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Tips for booking Hotel Accommodation in India

The tourism industry has played a key role in improving the country’s economy. The availability of abundant tourist destination centers in the country sees a number of tourists flocking the country for their vacations. The country has a number of historical destinations to visit. Goa, Kerala and Digha are some of the best tourist destinations of India. As such, it is important to understand some of the best destinations in India that can ensure one gets value for their money.

Taj Mahal 

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal
This is a white marble mausoleum that is found in Agra. It was built in remembrance of Mumtaz Mahal Shah Jahan’s third wife. This marble has received wide recognition because of the significance it has to Muslim in India. In terms of art, many people believe that Taj Mahal is the best and finest example of the Mughal architecture. It is a combination of Persian, Islamic, Ottoman, Indian and Turkish architectural styles means that it is regarded as the world’s masterpiece heritage. It is because of this that UNESCO considered it as its World Heritage Site in 1983. This site is a major attraction center for tourists in India.
Corbett National Park

Corbett is India’s earliest and oldest national park. It was established by a legendary tiger hunter known as Jim Corbett and has played a key role of attracting several tourists to the country. Located in Uttarakhand, the site offers a tourist attraction only three hours from Nainital. The fact that it has five zones means that tourists get the perfect opportunity to experience various environments within the same park. Jhirna, the park’s largest zone is always open all through the year. It is very easy to spot a tiger in this park. The abundance of other fauna and flora in the park is also very high. However, charges are very high for foreigners.

Elephanta Caves

These caves located in Elephanta Island are considered as a network of sculpted caves. The island has two groups of caves; Hindu caves and Buddhist caves. The ancient caves are dated back to the 5th century and until now, the original builders are not known. They have attracted many tourists, contributing to the economic growth of the country.

Kanha National Park

Although India boasts a number of National Parks, few can offer a relaxing experience similar to Kanha National Park. Located in Madhya Pradesh, this park is widely known for being the setting of a novel, The Jungle Book. Most researchers in India prefer this park and as a result, many endangered species are saved here. Swamp deer and tigers are easy to spot in this park. Its rich variety of animals and birds is its major attraction component.

Visit Goa
Goa is another beautiful destination of India where you will find attractive and romantic beaches to spend the day. While Goa is full of different attractions you can easily find the best activities to do during your stay with your choices. If you look for a romantic getaway in Goa, beach locations can be ideal. If it is a family holiday, you will find many ideas from spending time on beach activities to visiting temples. To find the best attractions and things to do in Goa, click here. You will find the best things to do in Goa, India!
Humayun’s Tomb 
 The Best Tourist Destinations of India
Photo Credit: weforanimals.com
This tomb is located in Delhi and is where Emperor Humayun was buried. Bega Begum, who was Humayun’s first wife commissioned the tomb. In India, the tomb is highly valued for its historical value. It has played a crucial role in attracting tourists and as such, earned the country the much needed foreign exchange.
The Best Tourist Destinations of India
Beautiful Kerala
Because the country has several tourist attractions, the country receives several tourists in a year. The hospitality of the locals also plays a crucial role. However, in order to tour the country, it is important for one to get an Indian Visa.




los angeles things to do

A luxurious vacation in Los Angeles is incomplete without a stay at a luxury L.A. hotel. Deciding on the luxury hotel to stay at while in L.A. is the first part of your vacation planning. You want to stay in a hotel that has the accessibility to the hottest attractions of the area.

The Los Angeles Life Style is a luxurious experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. Every year, millions of visitors are drawn to its numerous attractions. Surfers and sun worshippers are drawn for the luxury hotels in Santa Monica’s oceanfront. Families head for the attractions of Universal Studios and Disneyland. For the serious fashionistas, they are drawn to the exclusive designer shops along Rodeo Drive. For the film buffs, they head for Hollywood. Whatever your plans for vacation might be, you will surely find a variety of unique luxury hotels in L.A.

