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Road Tripping Uganda with Your Family

Planning your family vacation in Africa? Road tripping is a new trend in East Africa. Many travelers are opting for road trips within Uganda given that it is one of the best family holiday destinations. With several amazing national parks, it is a good idea to take your family on a memorable holiday through some of the best game viewing places on the African continent. Here is some advice to help you get started;

Choose a Good Vehicle

One of the essential things to a successful holiday in having a good and reliable vehicle. Whether you are planning to renting a car on self drive in Uganda or a car with a driver, it is very important to choose a vehicle which is not only comfortable but also spacious to accommodate the members of the family. For a family of up to 4 people, a Land Cruiser can be enough for you and for a family with up to 8 members, a safari van can be the best choice.

You should also pay attention to the safety and reliability of car that also offers the most comfortable atmosphere for you and the family members along the way. The more exciting date, the luxury car hire is not just for vacation with your family but also works best for romantic date. A good journey can be ruined pretty easily in case the car breaks down but you can depend on car hire to be thoroughly checked and work exactly as intended.

Road Tripping Uganda with Your Family

Renting a Car with a Driver

If you fear driving in a foreign country, renting a car with a driver can be a good choice. There is a reason why renting a vehicle with a driver is of a great value if you are to have a memorable holiday in Africa. Traveling with a guide is one of the most exciting travel experience of life time. A good knowledgeable guide will save the day in locating the best places to visit for sightseeing and even offer advice on where to stay! From experience, the guides also help in making better tour plans given that they are well versed with the way activities are conducted in most places visited. With our affordable and excellent car hire services, we would like you to share your travel experiences with your dear ones together, renting a car with a driver is highly recommended for first time visitors to Uganda given that it will make you achieve more in less time.

Opt for Self Drive If You Are Used to Driving in Africa

Many car hire companies in Uganda have opened up the option for you to hire a car without a driver. If you are used to driving in Africa, a self drive tour will make your moves easier and independent. Self drive holidays in Uganda are becoming wildly famous with visitors and holiday travelers. With a self drive car, you get an extra seat in the car! Self driving is also flexible – you will discover the new towns along the way at your own time. You can enjoy the drive experience on smooth routes and highways during your holiday in Uganda.

The most important thing is that you will be able to enjoy private moments with your families without being conscious of a third party present in between you. Moreover, you will like the independence you get when you know you are responsible for your own safari. In case you love your driving and feel you will miss out during your holiday, then a self drive car hire is the best option for you to realize your dreams in Uganda.

Driving your date around in a luxury vehicle tells your partner how useful the date can be to you, it has more space for you relax and chill as you enjoy your music without any worries in the world and makes an ultimate feeling and sets the stage for a greater dinner.

Check Out for Great Deals

There are lots of offers from different car rental companies.  Choosing a reputable car rental agency will make your journeys smooth and memorable. In Uganda today, many people you can easily get comfortable and pocket friendly car rental from different recommended agencies. Do not look for cheap vehicles but look for affordable and reliable cars to use during your safari. The prices for car rental in Uganda largely depends on the rental period you are looking to use the vehicle. Shorter rentals attract higher costs if compared with rentals that exceed 1 week.

Safari Planning Etiquette

Most safaris in Uganda start from Kampala or Entebbe. This is the case with car rentals. Most car hire agencies are within Kampala and Entebbe. There are a few self drive car hire services available in rural towns in Uganda. In most cases you will need to hire a vehicle from Kampala and most agencies are flexible in delivering the vehicle to your preferred location though this comes with a price.

It is also advisable to know in time how the activities are conducted in the national parks. It is advisable to share your itinerary with the agency you are booking with. There are travelers who have missed gorilla tracking after failing to secure gorilla permits in time. For more informative tips on planning your holiday visit the Uganda Info Guide, a resourceful guide to visiting and staying in Uganda.

Beware of the Rental Conditions

The only thing you may get worried about is being aware of the costs, terms and conditions of your hire. Look at it that you follow all the guidelines set by the rental service about fuel, car conditions, mileage and you will have a great time with your dear ones. Our car hire company features as one of Uganda’s best rental agencies in Kampala providing self drive car services in the country. It doesn’t matter if you own a car or not, just simply contact us, and we shall be there to help.

