When it comes to Prague hen do weekends, you want for sure a once in a lifetime experience. Something unique, relaxing and, in the same time spiced with a little bit of adrenaline. Something hot, but not too dirty, stimulating, but not exhausting. Something that your bride will love to keep in mind for the rest of his life.

The question is: how to get the perfect recipe?

The list of Prague hen do activities is not so short, so you may have a hard time making your itinerary. When it comes to unique experiences, the city has developed an incredible reputation over the years.

To help you take some good decisions, here are 3 smart ideas of things to do in Prague on a hen weekend.

1. Day Spa with Massage

hen do weekend in Prague

All the wedding buzzing can be so exhausting, so you better give your hen the chance to be prepared for the big day. In this case, spa and massage sounds just perfect! Nothing more relaxing than spoiling yourself for the whole day.

So be ready for a tremendous refreshing session in a Finnish sauna, with a well-deserved 30 minutes massage. After this, you’ll be prepped, glowing and ready for a spicy night out hitting the bars and clubs of Prague.

2. River Cruise with Strip

Things to Consider when Selecting a Cruise Line

You’ll think nothing can be more ordinary in a hen do weekend than a river cruise, but you’re totally wrong! What about a completely naked gorgeous man, standing on the same boat you and your hen group are enjoying the stunning Prague view? Does that sounds better?

A River Cruise with Strip is just the perfect activity for a hen do to remember, so you must put it in a place of honor in your agenda. Be ready for a 60 minute private river tour along with the most entertaining male stripper, ready to give your hen the experience of your life.

3. Club Night VIP Mecca

Your hen do weekend is far from being complete without a nightclub experience. All you have to do is rent out a private table at one of the cities top nightclubs. Sounds like an opportunity you can’t ignore, doesn’t it?

Not only will you be surrounded by some of the capital’s most attractive men, but with your own table, you’ll be free to drink and dance as much as you want! So the hen do weekend is begging you to let go of your inhibitions and be carried away by desire.

This will be quite a memory for the future bride!

How to Plan the Perfect Hen Do Weekend in Prague

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  1. River cruise strip?? Haha! Nothing wrong with naked men dancing but I find it kind of turn off. However, I love women stripper better!?? I would have chosen a day spa to take out the stress before the big day! A bit boring compare to the others activities!

  2. Oh No, Stripping in a river cruise, no I really won’t be able to bear that. better to enjoy the cruise with the nature rather than looking at them! Though it can be hilarious..

  3. I have been to Prague several times and I suppose you are right … it would make for a great place for this sort of a weekend. A river cruise sounds like a lot of fun and everyone loves a spa day!

  4. Is hen do weekend like a honeymoon? Thats what it sounds like but an international trip to Prague would be a great getaways. Wonderful tips especially the cruise.

  5. This sounds like it would be an amazing time. I love the idea of a massage and then a nice outing after I feel all relaxed.

  6. I never had the pleasure of this experience. Looks like there are many things to do to celebrate! I like the spa idea and the river cruise a close second.

  7. Hehehe interesting ideas! I have no clue what I’d do for my hen, but I’ve had some friends who’ve decided to celebrate with a simple dinner onboard a yacht. 🙂


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