Following are 5 best extreme luxury hotels in Los Angeles:

  1. The Beverly Hills Hotel Bungalows

Beverly Hills, rates start from ~$530/night

The epicenter where California luxury meets Hollywood cool continues to rule the L.A. luxe hotel scene with an ideal combination of amazing location, luxurious accommodations, personal service, and delicious food.

Paul Williams Suite is a major attraction of this hotel. The suite includes a grand piano and a lot of amenities; two vital elements for the ultimate luxe staycation. The Paul Williams Suite has the priciest stay in L.A., starting at $3500+ per night.

  1. The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, rates start from ~$575/night

With a fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantoms and only steps away from luxurious shopping on Rodeo Drive, The Peninsula Beverly Hills is famous for its rooftop pool cabanas, each one similar to a mini-hotel room featuring a fridge, ceiling fan, flat screen, and couches. Its Peninsula Villa is a major attraction, which rates nearly $10,000 per night

  1. Hotel Bel-Air

Bel Air, rates start from ~$500/night

Surrounded by mega-mansions and tucked away off Sunset Boulevard, the Hotel Bel-Air has always offered a discreet luxe experience as compared to various other options of the city. Serious ballers stay at the Presidential Suite of Hotel Bel-Air, which is its own self-contained mini-mansion. Presidential Suite features its own private Jacuzzi, private swimming pool, patio, and garden.

  1. The Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey, rates start from ~$400/night

If you are interested in including some yachting in your staycation, The Ritz-Carlton is the perfect choice for you. Famous for its excellent Spa del Rey with splendid waterfront sights, The Ritz-Carlton is ideal for a detox staycation with miles of hiking, biking, and walking trails neighboring the property.

  1. The Hollywood Roosevelt

Hollywood, rates starts from ~$300/night

The Hollywood Roosevelt is close to some of the most happening nightlife of the city such as Hyde, The Nice Guy, No Vacancy, The Argyle, etc.The hotel is famous for its luxurious accommodations and partying. Visiting on weekends is recommended because it is the perfect time to experience the most exclusive and hippest summer pool scene of the city.

things to do in Marmaris

Located in Mugla Province of Southwest Turkey, Marmaris is a beautiful port town which is very popular among the tourists from around the world. With breathtaking coastal views and with lot of activities to spend your time, a holiday in Marmaris will never be a boring holiday! Instead you will come back home with lot of great memories and excitement with rejuvenated life.

Although there are many activities which you can engage in Marmaris, here are 3 best ways to explore Marmaris with adventurous tours. The best is that you can easily find Marmaris Excursions for all these adventurous ideas.

Marmaris Horse Safari

3 best adventurous ways to explore Marmaris

Instead of visiting around Marmaris just by watching the attractions or spending time eating the best food which Marmaris has to offer, why don’t you take a horse safari? Horse riding is an excellent way to enjoy any holiday with excitement of having different experience. If you are in a family holiday, then children will enjoy horse riding together as a family. They will enjoy every second of their time in Marmaris and that is what you want in your family vacation in Marmaris!

Marmaris Quad Safari

adventurous ways to explore Marmaris

If you want to spend your time in Marmaris with the best adventurous experience, then don’t look at other things to do in Marmaris, because Marmaris Quad Safari is the ideal adventurous experience for you. If you travel with friends or even as a couple who love to spend time in adventures, then explore Marmaris in a Quad Safari tour. Your entire day will be full of fun, excitement and thrill!

Marmaris Pirates Boat Trip

Just imagine being pirates for a day! This sounds like fun and exciting experience for a memorable holiday with different experience. In Marmaris you can spend your day in a Marmaris Pirates Boat Trip exploring the views of Marmaris. With available facilities in the boat such as food and drinks together with games, you will have wonderful time while watching the best sea views of Marmaris.

If you travel as a family, don’t worry, there are Marmaris Pirates boat trip packages which include kids’ activities too.

I hope you will have the best holiday in Marmaris!