Book in Advance to Avoid Surprises

While planning a family trip in Uganda, is advisable that you organize a family car hire well in advance. Most Uganda Car rentals offer great deals to travelers who book early enough! Last minute deals are available from just a few

Most countries do not have the same laws which mandate the use of child seats based on your child’s heights, age and weight and the easiest way is for you to organize a child seat rental car. It is also important that you pay attention to the best addonns to your car rental in Uganda. These include – among others the GPS, Camping Gear, Local Phone, Travel Maps, Guide Books etc.

With the above advantages and advice of par taking a family holiday, we believe you will enjoy your safari in Uganda’s remotest national parks that offer authentic African wilderness experiences.

National Railway Museum - Kadugannawa - Sri Lanka

These are some photos of the National Railway Museum which is located in Kadugannawa,Sri Lanka.We actually didn’t get the chance to visit the Railway museum and see the exhibits.Instead these are captures of the railway engines which are kept at the outside of the museum.I still wish to visit this place in our next holiday to Sri Lanka and hope to write another detailed post about our experiences.Till that hope these pictures will inspire you to visit the National Railway Museum of Kadugannawa if you visit along the Colombo Kandy road.

National Railway Museum - Kadugannawa - Sri Lanka
National Railway Museum- Kadugannawa

If you travel Kandy through Colombo Kandy road,then this railway museum is located at Kadugannwa railway station.A good attraction for both young and adults and we hope to visit it and see all the exhibits in our next Kandy trip.

National Railway Museum - Kadugannawa - Sri Lanka
National Railway Museum – Kadugannawa,Sri Lanka

These are some of the views captured from outside of Sri Lanka National Railway Museum-Kadugannawa.

National Railway Museum Kadugannawa
Views from Sri Lanka National Railway Museum-Kadugannawa

Do you like Railway museums?Have you been to Sri Lanka? Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is another attraction along the Colombo Kandy road which you should check!


Kandy Tooth Relic Temple or Sri Dalada Maligawa is one of the sacred places for Buddhists in Sri Lanka. It is also a must visit attraction of Sri Lanka for anyone who travel Sri Lanka. I was sharing our travelogue of Road Trip to Kandy and still there are few posts to share. I really hope this post series is not so boring and still you like to read these travel stories from Sri Lanka.

Anyway, we reached Kandy through mountain views and spent time in Historical Restaurant before we visited Kandy Tooth Relic Temple. I’ve been here many times, but I still like to visit this temple again.

Temple of the Tooth relic-Kandy

The Temple of the Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa)

The sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha is placed in this temple and therefore it is a most venerated Buddhist places in Sri Lanka. However, you cannot see the tooth relic when you visit the temple. It is protected and it is inside a golden casket. You will only see the casket. For that also you need to visit the temple for special time. But, once a year there will be a parade (Asala Perahara) and the sacred tooth relic is taken out from the temple.

Temple of the Tooth relic-Kandy
Ambarawa-Tunnel to Sri Dalada Maligawa

We entered to the temple and walked through ‘Ambarawa’ which is a tunnel of around 29 feet long. This tunnel is with beautiful paintings and the upper part is painted and decorated with lotus flowers.(paintings)

Temple of the Tooth relic-Kandy


We entered into the shrine and offered flowers. Usually Buddhists offer flowers to Lord Buddha, so we follow the same practice.

Temple of the Tooth relic-KandyAfter spending time in the temple and after worshiping, we visited around the temple.

Legendary say that Sri Lankans received the sacred of tooth relic from India after Lord Buddha passed away.(Parinirwana). Princess Hemamali & Prince Dantha brought the sacred tooth relic from India and finally ended up in Kandy after several kingdoms. This painting shows Princess Hemamali & Prince Dantha’ s visit to Sri Lanka.

Temple of the Tooth relic-Kandy
Painting of Princess Hemamali & Prince Dantha’ s visit to Sri Lanka

Below is a photo of new temple/new shrine.This shrine is also called as ‘Aluth Maligawa‘ and we usually visit this temple after visiting the main shrine.

Temple of the Tooth relic-Kandy
New Shrine (Aluth Maligawa )-Kandy

When we come out from the Temple of Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa) ,it was almost evening.Below capture shows how beautiful and calm the view over sunset.

Sri Dalada Maligawa
Sri Dalada Maligawa-Kandy,Sri Lanka

Before leaving the Tooth Relic Temple,we visited the Museum Of Raja Tusker,I hope to share the photos in another post.

