relocating to Italy

If you are planning to relocate to Italy, it can be one of the wisest decisions you have ever made. There are many reasons to move to Italy. Wonderful food, amazing culture and lifestyle, historical buildings are some of the reasons to relocate to Italy and to start a new life.

However, there are some challenges which you have to face when you move to Italy. Once you are well prepared with tips and things to do in your relocation that would ease your settling in Italy making your life comfortable.

Here are some initial things which you need to know before relocating to Italy.

Things you Should Know Before Moving to Italy

Visa Requirements

Before you plan to move to Italy, you need to consider your visa requirements. For US and Canada citizens do not need visa to enter into Italy up to 90 days if they visit Italy for Business or travel purpose. however if you plan relocating to Italy, before planning anything check your visa requirements and do necessary things to obtain your visa.

Things you Should Know Before Moving to Italy

Italian Customs Duty

If you move to Italy with your household, then you need to consider the Italian custom duty. You can move with your household, motor vehicle and even with your pets when you follow the prevailing custom duty and tax regulations.

Usually you will grant duty free entry for your household if those are imported within 6months.These dates are calculated according to the date you get your resident status. You may also allowed to import your motor vehicle with duty free status if you own it for at least one year before you get the status of resident.

Living in Italy

Things you Should Know Before Moving to Italy

Living in Italy is fascinating. However, when you relocate to another country you may have to face challenges and it is same with Italy too. You may experience complete cultural shock once you moved to Italy. However with some understanding of Italian lifestyle, that will be easier for you to adjust for the new life in Italy.

Italian people are popular for their family ties. There are many customs in Italian lifestyle. It is better to have some idea on how to greet in Italian way and table etiquette of Italy to give a good start for your new life in Italy.

Italy is also popular for its delicious food and the country is full with beautiful historical buildings and churches.

With these tips,I hope you will have a pleasant relocating experience to Italy.


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