How To Cruise on a Budget

In spite of their reputation as lavish, expensive holidays for the rich and famous, average holidaymakers are rejoicing as cruise holidays become increasingly affordable. Thanks to increased competition between cruise operators, prices are going dropping, and offering more to a variety of travellers. Whether you’re wanting to treat yourself to a weekend getaway or the month-long trip of a lifetime, there’s something for everyone at Cruise Deals. Here’s our tips for getting the best deal when you book.

Book Last-Minute
If you’re able to be flexible with timing, it’s much easier to get a great deal on your holiday. Nomadic Matt writes that as departure dates near, prices drop as operators scramble to fill up ships in time to leave. Nobody wants to go on an empty cruise, so filling cabins is a must for providers that can work in your favour. If you’re travelling with kids, this means being sneaky and avoiding school holidays, which is when prices are highest.

How To Cruise on a Budget

Go All-Inclusive

The things that add up on a cruise ship are the extras and add-ons you can buy on board – snacks from the shop, upgrades in the restaurant, or spontaneous trips to the bar. To avoid the markup, try negotiating with your travel agent to get the best package deal. You might be able to get free drinks for your stay, or pre-book your dinner reservations to get a lower price overall. The great thing about cruising is that it combines sightseeing with luxury accommodation, so enjoy it.

Stay Local

As with any other holiday, the further away you go, the higher the initial costs. If you’re not able to find something within your price range too far abroad, a European cruise could be ideal. By staying local, you also increase your range of options for types of cruises: you could spend a weekend on the Norwegian Fjords, spend a week sailing the Danube River, or tour the Med. Additionally, you’re able to save on some insurance costs with a European Health Insurance Card in case of any accidents while you’re away.

Be Prepared

While this somewhat contradicts our first tip, doing your research ahead of time can save you lots on the long run. Remembering the little things, like packing sunscreen and dressing for the weather will save you lots of extra costs. Additionally, consider planning your own port excursions, especially if you’re looking to go the road less travelled, as this saves you money in addition to ensuring that you can follow your own interests on your schedule.

Dambana-Sri Lanka

Visiting beautiful places in Sri Lanka is always amazing. This is the best part of Sri Lanka holidays although it is bit tiresome. Most of the time these are few days road trips and we usually visit our relatives in other areas. We Sri Lankans treasure the family values. It is not we only visit our parents; instead we visit our uncles’ aunts, grandparents and even their siblings. Although we stay with them for night or two, we get the opportunity to see the different places of the country with such visits. This is such a visit we made to Polonnaruwa and Mahiyanganaya during our last year October holiday.

Dambana-Sri Lanka
On our way to Dambana,Mahiyanganaya via Girandurukotte

Mahiyanganaya is popular for the ancient Buddhist temple which is a place even lord Buddha has visited in ancient times. On the other way, it is the place for Sri Lankan indigenous people, called as Veddah.

As we visit nearby and as there are some of my cousins live in that area, we included Mahiyanganaya as another place to visit during the same road trip. Our initial plan was to visit Polonnaruwa to see my father’s elder brother. It was a long hours road trip and we spent the night with them. The next day we started our journey to visit Mahiyanganaya.

Dambana-Sri Lanka
Dambana , Sri Lanka

In this trip, I had few plans, not only to visit my cousins, but also to visit the indigenous people of Sri Lanka. But, always our plans do not work well. It was same for me as we were rushing. Of course we visited Dambana which is the place of indigenous people (Vedda) of Sri Lanka. We were about ½ km away from meeting them. But, I didn’t want to visit them just to take a photograph with them and share in this blog. Instead I had plans to spend few hours talking with them, observing their culture and spend time with them. First we visited Dambane Gunawardana’s home who is the first graduate of Vedda community, unfortunately it was 1st October and Children’s day. He was not at home and was attending some Children’s day programs. Our plans were changed and it was almost afternoon. As we didn’t have much time left, we returned home thinking we will be able to visit Dambana again. Till that I have some memories from Dambana.

Dambana-Sri Lanka

Dambana is a really a beautiful place to visit and experience the local life of Sri Lanka. Surrounded with many beautiful trees and with opportunity of watching some wild animals we had great time there. We were really relaxed. Although it was hot, it was windy too. So, we didn’t feel much tired.

