Family Friendly African Destinations

Arranging a trip to Africa with family is the best idea for exotic holidays. Dive into a parallel tropical life and change yourself forever.

Visit Africa Once, and Your Life Will Change Forever

Africa. Which associations comes to mind when mentioning this continent? Paradise, ocean, tropics, fruits, animals, harmonic rest or poverty, lack of water, lack of medical treatment and education? This continent can be a threat as well as a paradise. To explore it you’ll have to cope with all of your written assignments, so if you’re interested where you can write my paper for me, don’t waste your time.

Which places are welcoming and friendly? Where can you take your kids? How to arrange a trip without unpleasant surprises?

1.  The Seychelles

Family Friendly African Destinations

This is a well-known tropical paradise, not overloaded with a touristic flow. Seychelles are the dream destination for everyone who loves crystal water, white sand, moderate sun, astonishing sunsets or sunrises, and tropical ocean fauna. Here you can:

  • Swim along with dolphins
  • Make friends with turtles (your kids might be interested)
  • Sleep under an uncountable amount of stars
  • Shower under a waterfall
  • Eat tropical fruits
  • Eat local seafood
  • Snorkel in the crystal water with fishes and other underwater inhabitants
  • Ride a bike

This is a harmonic paradise where you can be safe and happy with your family. The place worth coming with children. This is not only about the paradise lounge atmosphere, but also about educating your kids, showing them different types of life forms, learn them to love the surrounding environment, make them meet a new way of life and enlarge their worldview.

2. Zambia

When someone mentions tourism in Zambia, he means visiting Victoria Falls. This is a 127 meters high waterfalls which not only amazed by its power and size but also changes something inside. The place worth visiting. This feeling of standing in front of an unimaginable amount of water, which falls continually already for an incredible period makes your brain accumulate thought very fast.

On the way to this place, it is possible to meet wild nature in national parks, which are located all around. Make your children communicate with wild nature.

For adrenaline seekers, there is an incredible option to get a dose in Zambezi Eco Adventures. Here you will learn to fly. This is also a great chance to control your fear.

3. Tanzania

This is the only place in Africa where you can find snow. The place is for mountain, climbing, and hiking lovers. A trip to Tanzania is nothing about a lounge. Here you won’t have time to relax. This is a place where you can observe and learn the safari rules. Wild animals are locals here. When you and your family are adventures seeking adventurist then grab your kids, a skilled group lead and go for it.

Tips for a successful Tanzania Safari

After a hard climbing day, there is a warm and welcoming Unguja or a Zanzibar Island where you can lay on a white sand of an ocean shore with a fresh coconut cocktail and meet a new turtle for a nice company.

4. Kruger National Park

The continent is full of national parks. South Africa is a place where you can meet more animals than people. You kid will love the ride. Meeting giraffes, elephants, all types of big cats, crocodiles, monkeys, zebras, and plenty of birds alive is different than watching the Discovery channel.Kruger National Park is one of the best parks that you must visit in South Africa.

African Safari

You are a guest in a wild nature’s home. This is a chance to experience a close connection with all these types of animals like never before. This is another thing that changes a person from inside.

5. Kenya

Right after Tanzania, it is possible to go to Kenya and continue exploring Amboseli National Park. This is the next point to continue your exploration of safari wild lifestyle. When you and your family have a desire to go back to civilization, then Watamu is the right place to go. Here you will find five-star hotels for all tastes.

The good idea is to have a dinner with a fresh seafood and fruits and talk about the experience gained during the day. Ask your family about the thoughts, emotions, and feelings they experience and compare it to yours. This is a family time. Adventurer experienced together to make you close to each other for many important reasons.

6. Mozambique

Another paradise for diving, enjoying crystal azure water, explore ocean inhabitants, do yoga and lay on a beach. Find local yoga trainer and try it. This is not the same that is taught in fitness centers. Do it together with your family and share the expression afterward.

7. Namibia

Namibia is an excellent chance to explore how the desert looks like. This is not the place to feel happiness or excitement. It depends on your own personality. The fact is this is the right place to gain new traveling experience, explore your reaction of the state of mind to different surroundings, bring new thoughts and emotions which cannot be reached under any other conditions.


  1. Africa is such a fascinating continent. I believe it is true what you stated ‘Visit Africa once and your life will change forever’. I heard so many people saying that. Well, The Seychelles, I think that’s what people mean when they talk about ‘paradise’. This is too stunning to be true. I think I would be wandering around in trance all day, overwhelmed by nature. What I love most about Africa are the National Parks, animals belong in nature, not in zoos. I hate seeing animals kept in captivity, but I would love to go on a safari trip, although I would probably be scared here and there.


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