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Pinnawala Zoo

Our visit to the Pinnawala Open zoo was really enjoyable. Although there are few animals there, it is a great place to unwind. Waddling ducks, hopping rabbits and ready to fight roosters and other fowls at the entrance of the Pinnawala Zoo invited us to enter into the zoo. So, we bought tickets and entered into the zoo to watch this newly built mini zoo of Sri Lanka.

Check this post about Pinnawala Zoo  if you like to see the photos of animals in the zoo.

Pinnawala Open Zoo
Peaceful views of the Pinnawala open Zoo

It is spacious. It is relaxing and it is peaceful. While our son enjoying his time watching animals, I spent time experiencing the fresh air and beautiful views. The views relaxed me and helped me to unwind. Like in many other places we visited, I did not want to pay close attention for my kid as it was less crowded and safe for kids to run here and there. He was happily spending his time with his father, so I could have some sort of ‘me time’ for me.

Pinnawala Open Zoo
Our kid enjoyed his time freely.


Pinnawala  Zoo
Lot of running till he was tired! 🙂

Here are some of the views I captured from the Pinnawala open Zoo. Hope you like to go through these views around the zoo.

Pinnawala Open Zoo
Pinnawala Open Zoo


Pinnawala Open Zoo
Beautiful trees and spacious land added more beauty to the Pinnawala open zoo


Pinnawala Open Zoo
I like these views with man-made structures


Pinnawala Open Zoo
A viewing point at the Pinnawala Zoo


Father and son had great bonding time there 🙂

Have you been to Sri Lanka?In Sri Lanka,Kandy is a must visit location.Pinnawala is located in Colombo Kandy road near Kegalle/Rambukkana. If you visit Sri Lanka,Kandy then don’t forget to stop at Pinnawala and visit this zoo and the most popular Elephant Orphanage!


Pinnawala Zoo

When it comes to travel with kids, a visit to a zoo is always exciting and interesting for them. That is why we decided to visit Pinnawala Zoo during our recent Sri Lanka holiday thinking this would be a good experience for our kid. When it comes to Pinnawala Sri Lanka, we cannot miss a visit to the popular attraction of Pinnawala. That is elephant orphanage of Pinnawala. After our visit to the Elephant Orphanage then we visited the Pinnawala open concept zoo which is a kind of a mini zoo. This zoo is located in few minutes walking distance from the pinnawala elephant orphanage.

Pinnawala Zoo Sri Lanka
At the entrance of the zoo there are domestic animals roaming freely.
 Sri Lanka Pinnawala Zoo
Waddling ducks create a beautiful scene for kids
 Sri Lanka Pinnawala Zoo
A moment from the Pinnawala Zoo
 Sri Lanka Pinnawala Zoo
We also found a star tortoise

Still, the zoo is with few exhibits, but is beautiful and looks natural. Although buildings and structures look new, the landscapes are really beautiful. Our kid enjoyed the Pinnawala zoo than the Pinnawala elephant orphanage. He loved to watch the animals and enjoyed his time running here and there along the beautiful and spacious foot paths of the zoo. For a family bonding time, it is really worth visiting this Pinnawala zoo.

Pinnawala Zoo
It is a bear!

Just see some of our moments and photographs from the Sri Lankan Pinnawala Zoo!

Pinnawala Zoo Sri Lanka Review
We found this baby pangolin with his caretaker.

Here are some more moments from our visit.

This donkey was eating straw when we were at the Pinnawala zoo 🙂 (Nothing special to mention here)
Spotted deer
Is it worth visiting the Pinnawala Zoo Sri Lanka?

Well, this is my opinion. Still this zoo is with few animals. So, if you really want to watch different animals, this is not the zoo you have to visit. Instead, Colombo zoo is with lot of different species. However, if you like to spend time with kids and family or if you love to enjoy your time among the beautiful and spacious landscapes, then this mini zoo in Pinnawala is ideal.

Pinnawala Zoo Sri Lanka
The Pinnawala Zoo is with lot of beautiful views and landscapes

If you live in Sri Lanka,Pinnawala can be an ideal getaway for a holiday or even on a weekend.Other than this Pinnawala Zoo,there are few other attractions in Pinnawala including Elephant Orphanage and Pinnawala Iperanigama Theme Park.You can easily spend a day in activities with the family and kids.