We stopped in a provisions shop in Dambana.

Dambana-Sri Lanka

Our son enjoyed his trip and started running here and there freely.

Dambana-Sri Lanka

See,he was sitting in front of the shop and for him it was a nice experience.I forgot about hygiene and allowed him to behave as he wanted. 🙂

Dambana-Sri Lanka
At a provisions shop- Dambana, Sri Lanka

It was a great location for another family photo.But our son wanted to run away! 🙂


Dambana-Sri Lanka
A lazy dog,it was sleeping all the time

The best of this trip was we visited a lake in Dambana.It was absolutely beautiful!

A lake in Dambana

I really can’t recall the name of this lake.But,it seems most of the people who visits Dambana miss this lake,they only visit Vedda people.We had the opposite experience.We visited this lake,but we missed meeting veddah people.

Till my next post about the visit to this beautiful lake,please share your photo stories from the last week.


Manage Your Trip

When you’re travelling with friends everything seems better and easier. This means that heading off on a trip with them gives you the ideal opportunity to carry out some activities that you might not otherwise get to do.

So, what will you all get up to when you get away? The truth is that there are tons of exciting activities out there waiting for you to discover them.

Go on a Mountain Biking Adventure

Top 5 Holiday Activities You Should Do With Friends While Travelling

Getting out on a mountain bike with your group of friends is an incredible way of sharing an unforgettable experience and a whole lot of thrills. While there are some places that are especially good for mountain biking, it is something that can be enjoyed just about anywhere.

If you are going to be hiring bikes while you are away then you will want to make sure that they are in good shape, especially if you are going to going on a demanding trail. You certainly don’t want your bike to let you down when you are riding down a steep descent or in the middle of an unfamiliar area.

You can get out to explore a far wider area by riding bikes than you would by walking, which is great news for the keen explorers in your group.

Try Rock Climbing

The intense and exciting sport of rock climbing has gained a huge level of popularity in recent years among people from all sorts of different backgrounds. For those groups of friends who want to experience the adrenalin rush of an adventurous sport that helps to build bonds through teamwork this is a wonderful choice to make.

You will want to do some internet research beforehand, to find out the best and safest places to go rock climbing near your destination. You certainly don’t want to be taking any un-necessary risks in areas that aren’t suitable.

Once you get there you should use the right gear and take the climbing very seriously. After the hard work is over you can all relax and enjoy the feeling of having conquered nature together.

Learn How to Windsurf

The thrills and spills of windsurfing makes it another brilliant choice of sport for a group of friends to try together. If you are all absolute beginners then there is going to be a lot of falling about, splashing in the water, and laughter.

There is also the fact that learning how to windsurf is an amazing achievement that will make you all feel fantastic. Can you imagine the joy of all surfing together out on the water at the same time and feeling on top of the world?

Experience the Magic of Paragliding

For serious adrenalin junkies there is little to beat the thrilling sensation of flying high up in the air while paragliding in a spectacular country such as Sri Lanka. This is the kind of group activity that will leave each of you with incredible shared memories for the rest of your lives.

Newcomers to paragliding will go up in the air with an expert, so there is very little risk that anything will go wrong. However, that doesn’t take away anything from the sheer thrills and adrenalin rush of this wonderful activity.

The Pleasure of Skiing Together

Top 5 Holiday Activities You Should Do With Friends While Travelling

Skiing is one of these classic buddy vacations that never go out of style. Some action on the piste followed by great food and drink in the resort make it a quality way to spend some time together.

If some of you have never skied before then you should start off with some easy lessons. Before long you will all be having fun on the slopes together with confidence.

Adding an unforgettable experience to your trip with any one of these activities is going to give you all something to talk about and remember for the rest of your lives. What could be better than creating shared memories in this way?

Best Things to do in Washington DC

With beautiful monuments, historical parks and many more great things to do at night, you cannot stay any second in Washington DC without looking at anything new. Washington DC is that much attractive and really changing with new faces and new life.

