You will never believe that there is still a village (kampong) that exists in Singapore until you visit Pulau Ubin Island. It was the same with us. As foreigners living in Singapore, we started to explore this tiny island in 2008, when we arrived here for a few years stay.

But, the places we visited were the top attractions of Singapore like SentosaSingapore Zoo and Bird Park. Once we discovered this Pulau Ubin Island, we paid a visit. It was really worth visiting this island and getting an escape from the city life in mainland Singapore.

We’ve been there many times and today I thought of sharing some of the pictures I’ve captured. Actually, these captures are from a trip to this Pulau Ubin Island in 2010. But the island doesn’t have gone many changes and the pictures are still valid.

Pulau Ubin Island

We took a ferry from the Changi ferry terminal to reach the island. There are ferries to Pulau Ubin frequently. So, there is no need to wait for long hours. It is really easy to reach the island. Above is a picture of our first sight on this island when the ferry was reaching the island.

Pulau Ubin Island

Pulau Ubin is considered one of the last  Kampong (Village) in Singapore.

Pulau Ubin Island
Pulau Ubin Island

There is a welcome board at the entrance of the island. The first picture is a capture of the name board.

Below is how Pulau Ubin town looks like. Just after entering through the welcome board, we entered Pulau Ubin town where there are few restaurants and places to rent bicycles. If you like to explore more places on this island, it is better to rent a bicycle. There is also a van service available, which you can hire a van and have a visit around the island.

Pulau Ubin Island
Bikes and vans are for rent and hire.

In a previous trip,we rented bicycles and had an exciting ride around the island. But lately, in this trip we decided to walk and enjoy the nature’s beauty this land has to offer.

Pulau Ubin Island

If you visit Pulau Ubin island,you’ll see this Chinese temple in Pulau Ubin town.

Pulau Ubin Island
A Chinese Temple at Pulau Ubin Island

Still, there are some residents living on this island enjoying life in a village (kampong) with no electricity or water supply. Instead, they enjoy their life with water from wells and electricity from generators.

It is a great place for a day out and specially for nature lovers. We still couldn’t explore much of the areas including Chek Jawa. (Chek Jawa is a wetland on this island )

Flame Lili Pulau Ubin Island
Pulau Ubin Island

After spending a few hours strolling here and there we returned to the jetty to return back to Singapore.

Pulau Ubin Island

Have you been to Pulau Ubin Island? Did you know about this Island before? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. We have a good friend who lives in Singapore so we visit there from time to time. I had never heard of Pulau Ubin Island but next time we go to Singapore it will be top of our todo list – it sounds lovely and renting bikes and cycling around is right up our alley.

  2. Would love to visit this place, it does look like a village that we would very much enjoy. I like you pictures they are really nice.

    Have a lovely rest of the week.

  3. What a neat looking village. I am sorry we missed it on our trip to Singapore a few years ago. Maybe next time. Cool that you were able to immigrate there, I thought it was really difficult.


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