Anyway,we captured few photos of outside view of ‘Sri Dalada Maligawa‘ and it was beautiful with moody looks of the sky.


Kandy-Dalada-MaligawaBelow is the statue of Great Anagarika Dharmapala.He is one of the Sri Lankan heros who dedicated his life entirely for Sri Lankans and Buddhists.

anagarika dharmapala statue kandy
Statue of Great Anagarika Dharmapala-Kandy

Finally,we watched sunset over the Kandy Lake.It was amazing.We watched the changes of sky into different colours which was a magical moment.

Kandy Lake-sunset

All those photos are for another post!We had a great time there and still the memories are wonderful!

Note: You also need to wear appropriate clothes before entering the Temple of the Tooth Relic.Read this post about things you should know before visiting Buddhist Temples and Monasteries for some understanding on how to prepare for a Buddhist temple visit.




Did you notice that I was missing for few weeks? Even I didn’t update the Tuesday Travel story post for few weeks. I spent a holiday in Sri Lanka and it was a sudden arrangement. So, even I didn’t have much time to arrange few posts.

We visited few places during our stay in Sri Lanka, some visits are to meet friends and relatives’ .Some visits are to the interesting places of Sri Lanka. Our Kandy tour is such a road trip and today I thought of starting my travelogues with highlights and captures of the Kandy road trip photos. Kandy is one of the major cities of Sri Lanka. There are lot of attractions to see in this city which was also the last kingdom of Sri Lanka. The main purpose of this visit is to pay a visit to the Temple of the Tooth Relic. We also visited some few other places during the same trip.

Our route: Warakapola-Kegalle-Mawanalla-Kadugannawa- Peradeniya-Kandy

We started our road trip to Kandy from Warakapola, which is my husband’s home place. Unfortunately it was heavily raining. But we started our tour because we are with few days and especially I knew that if we didn’t go on that day, we cannot make it.


After a short drive through heavy rain, we stopped for a tea at the Green park Restaurant, Mawanella. This is a usual place to stop whenever we travel to Kandy. We had some Sri Lankan short eats (Breads,buns,etc) with some plain tea (black tea).

Greenpark Rastaurant-Mawanella-Review

Having a plain cup of tea with a spicy short eat is a wonderful experience for me when I am in Sri Lanka. This restaurant is a clean place with wash room facilities. It provides an ideal resting place for anyone who travels along the Colombo Kandy Road.

Greenpark Rastaurant-Mawanella-Review

However, on that day, there were some monkeys trying to get food from the restaurant. Restaurant staff was trying hard to chase them away. Anyway it was nice scenery for my son and he enjoyed looking at monkeys although it is not a good experiance for others. 🙂

After a short break, we started again. It was still raining and we slowly reached Kadugannawa.

Kadugannwa Ambalama-Sri Lanka
Kadugannwa Ambalama-Sri Lanka

With hilly mountainous area, we know we are reaching Kadugannawa. This beautiful location and beautiful town welcomed us to the Central Province of Sri Lanka with its picturistic views. The first attraction we find always is ‘Kadugannawa Ambalama’(a historic wayside rest).It was heavily raining, so we didn’t come out from the vehicle. Anyway this historical rest place in Kadugannawa is said to be built during the English colonial time of Ceylon.

Stalls, selling boiled corn

In Kadugannawa, you will find small shops which sell fruits and other stuffs for those who travel along the Kandy Road. As usual we saw shops which sell boiled corn. This is one of our favorites in any road trip. Freshly boiled corn are something not to miss whenever travel in Sri Lanka. But this time, we were not so fortunate as it was raining.

Stalls which sell fruits,sweets and toys

With heavy rain, we couldn’t experience the beauty of Kadugannawa hilly area. But outside was really beautiful with mist around.




Rock Piercing or Kadugannawa Tunnel is the next attraction in Kadugannawa along the Kandy Road.With newly constructed road,anyone can avoid this rock tunnel,but I asked my husband to drive through the tunnel.

Kadugannwa Rock Tunnel-Sri-Lanka

This Kadugannawa rock tunnel is one of the significant landmarks we find along the Colombo – Kandy main road. Constructed by British, it still remains as a historical icon and a landmark making another attraction to Kadugannawa.