Be it a cultural visit or scenic view, you will find endless opportunities in this capital city Washington around the Washington D.C. region.

Here are best suggestions from me to visit if you are in Washington D.C. However, these are only the best of the best and there are many other places and activities for you to spend your time.

Best Things to do in Washington DC

Visit monuments and memorials

Washington D.C.is a popular place for many monuments and memorials. The Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the Martin Luther King monument, the Lincoln Memorial and Jr. Memorial are just few of the big names that you must look at. Spend an evening visiting from monument to monument which will then be a good memorable experience for you.

Best Things to do in Washington DC
The Lincoln Memorial

Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

With a historic house on top of the hill, Frederick Douglass National Historic Site is another best attraction in Washington D.C. This historical site features the house of Frederick Douglass who lived from 1877 to 1895 and usually you need around 1.5 hours to visit this place and its surrounding. Other than the historical house, you will also see exhibits and original objects of Frederick Douglass.

Hillwood Museum & Gardens

This is another garden which you can have a glimpse of Russian art and culture. Marjorie Merriweather Post who bought Hillwood decided to convert her home into a museum that could educate the public. This Hillwood Museum & Gardens is also well known as the comprehensive collection of Russian art which is located in another country, outside the Russia. A visit to this place would make you a remarkable experience in Washington D.C.

Other than visiting only Washington D.C., you can spend your time around Maryland and Virginia area too. There are many attractions to list when it comes to DMV things to do. You can also refer to www.dmvthingstodo.com to find more places to visit and things to do in DMV including Washington D.C.

How to save money on Singapore hotel accommodation

Popular as a luxury and expensive destination, Singapore is still a good place for a vacation for both who look for a luxury holiday and for those who look for a budget holiday. In Singapore you will find high end shopping malls, luxury hotels, and expensive attractions and of course there are lots of free attractions too. With vibrant history, Singapore is a multicultural city that you can expect variety of experiences during your holiday.

Sentosa, Merlion, Clerk Quey and Singapore flyer are among the popular Singapore attractions and don’t forget to indulge with Singapore local delicacies. If you like to visit some of the hidden attractions in Singapore, Pulau Ubin Island is the best place to visit.

At the entrance of the Pulau Ubin Island – Singapore
How to Save Money on Singapore Hotels?

When you plan your Singapore tour, if you are looking for accommodation for reasonable rates, here are some of the tips you can follow. I hope these tips are helpful for you to book accommodation in Singapore for affordable rates.

Book during the off-Peak period

Book your hotels during the off-peak period. In this period most of the hotels offer discounts and promotions to attract guests for their hotels. Sometimes you will find discounts up to 60% .So with early planning, you can easily stay in your preferred hotel for a low booking rate.

Palawan Beach is a popular attraction in Sentosa Island

Plan your holiday on weekdays

Usually weekend hotel rates are higher than the weekday rates. It is common for many countries and still it is same for Singapore hotels too. So, by booking your hotel accommodation during weekdays, you can simply find low rates and save some money on accommodation in Singapore.

Look for Hotels Outside of popular attractions

In Singapore, you will find really efficient Public transportation. You can also hire a taxi if you want to visit attractions in different places. Most of the hotels in popular tourist attractions such as Marina bay or Sentosa can be expensive than some of other places away from the popular city areas.

But, if you think time and cost for travelling when you stay in another areas which is not in major attractions, simply don’t worry. Because, you can easily find hotels near MRT stations and travel by train is really convenient in Singapore.

I hope these tips are helpful for you to book accommodation in Singapore for affordable rates.

relocating to Italy

If you are planning to relocate to Italy, it can be one of the wisest decisions you have ever made. There are many reasons to move to Italy. Wonderful food, amazing culture and lifestyle, historical buildings are some of the reasons to relocate to Italy and to start a new life.

However, there are some challenges which you have to face when you move to Italy. Once you are well prepared with tips and things to do in your relocation that would ease your settling in Italy making your life comfortable.

