Fort Siloso is one of the attractions that I love to visit again in Singapore.

I’ve visited Sentosa few times, one of the top attractions in Singapore. Most of the time when there is a visitor from Sri Lanka, we show them few places of Singapore and Sentosa is one of the places we visit. Always Sentosa is in their lists too. However, in any of these visits, I couldn’t visit the inside of this Fort Siloso. Actually I really wanted, but the others didn’t want. 🙂

 Fort Siloso,Sentosa,Singapore
With my eagerness to explore historical places, still Fort Siloso is in my wish list. Always,after visiting Siloso Beach,our next place was this Fort Siloso.We just stayed some time there near the entrance,looked around and returned.In one of such trip,when others were looking around,I captured these moments.Actually these are some captures from outside the Fort.
Fort Siloso,Sentosa,Singapore
“Fort Siloso is the only preserved coastal fort of Singapore from the twelve such batteries”

At the start of World War II these twelve batteries made Singapore a “Fortress Singapore”.
Currently it is restored as a military museum, and open to the public.

Fort Siloso,Sentosa,Singapore
Entrance to the Fort Siloso
To enter the Fort, you need to buy a ticket and there are free guided tours available.
Fort Siloso,Sentosa,Singapore
 I hope I will be able to revisit Sentosa soon and I want to visit this Fort. And I know, I will have lot of captures to show a legend of Singapore during World War II.
Fort Siloso,Sentosa,Singapore
Wall around the Fort
You can find more details on ticket price and how to reach there from you visited Fort Siloso in your Sentosa visit?

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  1. I love all of the greenery in the photos. We have been to Singapore but not to the fort. Maybe next time


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