If you are travelling with kids to Sri Lanka and if you visit Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage while you are on the way to Kandy,  then Pinnawala Zoo can be a good place to entertain the kids. My kid  loved this zoo than the elephant orphanage.

Pinnawala Zoo
The Pinnawala zoo is ideal to spend quality time with kids.It is not crowded.Also it is spacious and relaxing.

However,if you are in Sri Lanka for a really short or few days holiday, then there are many other attractions which are ancient and unique to Sri Lanka. I believe visiting such ancient sites which are along the Colombo Kandy road is worth considering the short period of time you stay in Sri Lanka. We also visited places such as Gadaladeniya Viharaya, Lankathilaka Viharaya and Ambakke which are with some ancient value.

But, it seems the pinnawala zoo is still under development. It will be a major attraction in Pinnawala in near future!

How to reach Pinnawala Zoo?

Pinnawala zoo is located along the Rambukkana Road just near to the Elephant Orphanage.

You may need at least 2 hours to cover this zoo.

Have you been to Sri Lanka before? How was your experience among the attractions?


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Sri Lanka Anuradhapura – Must Visit attractions

Anuradhapura, which is one of the must visit cities in Sri Lanka is full of historical attractions. Anuradhapura as one of the ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka own lot of heritage sites to show you how Sri Lanka was in the ancient times. Together with influences of Buddhism, Anuradhapura has to offer lot more information about its history, culture and traditions that was existed in Sri Lanka before thousand years ago. As one of the pilgrimage destinations for Sri Lankans, Anuradhapura is full of Buddhist temples which any visitor to Anuradhapura must have a look. In this post, I want to share some of the must visit attractions in Anuradhapura which can complete your holiday to Sri Lanka. Once you visit these places, I am sure you’ll be amazed with the rich history, heritage and culture which Sri Lanka owns!

Sri Lanka Anuradhapura – Must Visit Attractions

Sri Lanka Anuradhapura – Must Visit Attractions
Sri Lanka Anuradhapura – Must Visit Attractions
Ruwanwelisaya Stupa
Ruwanwelisaya Anuradhapura
Sri Lanka Anuradhapura – Must Visit Attractions

Built by king Dutugamunu in 140 B.C., this is one of the sacred places for Buddhists in Sri Lanka and all over the world. Also known as Rathnamali Dagaba,Swarnamali Chaithyaya or Ruwanwali Saya, this stupa (monument) is one of the must visit attractions in Anuradhapura.

Useful tips:

Usually it is best to visit in the evening as day time it can be really hot in the surrounding.

Remember to remove your shoes before entering to the temple premises. Also you need to wear appropriate clothes when you enter into the Ruwanweliseya premises.

Read more : Ruwanwelisaya

Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi Tree
Sri Lanka Anuradhapura – Must Visit attractions
Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi Tree-Sri Lanka Anuradhapura

Once you visit the Ruwanwelisaya, the next must visit location is Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi tree which is located in walking distance to Ruwanweliseya. As the oldest historically sacred tree in the world, Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi tree is a branch from the Bodhi tree of Buddha Gaya, India which Lord Buddha was enlightened.

Sri Lanka Anuradhapura – Must Visit attractions
Lowamahapaya ,Sri Lanka Anuradhapura

When you walk to the Sri Maha Bodhi tree, from Ruwanwelisaya, you will find another historical building on the left side of you. This is called Lowamahapaya.

Although it is a ruined building now, it was a nine story building which was built by the king Dutugamunu. In ancient days, Lowamahapaya was used as a Uposathagara which also included a simamalakaya. A simamalakaya is a place where the Buddhist monks (sangha) assembled on the full moon days to recite the Buddhist sutra.(Buddhist chanting)

Read More about our travel post to Lowamahapaya Anuradhapura.

Sri Lanka Anuradhapura – Must Visit attractions
Mirisawetiya ,Sri Lanka Anuradhapura

Mirisawetiya is another sacred Buddhist place which is also one of the ‘Atamasthana’ which every Buddhists like to visit in their lifetime. This stupa is also built by the king Dutugamunu after defeating the king Elara.

