Proper Rome Airport Transfers

Nowadays, and fortunately the car is no longer considered a luxury. Today, it is hardly possible to do without our car every day. We have become accustomed to the comfort that the car brings us, and we do not want to go without it during the holidays. Fortunately, we can use car rental agencies in just about any destination in the world. Rent a car allows us to move freely sabs give up our comfort. And in the end, we realize that renting a rental car with Auto Europe is cheaper than public transport.

We have prepared some valuable tips to save money on your car rental, and you can enjoy your next rental experience!

Support in an agency in town

Taking over a rental car at a city office can save you up to 30%, and it’s often easy to find your way from the airport to the city center. The Rome airport transfers to city were there.

Some customers, who rent cars for driving abroad, prefer, for precaution, to reserve a model with automatic transmission. However, it is important to note that manual transmission vehicles are much cheaper in Europe than those with automatic transmission. If you are used to driving a manual, book a manual because, in addition, the choice is very large in this category than in the automatic.

Proper Rome Airport Transfers

Our tip – Get free upgrades

Airport transfer offers you a wide choice of upgrades. Before you book a spacious vehicle, check out our upgrade offers and enjoy! The advantage of a smaller vehicle would be fuel economy.

Our advice – Pay attention to the fuel rules and choose, if possible, the option “Full-Full”.

Beware of fuel rules

Speaking of fuel, at the time of booking, take the time to review our fuel rules. The option “Full – Full” (full tank to the support and full tank to the restitution) is to be recommended because, even if the rent on departure is slightly more expensive, you only pay for the fuel consumed and in the end it’s more advantageous for the customer.

Who says additional equipment, says additional cost. Why pay for a GPS if your smartphone offers the same features! And buying a booster seat is often cheaper than the daily rental rate.

Generally, you prepare your holidays well in advance and plan the booking of air tickets and hotel rooms’ months before departure. As for car rental, most of you wait until the last minute. But this is a mistake because, in the last minute, the availability of vehicles decreases and prices rise even more than the date of care approach!

Save with Taxi

Taxi has been offering car rental services for more than 60 years, for the most popular destinations at ever lower prices. For most of our destinations, we offer rental at the airport and also in the city center. To find your next hire car, use our search engine on our website or contact us by phone. The options are there and the bests that should be there.



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