After passing the rock tunnel we reached Kadugannawa town.Captain Dawson Tower is one of the major attractions in Kadugannawa town.The Dawson Tower is in memory of Captain Dawson who led the British team of engineers to construct the Colombo Kandy Road.

The next most highlighted place in Kadugannawa is ‘Railway Station’. This time we saw an addition.It is ‘National Railway Museum of Sri Lanka‘.


We didn’t visit this newly opened railway museum,but we could see some of the train engines and wagons parked outside.I hope we will be able to visit the museum in another Sri Lankan holiday.

National Railway Museum

We had an exciting day although it was disturbed by the rain.It seems I have to write another post to share moments of Kadugannawa to Kandy road trip.This is not our first trip to Kandy.But still, a road trip to Kandy is more exciting and enjoyable.

I will share the other photos and details of the next stretch of this trip.Till then,I’d love to hear your comments about this trip.Please share your thoughts about Sri Lanka.

(Update: Read the next post about this Kandy Road trip)

Situated in Kataragama and attracts lot of devotees and Buddhists each year, Kiri Vehera is one of the most venerated Stupa and a religious place in Sri Lanka. When you visit Kataragama religious complex, first you will find the Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Devalaya. Kiri Vehera is situated just a little away from the devalaya and we need to walk a bit to reach this stupa.

In our recent holiday in Sri Lanka, we visited Kataragama and after Kataragama Devalaya, next we wanted to visit this Kiri Vehera Stupa. It is believed that this stupa is built on 6th century BC. It is a most valuable place for Buddhists because once Lord Buddha has visited this place. After that this stupa has built and became a religious place for Buddhists.

Kataragama Kiri Vehera Bo Tree
Kataragama Bo Tree

Just after the devalaya, we could see the Bo Tree(Bodhi tree,ficus religiosa). This Bodhi tree also has a valuable story behind it. This Bo Tree is one of the saplings which Sri Maha Bodhi tree yielded. (Ashta Phala Bodhi)

Kataragama Kiri Vehera-Bo-Tree
Kataragama Bodhi Tree

Bit of History:

In Sri Lanka, the veneration of Bodhi tree is a Buddhist ritual. If you visit Anuradhapura, you’ll find Sri Maha Bodhi Tree which is a sapling of the original Bodhi tree which the Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. Since the day Sri Lankans received the Bodhi Tree from India and planted in Anuradhapura, this ritual started and till today when we visit a Buddhist temple, we have several practices of worshiping and offerings for it.
If you visit Sri Lanka,you will see a Bodhi tree in each Buddhist temple.

So,following the same traditions,we spent some time worshiping the Bodhi Tree and started walking towards the Kiri Vehera Stupa.

Kataragama Kiri Vehera

In Buddhist tradition, we offer flowers, incense sticks and oil lamps to lord Buddha and it is a practice that we bring those things when we visit any temple. Although we can bring these things from home, it is also easier to buy these things from small shops near any temple. It is same in Kataragama too. There are people who sell flowers, incense sticks and other related things to the devotees.


We spent few minutes to buy some flowers and other things from a vendor. I believe it is a good way to help locals when we visit any place. Do you like to buy things from locals or do you like to help locals when you visit any place? 🙂


Then we reached the stupa and spent some time there worshiping. It was almost noon and a hot sunny day. After spending our time there we returned back.



Souvenir shops are a common sight in this religious complex, outside the temple. Kataragama is a place in Sri Lanka where people from around the country visit frequently. Therefore most people buy souvenirs from these shops at the end of their trip. We also had a glance before we were returning to Colombo.


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Yoda Wewa -Thissamaharama Sri Lanka
Yoda Wewa -Thissamaharama Sri Lanka

Built by King Mahanaga (as per ancient records) in the late 3rd Century BC and situated in between Thissamaharama to Yala main road, Yoda Wewa is an ancient reservoir of Sri Lanka which still provides water and irrigation needs to the people around. The exact location we see this ancient tank of Sri Lanka is Yodakandiya (A small town in between Thissamaharamaya and Kirinda).