Read more : Mirisawetiya Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Anuradhapura – Must Visit attractions
Thuparamaya – Sri Lanka Anuradhapura

As the first dagaba built in Sri Lanka after introducing the Buddhism, Thuparamaya was built by the king Dewanampiyathissa in the 3rd century BC. Thuparamaya is also considered as the oldest dagaba in Sri Lanka which is another must visit place in Anuradhapura.

Read more about Thuparamaya

Sri Lanka Anuradhapura – Must Visit attractions
Jethawanaramaya – Sri Lanka Anuradhapura

The Jethwanaramaya is another stupa in Anuradhapura which is another must visit heritage site of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Historical records say Jethawanaramaya was built by the king Mahasena as a stupa in the Jethawana Monastery. Once you visit this sacred place, you will be sure amazed with the historical architecture and culture!

See more pictures and read more about Anuradhapura Jethwanaramaya

Sri Lanka Anuradhapura – Must Visit attractions
Isurumuniya Vihara – Sri Lanka Anuradhapura

Although Isurumuniya temple is famous for the ‘Isurumuniya Lovers’ sculpture, you will be amazed with the beautiful views of this temple. After visiting above mentioned places in Anuradhapura, I found this Isurumuniya viharaya as a different place. It is different from other attractions in Anuradhapura in view and in location. It is a rock temple located in a calm environment. Don’t forget to visit Isuruminiya viharaya and also the museum next to it in your holiday in Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka as this is one of the best places to visit.

Read more about our trip to Isurumuniya Vihara.

Samadhi Pilimaya
Sri Lanka Anuradhapura – Must Visit attractions
Samadhi Buddha Statue -Anuradhapura

Situated in Mahamevnawa in Anuradhapura, Samadhi Buddha statue is a Buddhist sacred place which you need to visit in Sri Lanka. Peaceful environment, historical background and Dhyana Mudra meditation posture of Buddha statue will make you calm and relax. You will never regret of your visit here for your entire lifetime.

Read more about : Samadhi Buddha Statue


Abhayagiri Viharaya
Sri Lanka Anuradhapura – Must Visit attractions
Abhayagiri Viharaya

Next to Samadhi Pilimaya, you will see the views of Abhayagiriya. It is another Buddhist temple complex. Abhayagiriya viharaya is one of the ‘Atamasthana’ you must visit in Anuradhapura Sri Lanka in order to complete your satisfaction in holiday in Sri Lanka.

There are many other places and attractions in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka including Lankaramaya. As one of the UNESCO heritage sites of Sri Lanka, you’ll be amazed with views and attractions which you visit. Truly you will have a cultural and heritage tour which adds value for your Sri Lanka holiday.

Useful tips to Visit Anuradhapura – Sri Lanka

Above mentioned Anuradhapura attractions are Buddhist religious places. Therefore, always follow the steps not to disturb the others. Some of the places are full of Buddhist devotees who are participating in Buddhist meditation and other activities. You may need to stay silent or not to disturb them.

Also remember to wear appropriate clothes which are long below the knees. You can offer flowers and oil lamps. Usually it is easy to buy such offerings from the stalls near the temples.

Help locals by purchasing small things, offerings or souvenirs from them. This is not a must. But it will be always helpful if you support the locals of the area.

Here are more helpful tips about visiting temples in Sri Lanka.

Food in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

As there are hotels and restaurants available, you will not find difficult to find food of your choice. However, you can also try Sri Lankan food in Anuradhapura. There are various places which you can try Rice and Curry together with other Sri Lankan food.

Check this post about our food experience in Anuradhapura: http://foodcnr.com/sri-lankan-breakfast-in-anuradhapura/

Along the way to Anuradhapura, you will also find people selling fresh fruits in small stalls along the road.

Accommodation in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka

There are many types of accommodation available in Anuradhapura. However it is better to book before you reach there. We visited there as a pilgrimage tour, family trip. So, we rented whole house as it is the best way to spend with family and relatives.

There are also hotels available in Anuradhapura from Budget hotels to Luxury hotels. You can check these hotels in Anuradhapura and book before you reach there.

