Cambodia's Route 66

The phrase Route 66 conjures images of the highway that reaches across the continental United States. Fewer people are aware of its Cambodian counterpart, which is just as beautiful if somewhat less well known. If you want to take the unexpected road trip adventure of a lifetime, traveling Route 66 in Cambodia is a perfect way to do so. You will see incredible sites and have the opportunity for cultural and spiritual growth along the way.

Enjoy a Road Trip With Major Temples at Each End

Route 66 in Cambodia starts and stops at popular temple destinations. It begins at Angkor Wat, one of the most famous temples in the entire country. With sprawling grounds that cover more than 500 acres, Angkor Wat is truly a “temple city,” which is the meaning of its name.

Cambodia's Route 66

From there, Route 66 spans roughly 62 miles, meaning that you can likely finish this trip in one day. However, don’t expect to travel at highway speeds. This road goes over land that was once a canal in Cambodia. It is rough in some places, meaning you will need to travel at much lower speeds then you might prefer. Some people even take bike trips down Route 66 in Cambodia, requiring only a few days to go from one temple to the other.

Your one-day road trip will end at the temple of Preah Khan. It is a massive temple complex covering 168 acres and surrounded by lush jungle. It’s beautiful columns and sculptures can entertain tourists for hours after that long, scenic drive.

Cambodia's Route 66

Make Sure You Have Proper Licensing and Insurance for the Trip

Depending on your national origin and where you currently live, you may have to take additional steps to ensure your driving privileges while in Cambodia. It’s also important to ensure you have the right kind of insurance coverage to drive a multi-terrain vehicle on this road trip. Many rental car companies will offer insurance on their vehicles, but be sure to read the policy carefully and comply with all of the requirements during your trip.

So long as you have the right licensing and insurance, you shouldn’t have to worry about legal or financial complications during your trip. Instead, you can focus on enjoying the gorgeous views of the Cambodian Countryside bookended by beautiful temples with major cultural significance. Arrange a rental car, secure lodging near Preah Khan, and get ready for the ride of your life!


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