It was not planned. I was not expecting to watch the sunset on our way home from Hambantota. It was the tiresome first day of our recent tour to the down south of Sri Lanka. On each Sri Lanka holiday, we enjoy a couple of road trips around Sri Lanka. Most of these trips are to visit family relatives in different areas of the country.

When I arranged another road trip to Kataragama, time was really limited as I had to return to Singapore in a few days. So, we planned it for 2 days making it a trip with few stops. On our first day, we travelled to Kataragama and returned back to Colombo in the evening.

We were reaching the Hambantota saltern area. The surrounding was spacious and with natural views.

All inside the vehicle were tired. It was so silent inside the vehicle. Suddenly, I found a magical moment. We were in Hambantota, one of the major cities in Southern Sri Lanka. We were passing the Hambantota Saltern (Hambantota Lunu Lewaya).

Sri Lanka : Watching Sunset at Hambantota
We were passing the Hambantota Lunu Lewaya.

The Saltern or Hambantota salt production area is spacious and spreads over a large area of land making it the best place to watch the sunset without many obstacles. I always admire sunset views. If I get a chance to watch the sunset, that will make my day forgetting all the tiredness.


While we were enjoying sunset views, we also had a break from our long hour journey. And after all, I could capture another collection of sunset views from Sri Lanka making it a memorable road trip.

Finally, we watched the best sunset over the Hambantota Lewaya. The windmills add beauty to the view.

These days I travel with my kid. So, instead of a DSLR camera,I always use my phone to capture the moments. Although these are not the best photographs technically,I know these are the best travel memories of life! 🙂

Do you like to watch the sunset? Please let me know how you enjoy such spectacular moments!









  1. Those are still beautiful images you were able to capture with your phone. What I hate i when the sun sets too fast before you’re able to get a good picture taken. No matter where, there’s always something magical about the sun rise or set.

  2. You were lucky to see such a beautiful sunset. It’s nice when you less expect it, the nature puts on a show for you. And you are right, even if the photos are not the best, the memories are the ones that matter. I can never get tired of watching sunsets.

  3. It’s been a long time since I last watch a sunset. I think it was when I got my heart broken with my then boyfriend, but now my husband. I was too emotional that time that I just wanted to watch the sun sets for the whole duration of it. Wherever the place is, sunsets are always beautiful.

  4. I always liked sunsets, and I tended to capture their beauty every time. However, no matter how excellent your camera is, you will never be able to take a picture as good as a real one you see with your eyes. I suppose this sunset was also more beautiful than in your photos (even though the photos are also great).
    These unexpected journeys are always the best. I can see you enjoyed your time. 🙂

  5. Watching a sunset is always a lovely thing to do whenever possible. To be honest, it is one of my favorite thing to do whenever I’m in the province. Other than experiencing it, it’s also a wonder on immortalizing it. Sometimes, I try to experiment editing my photos especially if it’s about landscape photography. This is truly a breathtaking view especially if enjoyed with the people you love.

  6. I, too, enjoy watching the sunset. It calms me and sends a positive vibe. Telling me that there is still tomorrow should I didn’t make a beautiful start today. Watching it with loved ones or children is pretty new to me as I have done it alone only. But having a companion would be a nice and welcoming change.

  7. I love watching sunsets. It gives me a feeling and inspiration to do better tomorrow.

    You should see the sunset in several spots here in the Philippines– it’s awesome.

  8. Cool! You say mobile captures and they seem so good. Almost on par with DSLR. Love roadtrips to core. I enjoyed this journey of yours. 🙂

  9. What a picturesque view! I guess nothing really beats the calmness and the beauty that a sunset could bring! I can visualize myself sitting on the ground and watching the sunset. It’s really a rewarding experience and a beautiful atmosphere that nature has to offer!
    You have captured the sunset beautifully by the way

  10. I love watching the sunset at a place in our country called Boracay. Certainly, watching the sunset is more magical when it is unplanned. This is why your experience is so memorable. Anyway, you took a stunning shot even with just a phone.


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