Remember, Anuradhapura is usually crowded on Full moon poya days. It is better to avoid such dates if your travel plan is flexible.



















Ruwanwelisaya Anuradhapura

Ruwanwelisaya or Ruwanwalisaya is one of the sacred Buddhist stupa in Sri Lanka. Anuradhapura, as a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this stupa or monument is another ancient place to visit for those who love to explore the historical cities of Sri Lanka.

Bit of History

Constructed by the King Dutugamunu in 161 BCE, this stupa is one of the best icons to show the proud history of Sri Lanka and Anuradhapura kingdom.

In Sri Lanka, there are 16 places of most interest for Buddhists. (Solosmasthana).Ruwanwelisaya is one of these 16 must visit places and there are lot of people, devotees visit this place daily.


These are some of the photos from our visits to Ruwanwelisaya,Anuradhapura. We actually visit this sacred place whenever we are in Sri Lanka for a holiday. However some of the captures are from 2011 trip to Anuradhapura and some are from the Sri Lanka visit in 2013.Those are not so clear captures. However I believe these photos from Ruwanwelisaya are enough to give some idea of how beautiful this place is. In both trips we reached Anuradhapura at night and visited the Ruwanwelisaya before starting our journey of visiting other places in Anuradhapura.


Although it is a place of worship for Buddhists, don’t forget to visit around the stupa and see the architecture and carvings which are done at the ancient times. These stone pillers and carvings in Ruwanwelisaya is a great example of craftsmanship in Sri Lanka and these give some hint about the ancient kingdom Anuradhapura.



Check some more photos from this post about Anuradhapura Ruwanwalisaya.

How to reach Ruwanwelisaya stupa?

Ruwanwelisaya stupa is located in Anuradhapura, the ancient kingdom of Sri Lanka. You need to reach Anuradhapura before you visit Ruwanwelisaya.

If you don’t drive, you can easily reach Anuradhapura by coach or by hired taxi.

By train: You need to take a train to Anuradhapura. There are trains from Colombo fort and other major train stations in Sri Lanka.

By bus: You can take a bus to Anuradhapura. If you start your journey from Colombo, then there are buses to Anuradhapura. However, expect a long journey.

Where to stay in Anuradhapura?

As Anuradhapura is a UNESCO heritage site and an ancient city of Sri Lanka, it is one of the major tourist attractions. Therefore finding accommodation in Anuradhapura is not that difficult. You can find accommodation near Ruwanwelisaya and other major attractions from budget hotels to luxury hotels. Here are some hotels in Anuradhapura

Red flowers from Sri Lanka

Flower photography is one of my hobbies.I love enjoying the beauty of flowers and at the same time I love to capture those in different angles.During past few years I captured beautiful flowers in different destinations,but most of my favourite captures are from Sri Lanka.There is a reason for that.Usually in Sri Lanka I get time to relax and enjoy time among the flowers and nature without much disturbance.This peaceful mind alows me to capture the beautiful moments and those make me happy throughout the year.These are such flower captures which I photographed during different holidays and thought of sharing a post featuring those in today’s post.

Gorgeous in Red – Flowers from Sri Lanka

Flowers from Sri Lanka

These red roses are common in Sri Lanka and I captured these few years ago in a holiday in Sri Lanka.Check the given link for more beautiful views in different angles of the same flower.

Flowers from Sri Lanka

This is another common red rose variety which you can find in Sri Lanka.It doesn’t have lot of flower petals.But,with bright red flowers,these red roses can make you smile any time! 🙂

Flowers from Sri Lanka

This is one of my favourite flower captures from 2014 collection.I named this collection as smiling Zinnias.Have a look in to this post,smiling Zinnias from Sri Lanka for more photos.

Flowers from Sri Lanka

Still I dont know the English name.However we called these flowers as  Ginikuuru mal in Sri Lanka.Aren’t they gorgeous?

Update : I found the name.These flowers are called as Red Cypress Vine.

Flame Violet flowers are so beautiful and can find in different colours.This red colour flowers are bright and hot!

Anthuriums! Aren’t they unique in the shape?These red anthuriums are common in Sri Lanka,however these flowers need attention and also some shade to grow beautifully.

