Common driving distractions to avoid on your road trip this summer

Summer is the perfect time of year to load the car up and head out on an adventurous road trip. Whether you’re travelling with family or friends, there are plenty of things you need to remember from making sure you have packed enough suitable and weather-appropriate clothes, entertainment devices like tablets and car games and plenty of food and drinks to keep you all energised. But the most important thing you need to remember is not to get distracted while you’re driving.

Being distracted while driving is not only dangerous to you and your passengers, but it’s also dangerous to other drivers on the road. There are some driving distractions that you could get fined for and points added to your driving license, so it’s best to brush up on your driving knowledge beforehand to make sure you’re fully prepared.

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Driving Distractions to Avoid

If you’d like to prepare for the car journey ahead and see how well you can concentrate while driving on the road, Kwik Fit has created an interactive game to test your reaction time. So if you’re all ready for your summer road trip, here are some things to remember when driving on the road to avoid being #DrivenToDistraction.

Keep passengers entertained

If your road trip requires a lot of driving, passengers can get bored easily, especially if you’re travelling with children. Quite often drivers can be distracted with their kids arguing in the back of the car, so make sure they have some form of entertainment for the drive. This can include anything from playing games or watching their favourite cartoons on a tablet to playing old fashioned but classic car games like Punch Buggy or I Spy.

Plan your route

Another common distraction when driving is being uncertain of where it is you are going. When you’re not familiar with the route you’re taking, it’s best to plan ahead and try to find the easiest way to get there. Getting lost on your road trip will leave you feeling worried and not being able to concentrate properly. If possible, try to use a Sat Nav in the car and have a map as backup should you need it. After all, it’s best to be too prepared than not prepared at all.

Make regular stops

Having a break during our recent Road trip in Sri Lanka

Remember to make regular stops along the way so passengers can stretch their legs and to break up the long drive. Taking breaks will allow you to have a quick bite to eat or to check your mobile phone for any messages. It’s important to take a break from driving if you start feeling tired or if your eyes start to strain as you may not be as alert. It can be distracting trying to take in any scenic views along the way so if you do happen to pass any, make a quick stop so you don’t miss out!

These are some of the common driving distractions you could encounter on long car journeys. If you are going on a road trip this summer, make sure you take extra precaution when on the road to ensure safety for you, your passengers and other drivers.

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  1. Yes, these are some great tips! We always know where we’re going. Or we try to. And we try to keep the kids entertained. Thankfully they are older, so it’s easier.

  2. You are so right planning your trip in advance is so important as it reduces the panic and possible hiccups along the way. Making regular stops when you have children is great as they get bored so quickly and reduces the ‘are we there yet’ questions.

  3. That’s great safety advice to follow during road trips. It’s always easy to get distracted while having all the fun but then taking regular breaks always helps.


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