hills. It will take you around 1:30 hrs to cover around 62 kms to reach to Nandi Hills from Bangalore. But we still need solid reasons to give any destination a final go ahead, right?!!

Well, here are the top 5 reasons to count on Nandi Hills for your best weekend getaway.

A Nature Lover’s Haven

A shutterbug or a nosy for exploring the beauty of the nature, Nandi Hills situated at a height of 4851m above the sea level is a favourite destination for all. Arrive at a little early in the morning and you will get a chance to witness the morning breeze from the top land that rejuvenates every cell of your body and to bring out that natural smile on your face.

Nandi Hills

Imagine yourself at the top of the world where you get to embrace the most heavenly scenery combined with rare flora, cool fresh air and peace. Now it begins to sound like the perfect spot for weekend getaway.

Tipu Sultan’s Fort and Tipu’s Drop

The world-famous ruler Tipu Sultan’s home is a destination that envy all the visitors at Nandi Hills. Tipu Sultan’s Fort, also known as Tashk-e-Jannat, which means “Heaven’s Envy” stand atop the hills. The ancient architecture is build on the foundations of five arches with minarets which demonstrates magnificent art. What adds to its beauty are the beautiful paintings engraved on the walls and ceilings of the fort.

Nandi Hills

Tipu’s drop is the cliff standing at an altitude of 600m. As per the historic legends, Tipu Sultan forced his prisoners to jump down the cliff. What gives your body chills is that the wind rustling on the windy night is said to be the screams of the dead prisoners. If you can make it past to the fear of the screams of the dead, Tipu’s Drop is the best spot for panoramic view of the city.

Nandi Hills

A Spot for Adventure Activities

If you are in for a thrill experience at the top of the world, then you are planning for the right spot. Paragliding, cycling and trekking are some top of the line adventures that can make you live most out of your life. Paragliding in Nandi Hills offers an opportunity to fly freely in the air at a height of 4581 feet above the sea level. Its ideal terrain is major attraction for trainers and professional paragliders too. If you want a full training than courses ranging from two or three days to a week are available. Even if you do not get yourself trained up to be a professional paraglider, there is no need to worry as a trained crew will ride with you to ensure maximum safety. Depending on the crowd, time limits ranging from 10 minutes to 40 minutes are allotted for the flight.

Nandi Hills

The River Arkavati

Looking for some water places near Nandi Hills, you will find on of the tributaries of the river Kaveri which originates in Nandi Hills known by the name of Arkavati. It is one of the largest mountain rivers in Karnataka. Arkavati is then joined by Kumudavathi, Suvarnamukhi, Vrushbhavati before it joins Kaveri at Sangam.

Nandi Hills

The interesting fact around this river is that it supplies 20% of the water requirements of the Bengaluru City. What do you get at the top of the hill – is its splashing water and some really cool portraits with family or friends.

Chilling Resorts at the Foothills

After a full day’s adventure and enjoyment, if you feel like some cool place to sit and let the memories sink in, then the there are some nice resort near Nandi Foothills. Grover vineyards is one among them to note and is widely famous for its Winemaking. Through its unique style and art of winemaking, they serve special White wines, Red wines, well known La Reserve and Rose wine. There could be no place better than this resort to sink your memories deep within forever.


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