Do you love to capture flowers?Above are DSLR photos,Phone captures and using my point & shoot.I use any camera I have,but DSLR camera always give the best captures.


Known as Peradeniya Rest House before and known as Royal Guest House under a new management, this is our accommodation in Kandy in our recent Kandy tour. When we were students of University of Peradeniya, we always found the Peradeniya Guest House as a beautiful and interesting place by just looking at it from outside whenever we travel along the Kandy Road. It is strategically located in front of the Peradeniya Botanical Garden and for us this seems to be the exact accommodation in our Kandy trip because our 2nd day plan was to visit University of Peradeniya. Starting the day from a hotel near the University would be great, as we thought.

Beautiful exterior of Peradeniya Rest House

The Peradeniya Rest House was under Hotel Cooperation and now it is under a new management. We knew it as Peradeniya Rest House but we were confused with many different names when we were searching online before reaching Kandy.

Peradeniya Rest House or Royal Rest House?

We planned to book the hotel few days ago, but with confusion of names, we didn’t book and decided to book the hotel room once we reached there.(If you check TripAdvisor, you’ll find different names for the same rest house)

A Bit of History

Once this was the home for Captain Dawson who led the construction of Colombo Kandy Road in 1820 and this is a colonial type of bungalow which is more than 200 years old.

Just imagine, with such history and as a colonial type bungalow, my expectation was to view beautiful interior which highlight the colonial style and beauty.

Our Experience with Royal Rest House Peradeniya

We visited there at night and only 2 rooms were left. However we booked one of the rooms which were next to their new construction. At that time some renovation were going on, but no problem. We understand and no construction work at late night. So, we were not disturbed due to renovation work.

Good Experience:

View of Delux Double room – Peradeniya Rest House

Room view is attractive and one room was with beautiful pool view and a balcony area.

Pool view from the room – Peradeniya Rest House

So, we selected to stay there. I like the furniture style which reminded me the colonial style architecture which I wanted to experience in this rest house.

Balcony area of Delux Double room – Peradeniya Rest House



Negative experience:

In our previous hotel experiences, we usually check out at 12 noon. With most of the hotels we stayed in different locations of Malaysia, they use the same time. So, we have enough time to enjoy breakfast and prepare.

But, once we booked this rest house we got to know that check out is around 10am! OMG!With a toddler staying with us, it seems I have to use the alarm to wake up early in the morning!

But we understand, this is a rest house.

(Update: When I check Agoda.com for this Peradeniya Rest House,it states check out is at 12.00 – 13.00 hours,is it a sign of some unfriendly staff at hotel who asked us to check out before 10.00 am?? )

Room view is fine. But it smelled bad with fungus similar smell. Bathroom was worst with fungus smell and seems the door hasn’t opened for so many days. (However bathroom was clean and dry)

Then we found there were no towels provided. We were not prepared with towels, so we requested from room service. The towels were really worn. I used a face towel which I took with me for me and my son. Those towels provided by the rest house were for my husband because he was the one who really wanted to stay in this rest house. 🙂

Anyway we didn’t complain and stayed our night there planning to visit the University on the next day!

As a blogger and as someone who loves to take photography, I had a secret plan to visit around the rest house on the next day morning and to enjoy the views. But for me, the only admirable interior view is this Fish Tank which my son loved.

It is a colonial style hotel with no beautiful interior.

Exterior is beautiful; I must say. And it is with spacious parking area.

It is with spacious parking area

This rest house is Suitable for those who enjoy chatting and beer till late night because we saw lot of people enjoying till late night. Also this rest house is suitable for those who only look for accommodation for a night.

It is a really convenient place if you plan to visit Botanical Garden. Kandy Tooth Relic Temple is just around 10 minutes’ drive.

View of Delux Double room – Peradeniya Rest House

But, if you want to enjoy the hotel views and hotel facilities, then this is not a recommended accommodation.(my idea)

For me, this is not value for money we paid. Our room was around Rs.6000 plus for a night (Around SGD 60).But comparatively hotels we stayed before such as 11@Century Johor Bahru or Emperor Hotel Malacca which we always find good clean accommodation including breakfast for around SGD 60, this is not a good deal for us. But, I understand I am comparing hotels of two different countries.

