common injuries after a car accident during a road trip

If you’re a regular driver, you’ll know that car accidents can be scary and could cause serious injuries. You’re probably a very safe driver who always wears a seatbelt and know that driving in a dangerous or reckless manner could cause injuries to yourself or others. But car accidents happen, and people get hurt. Whilst injuries can vary depending on the severity of the accident, the type of vehicle and the location of the incident – what are the common injuries after a car accident?

Common Injuries After a Car Accident


Whiplash is a common injury after a car accident. A whiplash car accident involves being thrown around inside the vehicle and the repeated “whipping” of the neck. Whilst whiplash often doesn’t show itself immediately after the accident, it normally occurs within 24 hours of the accident and can be very painful. If you have whiplash, you may experience a stiff neck, the inability to move it from side to side properly, headaches, and fatigue. You may also find your whiplash an unpleasant and unwelcome reminder of the accident you’re desperate to forget. If you think you might have whiplash, make sure you book an appointment with a healthcare professional.

common injuries after a car accident during a road trip

Head injuries

Car accidents can occur for a number of reasons, and if it’s because of bad weather conditions, your vehicle might skid violently on the road, causing your head to knock against a window or the steering wheel. This could lead to a head injury. Whilst head injuries vary in their significance, if you are having headaches, confusion or a ringing in your ears after being in a car accident, you must see a healthcare professional. Head injuries are not to be taken lightly and need to be caught as early as possible. 

Cuts and bruises

After being involved in a car accident, people often have a variety of cuts and bruises. This is because of loose items flying around in the car, for example, phones, cups, glasses, purses, or books, which can cause scrapes and bruises when they contact your skin. Whilst you might be relieved if you only have minor cuts and bruises after your car accident, you should keep an eye on them to ensure they heal properly. Make sure you keep the cut area clean or it could get infected, and cover it with a bandage or plaster to avoid any debris getting into the area.  

Broken bones

A common, but more severe injury after a car accident might be a fractured or broken bone. This could occur from your body being thrown forward with extreme force, or from the harsh contact of another car. Whatever the cause of the fractured or broken bone, they can be extremely unpleasant and painful, and will need immediate medical attention. They could also lead to nerve damage, blood vessel problems and arthritis. Whether you’ve experienced a broken leg, arm or collar bone, all breaks should be taken extremely seriously and will take a while to heal. If the accident wasn’t your fault, you may wish to contact a lawyer.

What to Do If You Are Involved in a Car Accident

If you are involved in a car accident, staying calm and following a few key steps is vital. First, ensure everyone’s safety by moving to a secure location. Next, call emergency services and seek medical attention, even if injuries seem minor. Exchange information with the other party involved and gather evidence such as photos and witness contacts. Lastly, consult with an expert car accident lawyer promptly. Their expertise can guide you through the legal process, helping you navigate insurance claims and potential lawsuits, and ensuring you receive the compensation you deserve. In the aftermath of a car accident, swift and informed action can make a significant difference in your recovery.


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