What to Know About Car Shipping

Car shipping cost calculators provide car owners with instantaneous estimates when shipping their vehicles. Many auto transport companies now provide these tools on their websites to assist customers in planning the logistics for vehicle transport.

Car shipping calculators typically require several pieces of information from you, including pickup and delivery dates as well as whether or not open or enclosed transport is desired.


Auto transport companies typically calculate car shipping prices on a per-mile basis. Fuel costs play an enormous part in determining their costs; additionally, distance between pick-up and delivery locations has an effective price impact as well.

Location matters when it comes to vehicle delivery; when your pickup and drop off points are outside of major metro areas, carriers needing to deviate from their normal routes for pickup or delivery of your car will charge a higher amount.

Rural locations also tend to cost more due to greater fuel and time requirements compared with urban locales. A customer service representative can help you determine the most cost-effective method of transport for you.

Some car shipping brokers provide easy online tools for calculating the cost of vehicle transport. Their quote calculators use preset data and shipment details to provide a ballpark figure; however, these should not be seen as final quotes due to multiple variables that could alter it.

Vehicle Weight

Most car shipping companies provide customers with a car shipping cost calculator in order to help them obtain an instantaneous quote. This tool uses existing data and values to provide an approximate estimate of the total price; however, this should not be accepted as final because factors like vehicle statute and destination can alter this figure significantly.

As inoperable cars tend to be more costly to ship than running ones, when filling out an auto shipping calculator or transport quote form be as accurate and precise as possible in your calculations and include any special requests or additional services needed.

Costs associated with shipping a car depend on its type, condition and whether or not an open or enclosed carrier should be used. While an open carrier is usually sufficient, enclosed trailers may provide additional protection – usually reserved for luxury, custom and motorsport vehicles that may be more susceptible to weather and environmental factors. You can click the link: https://www.consumerreports.org/cars/car-repair-maintenance/what-to-do-if-your-car-is-damaged-in-a-storm-a2750790060/ to learn more about weather damage.

What to Know About Car Shipping

Vehicle Make

Your auto transport rates may depend on the type of vehicle you have. Running cars tend to be more affordable, while modifications like lifted trucks will increase costs associated with transporting them. A transporting car cost estimator depends heavily on the number of stops involved. More stops usually require drivers to take more detours, increasing prices by as much as twofold.

Use an online car shipping calculator to get an estimate of the costs associated with car transport. This tool will gather shipment details and generate an approximate quote within an hour or day; alternatively, contact a professional auto broker for more accurate estimates.

Vehicle Model

Car shipping calculators are free tools available from leading auto transport companies that allow you to quickly generate an instantaneous quote without the need for direct sales representatives.

They gather information on your vehicle, route and pick-up/delivery dates before using existing data and predetermined values to estimate how much shipping service will cost – although these quotes should only be seen as preliminary pricing guides rather than binding offers.

Your vehicle’s model and size will have an effect on how much space it occupies on a carrier, which dictates its shipping cost. Larger cars tend to cost more, and its condition will also impact cost: non-working models will typically incur higher rates than running vehicles.

Shipping rates may also fluctuate based on seasonal and holiday demand for carrier services, leading to an increase in cost associated with transporting your vehicle. For optimal auto transport rates it is wise to ship during regular seasons.


Car shipping costs per mile increase with distance as carriers must cover more miles and spend more time on the road delivering your vehicle. But this factor alone isn’t what decides the final price; multiple factors also play a part.

Route is another key factor. Shipments bound for urban centers such as Los Angeles can increase transportation costs due to traffic and congestion issues on major highways and roads. You can click here for coverage on LA traffic.

Car shipping rates also fluctuate by season; winter and late spring tend to be high-volume seasons for auto transport companies and prices may increase accordingly.

For an accurate estimation of cost associated with shipping your vehicle, a car shipping calculator provides instant quotes that allow for hassle-free estimating; these tools often serve as initial bids before professional auto brokers contact you within an hour or day to complete finalizing a shipping quote.


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