Remembering some of our Sri Lanka accommodation in our recent holidays, still for me this is not value for money we paid.

Finally, I don’t have any intention to share negative thought of this hotel. I always promote Sri Lankan tourism to the best I can. But, I really cannot stay away from posting this. When I checked TripAdvisor comments and reviews, most commenters review about food and refreshing facilities along their trip. I couldn’t find many reviews on those who actually stayed there for a night.

Anyway as I want to keep this review as an honest review, I shared all my experience and ideas.

I am writing again, this is a good place if you look for accommodation just for a night stay!


If you visit Sri Lanka, you will get chance to explore the country’s traditions and different culture same as its scenic beauty. With influences from other countries in the region, Sri Lanka boasts to have its own unique traditions including traditional dance performances, music and many other cultural activities. As a nation, we celebrate our festivals   to the best possible and due to that most of these traditions are still preserved.

For today post, I actually don’t have access to my recent travel images as my desktop was attacked by a virus. After removing it 2-3 times and getting it again, we decided to format our computer. So, till that I thought of sharing some of the previous images I shared on this same blog thinking still these posts have some value and interest.

Traditional Drums of Sri Lanka
Traditional Drums and Masks from Sri Lanka
Traditional Drums from Sri Lanka

Davula,Yak Beraya, Udakkiya are some traditional drums and these are used for performances including religious festivals.

Read more about Traditional Drums of Sri Lanka

Traditional Dancing

In Sri Lanka, you’ll find different performances. Most of the performances are involved with traditional drums and beautiful costumes. Below is a picture of Kandyan dancers who performed in a recent wedding we attended.This is how bride’s family welcomes the groom and his family members for the wedding ceremony.

Kandyan Dancing and Drumming in Sri Lanka
Kandyan Dancing and Drumming in Sri Lanka

Other than Kandyan dance performances, there are other styles too.

Traditional Masks from Sri Lanka

This is another must view crafts if you visit Sri Lanka. There are also religious activities attached with these masks. Usually masks are colourful and each mask has its own meaning and way of using. Those are usually use for devil dance which is meant to send away devils and their affects for people.

Traditional Drums and Masks from Sri Lanka
Traditional Masks from Sri Lanka

Usually masks are made of balsa wood (kaduru wood) and those are light weight. Read   my previous post on Traditional Masks of Sri Lanka

In your country, do you have such traditional activities?

Please share your thoughts and experiences in comments section.

Also please don’t forget to share your photo story this week.

Wild Mushrooms

It is another wild mushrooms post. If you remember, few months ago I posted few wild mushroom photos. But, I still have some more captures to share.

Wild Mushrooms

I always feel lucky in my Sri Lankan holidays because I get plenty of time to spend on my own. Other than spending time with relatives and friends, I always find some free time for me to spend with a camera. This time I found some wild mushrooms in my parents’ home garden and those were different in color and styles.

Below wild mushroom is with some curvy patterns and it looked thick too.I found those in a coconut tree trunk.

Wild Mushrooms

I found another bunch of mushrooms which are colourful and thick in texture.Those were beautifully grown on a tree trunk.

Wild Mushrooms

Do you love capturing wild mushrooms?Please share your thoughts and experiences with wild mushrooms.

Also please join with the photo story link up this week using the linky tool below.




Wow! After so many holidays in Sri Lanka, this time we could spend few hours relaxing in a calm and quiet atmosphere while watching the nature’s beauty at its best! This is the lake we visited at Dambana, Sri Lanka in our road trip to Mahiyanganaya. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of this lake as it is not that famous (or I don’t know about this lake)


Once we reached there I was surprised by the clear sky and beautiful water. It was so spacious and windy. The lake was peaceful and allowed us to capture beautiful moments as we wanted. However I was too concern about my son who loves to run here and there, but still my camera is full of beautiful views of this lake in Dambana.


Well, Dambana is popular as the place for Sri Lankan indigenous people, called as Veddah. Most of the time people visit Dambana to meet veddah community. But, it seems this lake is not popular among those, because I didn’t see much pollution there. 🙂  If this lake is much popular, I know people start visiting Dambana to enjoy bathing and swimming.