Yoda Wewa -Thissamaharama Sri Lanka

In our previous holiday in Sri Lanka, Thissamaharamaya was one of the places we visited and I could capture few photos of this tank.(Yodha Wawa),however these were captured from the running vehicle and not the captures I really wanted. Sometimes time also matters when we travel and on that day our aim was to reach Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Dewalaya. So, I had to happy with these captures. 🙂

Yoda Wewa Bund is about 2400 feet long with the height of 15 feet. The tank carries a capacity of around 31,500 acre feet of water. Therefore it is the main source of irrigation facilities to the paddy fields around the area making Yodhakandiya, Thissamaharamaya areas as agricultural areas which produce a major portion of rice harvest of the country.

Paddy Fields-Thissamaharamaya

Above is just a capture of a paddy field which I captured in Yodhakandiya.These paddy fields were just opposite the Yodha wewa and thought it is nice to share with this post.

If you visit Sri Lanka and visit the Yala National Park,you will see these landmarks along your route from Thissamaharama to Yala.In our visit,we didnt have much time to stay or relax,however we could visit few temples and ancient places of southern Sri Lanka.Hope to visit these places again and most probably,some nice captures!

Whenever I have some free time,I really enjoy by visiting other travel blogs and weekend linkups are a great source to find some recent travel posts.So,this week I am linking with Weekend Travel Inspiration #wkendtravelinspiration hosted by Albom Adventures and other great travel bloggers.

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Sri Lanka, the tiny teardrop island in the Indian Ocean is full of attractions to visit, be it a historical attraction or a place with natural beauty or even a place for shopaholic; you’ll find a place to visit. During our Sri Lanka holidays, we usually visit few interesting places and here is another place we visited recently.

On our way to Kataragama


Kataragama is a place where you’ll find Buddhist attractions and also places which are favourited by Hindu people in Sri Lanka. Kataragama Devalaya is such a place where both Buddhists and Hindus visit, worship and expect blessings of God Kataragama.
Paddy fields around


Today I am sharing some of the pictures from ‘Kataragama Devalaya’, however this place is more popular as a Buddhist pilgrimage site as it is one of the 16 places visited by Lord Buddha in past. I will share about the main Buddhist attraction in Kataragama, which is ‘kiri wehera’ in a future post and this is about the devalaya which we see at the entrance before entering to the kiri vehera area.
Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Devalaya-Sri Lanka
Buildings around Kataragama devalaya


As stated earlier in this post; Kataragama is popular among all religions in Sri Lanka including Buddhists, Hindus and Veddas(indigenous people of Sri Lanka). It is believed that God Kataragama lived in the jungles near the Menik Ganga.(River of gems).Usually devotees have a bath from this river (Manik Ganga) before they enter into the pilgrimage site. However during the season we visited, I noticed the river looks so muddy, but still some people were using water for washing and bathing.
Manik Ganga (The river of gems-Kataragama)


As a tradition, people offer fruits to the Kataragama God or it is same for any other God they believe. Although anyone can bring fruits from other places, usually people buy fruits and offerings from the nearby stalls. Even in Kataragama, you’ll find lot of such stalls to buy a prepared plate of offerings (‘pooja watti’ )
Stalls selling Pooja Watti-Kataragama


These Pooja watti include few fruits such as banana, watermelon ,pineapple and some sweets, a beetle leaf and few joss sticks(incense) .
Pooja Watti display-Kataragama


People keep some money as a donation for the devalaya (shrine) on top of this fruit tray and offer to the god.A colourful garland is a special offer to the god.You’ll find a garland on top of the pooja watti.

Colourful Garlands-Kataragama

The people who run these stalls near the shrine are experts on preparing these plates and thus,usualy devotees buy a pooja watti(a plate with all offerings) before they visit the devalaya.


Basically Kataragama Devalaya is a shrine with hindu traditions where you’ll see lot of statues of god Kataragama. I wanted to participate for the ‘pooja’ (worshiping ceremony) just to see how it is going. Inside was completely crowded and jam packed, although I was in front with my little son, after few minutes I decided to leave as it was sweating and I was scared if my son started crying it is a big disturbance for the other people.
Below is a photo of Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Devalaya-Sri Lanka.
Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Devalaya-Sri Lanka
Kataragama Devalaya


People believe that God Kataragama is a powerful god which he can help people to get rid of their problems. So, for most of the people in Sri Lanka, it is a tradition to visit Kataragama devalaya to get blessings in their tough times or even if they start a new business or buy a new vehicle etc. Most people have the habit of visiting this place each year.
Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Devalaya-Sri Lanka
Kataragama Devalaya


We had a good time there, worshiped and offered a Pooja watti to the God Kataragama. It was almost noon and was very sunny and hot.After spending few hours there,we proceeded to the temple, Kiri Vehera.
Entrance-Kataragama Devalaya


Wait for my next post. I’ll share some interesting information and some of my captures of kiri vehera in my next post.

