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Wild Mushrooms

It is another wild mushrooms post. If you remember, few months ago I posted few wild mushroom photos. But, I still have some more captures to share.

Wild Mushrooms

I always feel lucky in my Sri Lankan holidays because I get plenty of time to spend on my own. Other than spending time with relatives and friends, I always find some free time for me to spend with a camera. This time I found some wild mushrooms in my parents’ home garden and those were different in color and styles.

Below wild mushroom is with some curvy patterns and it looked thick too.I found those in a coconut tree trunk.

Wild Mushrooms

I found another bunch of mushrooms which are colourful and thick in texture.Those were beautifully grown on a tree trunk.

Wild Mushrooms

Do you love capturing wild mushrooms?Please share your thoughts and experiences with wild mushrooms.

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Amila Wickramarachchi

Amila Wickramarachchi is a Food & Travel blogger who writes both Food Corner and this travel blog.She resides in Singapore.

15 Replies to “Wild Mushrooms Captured in Sri Lanka”

  1. Beautiful – I remember from when I went to Sri Lanka how beautiful the fauna was. Thank you for the pleasant reminder πŸ™‚

  2. I am sorry that I am late in linking up and replying. Thanks for the patience hehe.

    YOu are so lucky to have capture this fungi! I would love to capture them too but I cant find any around me. I guess its not yet the season for them. They are so pretty and they have so much texture and character.

    Thanks for always linking up. =)

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