It was October 1st last year and Children’s day. We met some students and teachers from a nearby  school who have visited this lake as a celebration for Children’s Day. The teachers were so friendly and showed us the best hospitality of Sri Lankans. We too joined with them for some snacks as they invited us.

Some children were enjoying their time swimming and bathing
Beautiful Dambana -Sri Lanka
There are huge trees around this lake.
Beautiful views around the lake in Dambana
For Amma and Sanu it was a perfect Place for a Photo 🙂
We reached to the lake by this three wheeler (Tuk Tuk) parking our vehicle somewhere as it is easy to reach with such small vehicle.

And we didn’t forget to enjoy our lunch in a place near Dambana (Main road at Mahiyanganaya and a restaurant called ‘kohomba Sevana at 52 mile post)

Dambana - food
We enjoyed food including Fried Lake Fish

We enjoyed typical Sri Lankan lunch with rice and curry.The place was decent and perfect for having lunch in this kind of road trips.

Dambana - food
Sri Lankan Food at Mahiyanganaya

It was such a nice visit to Dambana and I hope we will be able to visit this place again.

Do you have any photo story for this week?Please share below.


Dambana-Sri Lanka

Visiting beautiful places in Sri Lanka is always amazing. This is the best part of Sri Lanka holidays although it is bit tiresome. Most of the time these are few days road trips and we usually visit our relatives in other areas. We Sri Lankans treasure the family values. It is not we only visit our parents; instead we visit our uncles’ aunts, grandparents and even their siblings. Although we stay with them for night or two, we get the opportunity to see the different places of the country with such visits. This is such a visit we made to Polonnaruwa and Mahiyanganaya during our last year October holiday.

Dambana-Sri Lanka
On our way to Dambana,Mahiyanganaya via Girandurukotte

Mahiyanganaya is popular for the ancient Buddhist temple which is a place even lord Buddha has visited in ancient times. On the other way, it is the place for Sri Lankan indigenous people, called as Veddah.

As we visit nearby and as there are some of my cousins live in that area, we included Mahiyanganaya as another place to visit during the same road trip. Our initial plan was to visit Polonnaruwa to see my father’s elder brother. It was a long hours road trip and we spent the night with them. The next day we started our journey to visit Mahiyanganaya.

Dambana-Sri Lanka
Dambana , Sri Lanka

In this trip, I had few plans, not only to visit my cousins, but also to visit the indigenous people of Sri Lanka. But, always our plans do not work well. It was same for me as we were rushing. Of course we visited Dambana which is the place of indigenous people (Vedda) of Sri Lanka. We were about ½ km away from meeting them. But, I didn’t want to visit them just to take a photograph with them and share in this blog. Instead I had plans to spend few hours talking with them, observing their culture and spend time with them. First we visited Dambane Gunawardana’s home who is the first graduate of Vedda community, unfortunately it was 1st October and Children’s day. He was not at home and was attending some Children’s day programs. Our plans were changed and it was almost afternoon. As we didn’t have much time left, we returned home thinking we will be able to visit Dambana again. Till that I have some memories from Dambana.

Dambana-Sri Lanka

Dambana is a really a beautiful place to visit and experience the local life of Sri Lanka. Surrounded with many beautiful trees and with opportunity of watching some wild animals we had great time there. We were really relaxed. Although it was hot, it was windy too. So, we didn’t feel much tired.

We stopped in a provisions shop in Dambana.

Dambana-Sri Lanka

Our son enjoyed his trip and started running here and there freely.

Dambana-Sri Lanka

See,he was sitting in front of the shop and for him it was a nice experience.I forgot about hygiene and allowed him to behave as he wanted. 🙂

Dambana-Sri Lanka
At a provisions shop- Dambana, Sri Lanka

It was a great location for another family photo.But our son wanted to run away! 🙂


Dambana-Sri Lanka
A lazy dog,it was sleeping all the time

The best of this trip was we visited a lake in Dambana.It was absolutely beautiful!

A lake in Dambana

I really can’t recall the name of this lake.But,it seems most of the people who visits Dambana miss this lake,they only visit Vedda people.We had the opposite experience.We visited this lake,but we missed meeting veddah people.

Till my next post about the visit to this beautiful lake,please share your photo stories from the last week.


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