Built in 2nd century BC by King Kawantissa, Tissamaharama Temple (Tissamaharama Raja Maha Viharaya)  is one of the historical places of Sri Lanka. As per historical data, Lord Buddha visited this place during his Sri Lanka visit. This temple is a major worshiping place for Buddhists, and also a historical attraction for other tourists and non-Buddhists.
Tissamaharama Temple-Sri Lanka

Tissamaharama is a town with lot of historical attractions. Not only that, this area is a beautiful place surrounded by lot of paddy fields. Yala National park is few kilo meters away from Tissamaharama, so this town is always flooded with both local and foreign travellers.

Tissamaharama Temple-Sri Lanka
Tissamaharama Temple-Sri Lanka
During our Kataragama visit, we visited this temple first and it was an evening when we reached the temple. It was not a poya day, so the temple was not crowded. The surrounding was calm and quiet. There were devotees around the temple and was meditating.
We spent some time there freely and could capture few photos of the temple.
The stupa of this temple is one of the biggest stupas in Sri Lanka. Here are some captures of this historical place/temple.
Attached to the stupa, there is a worshiping place with statues of Lord Buddha. We entered into it with the purpose of worshiping and to offer flowers as Buddhists do.
Tissamaharama Temple-Sri Lanka
Tissamaharama Temple-Sri Lanka

Inside the temple is with beautiful and colourful paintings.

Tissamaharama Temple-Sri Lanka
Inside the Tissamaharama Temple-Sri Lanka

Below is a capture of the ceiling which is painted with beautiful and colourful flowers and designs.

Next to stupa, it was a huge statue of Lord Buddha and was a newly built statue.
Next to this Buddha statue,there were statues of Kings who built this Stupa,and these statues were facing the stupa.

Surrounded area of the temple was calm and quiet,from one side of the place we could see another stupa too.

It was late evening and we decided to leave the temple.We headed to our relative’s place to spend the night and had plans to visit Kataragama on next day.


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We spent another holiday in Sri Lanka during last November. After sharing photos and details of our road trip to Anuradhapura, now it is time to share photos and stories of this Road Trip to Kataragama,Sri Lanka.
We started from Colombo, however we spent first few days with some of our relatives live in that area. It was a nice time and I totally enjoyed my time there.My parents are from Southern province of Sri Lanka,so we always have great time there with our relatives and childhood memories.

Do you know what is above plant?It is a green gram plant. (mung bean).Below are fruits of Ugurassa (flacourtia indica),Those are not yet ready to eat.


We could breathe fresh air in spacious lands and surrounding together with good food with just harvested fresh vegetables and fruits. I also could capture some beautiful flowers.


Our next destination was Thissamaharama, and we started the journey early in the morning.
Thissamaharama is a town in Southern Province of Sri Lanka and in Hambantota district.Our this visit to southern parts of Sri Lanka is after about 4-5years or more than that. Almost all infrastructure of that area was developed and specially we could see the changes to the roads. Unlike earlier, we could reach our destination
in few hours.
Road Trip to Kataragama,Sri Lanka


One of the interesting view along the road is Hambantota Lewaya (Inlet).



We also passed the place where ‘Kalu Dodol’ stalls are. Hambantota is popular for this sweet called ‘Kalu Dodol’ and we decided to stop there in our return.
Another popular food item is Curd made of Buffalo milk. It is a common sight in this area, buffaloes and curd


Straying buffaloes are a common sight  in this area.I also captured some of them along the roadside. 🙂


We could see lot of birds and animals along the roadsides. Peacocks were a common sight. However, I captured most of these photos from inside the vehicle while traveling, so I was unable to capture any bird or an animal.Instead I could capture few photos of beautiful trees and bushes along the road.


After few hours travel,we reached to Thissamaharamaya and the first place we visited was Thissamaharama Temple, which was built by King Kawanthissa in 2nd century BC.


My next post will be about this ancient temple.Come back again and enjoy this series from Southern Sri

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