Daisies for Purity and Innocence
Daisies for Purity and Innocence

Daisies are some cute, tiny,
pretty flowers which can be found anywhere in the world. It is easily found in home
gardens of Sri Lanka too. Though it has different varieties and colours, below
purple daisies are more popular in Sri Lanka. These are another captures from
my Sri Lankan holiday.

Daisies for Purity and Innocence
Anyway, do you know below
facts about daisies? As they are interesting, I thought of sharing.
-Daisies are easily found
everywhere on Earth except Antarctica.
-Daisies represent purity
and innocence.
-Daisies are widely used in
flower bouquets and gifts.

-This plant grows and spreads
easily. Therefore if not controlled, some daisies can become serious weeds!
However, these tiny flowers
are always beautiful and able to make a day cheerful!
Daisies for Purity and Innocence


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