Here are some initial things which you need to know before relocating to Italy.

Things you Should Know Before Moving to Italy

Visa Requirements

Before you plan to move to Italy, you need to consider your visa requirements. For US and Canada citizens do not need visa to enter into Italy up to 90 days if they visit Italy for Business or travel purpose. however if you plan relocating to Italy, before planning anything check your visa requirements and do necessary things to obtain your visa.

Things you Should Know Before Moving to Italy

Italian Customs Duty

If you move to Italy with your household, then you need to consider the Italian custom duty. You can move with your household, motor vehicle and even with your pets when you follow the prevailing custom duty and tax regulations.

Usually you will grant duty free entry for your household if those are imported within 6months.These dates are calculated according to the date you get your resident status. You may also allowed to import your motor vehicle with duty free status if you own it for at least one year before you get the status of resident.

Living in Italy

Things you Should Know Before Moving to Italy

Living in Italy is fascinating. However, when you relocate to another country you may have to face challenges and it is same with Italy too. You may experience complete cultural shock once you moved to Italy. However with some understanding of Italian lifestyle, that will be easier for you to adjust for the new life in Italy.

Italian people are popular for their family ties. There are many customs in Italian lifestyle. It is better to have some idea on how to greet in Italian way and table etiquette of Italy to give a good start for your new life in Italy.

Italy is also popular for its delicious food and the country is full with beautiful historical buildings and churches.

With these tips,I hope you will have a pleasant relocating experience to Italy.

Unforgettable Attractions in Westmeath – Ireland

Spectacular views, charming landscapes and amazing waterways are all to describe the beauty of Westmeath, the beautiful Ireland destination. It is like a heaven blessed with natures beauty. Westmeath is a perfect place to relax and unwind from stressful daily life hiding you in beautiful locations.

Among the many attractions available, you can also enjoy your time in a beautiful country house such as Mornington House enjoying the scenic views of landscapes which Westmeath has to offer.

Unforgettable Things to do in Westmeath

While Mornington house is strategically located in Westmeath, the hotel itself is a perfect place to spend a relaxing holiday. Other than that here are some of the popular major attractions in Westmeath for you to spend time with your family with lot of remarkable experiences.

#1: Spend your time at Tullynally Castle and Gardens

Tullynally Castle and Gardens

If you love to spend time among superb views and beautiful lush trees, then Tullynally Castle and Gardens is the perfect place in Westmeath. There is also a special tree trail to follow if you are one of the tree enthusiasts.

#2: Visit Locke’s Distillery Museum

Locke’s Distillery Museum is another must visit attraction where you can also have a look into the oldest pot still distillery in the world. From 1757 to 1957, this place was busy with its whiskey production and currently the museum offers guided tours which offer you to view the process of distilled Irish whiskey production.

#3: Explore Fore Abbey Monastery

Your trip to Westmeath will not complete if you don’t visit Fore Abbey, which is one of the ancient monastery in Westmeath. It is also considered as one of the less known attractions with ancient ruins in Ireland. This would be a great place for you to spend time exploring architectural details and beautiful views.

#4: Stay in Mornington House

Mornington House
Mornington House
Image credits:http://www.mornington.ie/

While you are in Westmeath, staying in a beautiful place will make your holiday more comfortable.

Built in the early 17th century and enlarged in 1896, Mornington House is the perfect place to spend your holiday while exploring the history, architecture and delicious Irish meals. This is the best way to understand Irish culture and you can spend hours exploring the delightful small villages nearby.

Mornington House
Image credits:http://www.mornington.ie/

Mornington House is a bed and breakfast to stay comfortable during your trip to Westmeath. Located 1 hour away from Dublin, Mornington House is ideal for experiencing romantic country breaks surrounded by the charming landscapes, lush forests and amazing views of lakes. You can also find some interesting information about the history of the Mornington House by visiting www.mornington.ie

I hope you will have an exciting holiday in Westmeath among the spectacular views.

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