Moving to a new location sounds really interesting. A new city or country always gives new experiences for the life. But don’t forget the things to do at the time of shifting the belongings to the new location. In my childhood I have experience of shifting home for new cities 2-3 times. As a child it was a nice experience for me. New friends, new school and different experiences made me exciting. But, at the same time I remember experiences of lost stuff while we were moving to new cities in Sri Lanka.

steps to hiring a mover

Then after getting married, we moved from Sri Lanka to Singapore. It was another experience including setting to a new country with different culture and everything new for us. During our first few years in Singapore, we shifted our rented home few times until we move to our own home. So, I have experience with hiring movers for our stuff. Each time we had different experiences. But we are lucky, finally we found a great moving company who finally became like our family mover.

He served us the best and professional way including packing the stuff safely and moving using the manpower that are well trained for the job.

With our experiences with hiring movers for different moving needs, I thought of sharing this post which can be helpful for you if you plan to relocate to a new city.

Although packing the stuff and moving sounds stressful, with the right mover you can always enjoy the excitement of shifting to a new place with new things to see and experience.

Here are our tips and steps to hiring a mover!

steps to hiring a mover

Ask for recommendations

Before you hire a mover, check with your friends and family members for any recommendations. If they have recent experiences with moving stuff or if they know a reliable company, this will be a good start for you to select a reliable mover to help with your stuff.

Otherwise, you can easily check online reviews and recommendations. Actual reviews from users can be really helpful to find friendly and helpful mover from the location that you want find help for transportation of your stuff.

If you find a mover who has website or at least Facebook page, this will be a good place to find more details and recommendation from others. You will easily find photos and testimonials from others who have used the moving company recently. Use these recommendations and ideas to shortlist the movers around your area. Finally call them and short list 3-4 movers to get the quotations.

Call and get quotations

Once you have a list of shortlisted movers, call them and get quotations. When you contact them, let them know all the details including the stuff you own, from where to where, details of bulky items and also the fragile items. Sometimes, moving company will send a representative to check the stuff you have to move before they give their quote. In such times, show everything that you need to move including any special remarks such as items that are fragile. In this way you will get the best quotation.

If you contact a professional moving company such as Northwest Movers you can easily get the quotation with different options such as including pack and unpack by them or without such option. They also help with specialty moving such as antiques, fine arts and even a big item like a piano with special care. So, if you own such special items always ask the mover for the details of pricing for moving the items for your new location.

Make sure to hire a professional mover

When you get 3-4 quotations from different moving companies it is easy to decide the mover using your budget in mind. However, always the lowest estimate cannot be from the best mover. Instead consider the things such as experience and way of handling the stuff of selected movers’ .Check whether they do moving in a professional manner or not. You not only need to move your stuff, but also need those to move to your new location without any damage.

Check how they help in packing, what are the tools and equipment they use to load and unload the stuff and other related things. This can be really helpful to decide on the moving company that you can get the help.

When you follow these steps, it is really easy to select the perfect mover for your moving job. When you hire the right company for your moving need then that will be a nice start in your new location.

Do you have experience with moving household items from location to location? Please share as comments.




  1. Thank you for sharing your advice with us. This is really an important matter, and not everyone knows how stressful moving can be.
    I have moved only once in my life, and the distance between the two cities (yes, cities and not countries) was not even that far. However, I have made a research and asked for advice when hiring professional staff to move my belongings. And I can tell you one thing: I never regretted it. All my stuff came in time, nothing was broken and the polite workers helped me until I got all my things in the apartment and put them in their place. So, whatever you do, ask for a professional help, if there is any. It will surely save your time and nerves. πŸ™‚

  2. I agree with your list. Getting our friends’ recommendation works because they themselves experienced the services already. Same with getting a professional. InbEverything I do, I see to it to hire a professional instead of trusting their experience only because with professionals, you get a quote, a professional way of dealing and a system. Experienced that already when we hired experienced carpenter vs professionals. The former would just work on What they are accustomed to do while the latter have a system which makes Everything easier and less complicated. I guess the same applies with movers.

  3. Though, I haven’t experience moving first hand, I think all these are helpful tips. In probably anything, it’s proven to get suggestions from friends and or family. Thus, cross reference with reviews of the service provider. I also like the idea of shortlisting companies and ask quotations but not to totally decide base on budget. Simply because of an old saying, you get what you pay for.

  4. I have moved a few times but never actually left my home and brought all my things with me. I always had a place to leave my furniture and most of my things for example. But soon I might be moving again and this time I will need to take all my belonging with me so your article is very useful. I am finding it quite hard as I am moving from one country to another and bringing all the things I have with me will be difficult. I need a professional for sure.

  5. Until the end of the post, I was thinking if you have mentioned that hire a mover from Sri Lanka to SG. I was shocked. I got it right though. Anyway, I grew up always transferring so I think I’m too immune to that.

  6. I remembered the time that I moved to a new place! It made me feel a lot of emotions, it felt like I was in a roller coaster! I remember visiting a site that would provide quite a number of services. It even includes movers too! Also, it was a good thing that I asked a professional mover because if I did it on my own and of course with help from my friends it could end up as a disaster.

    Check on quotes, recommendations and professional movers!

  7. I only move once in my life but it is something I enjoyed since moving is like starting something new. I remember doing some of the things you’ve listed above. But I was small back then and the moving is handled by my parents. Maybe someday, when I invested in my first apartment, I’ll keep everything here in mind.

    • As a kid,moving to a new place is really exciting.I have such experience and no responsibility as parents did everything.But,I remember I lost some of my toys and those were the most valuable things as a kid πŸ™‚

  8. We have only hired a mover once but it’s no biggie. Haha! Our previous home’s distance from our next home is only 10mi. Haha! We only hired a mover to transport big appliances and such. They weren’t a pro and we had to ride on their truck to make sure all of our items reach our home safely. Hahaha!

    • wow!That’s so good that you didn’t have to carry items for a long distance.10m sounds like the next home.. πŸ™‚ For me,packing all items ion different boxes was the experience which gave me headache.. πŸ™‚

  9. I’ve experienced moving but it was when I was still young as a child. From what I remember, we were the ones who did the packing and the one we hired all did was load it in the truck then deliver it and unload it in our new home. I guess hiring a professional mover speeds up moving since they also help pack the stuff. Anyway, these are helpful tips for hiring movers. It’s crucial because we will need someone who is trustworthy and will ensure that is valuable stuff won’t break.

  10. Before settling to our current house (we’ve stayed here for ten years already).. we used to move from one house to another in short period of time and the struggle of moving your things is really a challenge! Sometimes, if the house is too small to accomodate all our furniture, we are forced to give them away or to store temporarily to some of our relative’s houses. We haven’t tried hiring a mover but we should have discovered such service long time ago. It is easy and convenient!

  11. Yeah one of the best ways to do this is to ask from friends first on their experiences. That way we can be pretty sure that the company we’re trusting our stuff to be delivered from point A to B is good. The thing though is my family never needed a mover as we just moved our stuff in our pickup truck and made several trips hehehe

  12. I have moved a few times in my life, overseas twice, interstate 3 – 4 times and I really wish I had found these tips then! What I think so many people don’t realise is your getting someone else to handle your treasured possessions so getting the right removalist is important.

    I agree, I think getting various quotations and recommendations makes finding the right removalist alot easier and straightforward! Keep up the amazing work!


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