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After we reached Kandy, and before worshiping the Temple of the Tooth Relic, we wanted to have some food. It was almost around 3 pm. We couldn’t find a proper place for a quick snack and finally found the History Restaurant.

Located in Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, the ground floor of the same building is a popular place for quick snacks. We’ve been there before for breads and buns. Once we reached the bread shop as before, we noticed this themed restaurant in the upper floor and also we noticed that they serve lunch. With a sudden change of mind to have lunch instead of quick snack (actually I want to see this theme restaurant), we peeked into the History Restaurant.

 History Restaurant-Kandy,Sri Lanka

We didn’t disappoint with the view and arrangements of the History Restaurant. But, we were disappointed because no lunch is served at that time. So, we had to order food from their menu.

Well, ordering food and the menu is for later of this post. This is all about its interior.

This History Restaurant is a quiet and calm place with dim lights. The walls were full of vintage items and photos of 1800s of Sri Lanka. Most of the photos were of Kandy city. Till we get our food, we checked all the photos. It was like a visit to an art gallery. Nicely arranged interior and walls for anyone who loves to know a bit of Sri Lanka’s history at a glance.

Walk Back to 1800s of Sri Lanka
A Photo Wall

Walk Back to 1800s of Sri Lanka with these photos 🙂

The Temple of the Tooth Relic in 1875






A photo walk to 1900s of Sri Lanka.




Other than the photos of 1800s and 1900s,we also found some vintage items such as feeder,soap packets and even some cheque books!

A half size feeder bottle
Soap packets and covers


Cheque books from 1900’s

Staff was friendly. At that time, there were 2-3 visitors inside. So, we had a quite relaxing time walking around, taking photos and enjoying some old pictures.

Friendly staff and beautiful interior.

They offer a special Sri Lankan buffet on weekends. As per them, lunch is also served as ‘Rice & Curry’.(Sri Lankan food).But surprisingly, in their menu, we couldn’t find any Sri Lankan dish. As I remember, there were some Chinese and Indian dishes for a quick order. With our point of view, that doesn’t go with the theme of the restaurant. It is nice if we could enjoy some Sri Lankan dishes while enjoying the views of historical Sri Lanka.


Anyway, we ordered some fried rice and had a quick meal after viewing all the photos and exhibits. It was of average taste. There’s nothing special to mention. But, I heard one of the staff was saying that they do not use any food flavor or MSG in their kitchen. That’s something to admire when considering the healthy factor.

After spending around one hour in this History restaurant,then we headed to the Tooth Relic Temple which I am planning to share in my next post about the road trip to Kandy.

History Restaurant

Location: 27A Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Kandy, Sri Lanka

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Well,I didn’t get any good title for this photo,so I simply named this as ‘Road View’during our recent Sri Lanka holiday,we enjoyed few road trips to different places in Sri Lanka.One such trip was from Colombo to Mahiyanganaya.I captured this photo on our way to Mahiyanganaya(Sri Lanka) from Girandurukotte(Sri Lanka). The road was very clear,there were no much people.There were trees in road sides and completely it was a stunning look.

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Temple-of Tooth-Relic

A good road trip is always a memorable one. There is nothing like a memorable and enjoyable road trip. When driving through hilly mountainous area, among lush green trees, through historical places, there are always many memories and happy moments to add to the life.

Last week I shared a post about our recent Kandy tour. So, I thought of sharing the part 2 of the same road trip to Kandy, this week. Once we reached Kadugannawa town, we found the new addition, which is a railway museum. After having a glance at the railway museum, we started our trip towards Kandy. It was still raining. I really didn’t like that, because we were in our last few days of Sri Lanka holiday. Due to heavy rain, we even couldn’t visit these interesting places such as Railway museum, which we found along the Kandy road.

Railway Museum-Kadugannawa,Sri Lanka

After passing Kadugannwa, the next town we reached is ‘Pilimathalawa’.Near this area, there is another interesting place which anyone can see. But, I know as this is free and as this place is along the road, most of the travellers don’t pay much attention to it. Even no one bothers to pay a visit. It is same with us too. It is the highway museum of Sri Lanka. In this highway museum, we can see many of road construction equipment and machineries which were used in old days. Actually it is an interesting place to pay a visit. Well, we couldn’t visit on our way to Kandy, but we stopped there when we return back to home.

A road roller at the Highway Museum-Kiribathkumbura,Sri Lanka

Well, after passing the small town, Pilimathalawa, the next town we reached is ‘Peradeniya’.A place which we have lot of memories. Peradeniya is a town which ‘University of Peradeniya’ is located and it is one of the best universities of Sri Lanka. Even I graduated from there. So, we are bit familiar with the town and with some of the memories, we continued to Kandy city.

Road along Gannoruwa

View of ‘Hanthana Mountain’ said we are reaching Kandy. We can’t talk about Kandy without talking this beautiful mountain. The mountain which you can see in above and below pictures is “Hanthana’ and it is a sign that we are reaching Kandy city.

Passing Gannoruwa Bridge

We reached ‘Gannoruwa’ where there are Agriculture farms around. The Buddha stupa in a side of the road is one of the major landmark in this location

Gannoruwa-Sri Lanka
The Buddhist stupa located just after the Gannoruwa Bridge

Well,we are still driving towards Kandy.Hope you are not bored at looking at the photos we captured during the tour to Kandy.Now we are almost in Kandy.We saw the large Buddha Statue in Kandy City.

Statue of Lord Buddha in Kandy City

We reached the sacred city of Sri Lanka. It was congested with heavy traffic as it was school time. If you visit Sri Lanka, you have to expect such traffic congestion. Not easy to avoid.

First Views of Kandy Town
Buddha Statue at Kandy City
Road Trip to Kandy
Views of the roads and surroundings
Road Trip to Kandy
In Kandy,still you can see colonial style buildings.
Kandy Lake
Driving around the Kandy Lake
We are reaching the Temple of the Tooth Relic

Finally,we reached Kandy.We were really hungry.We wanted to have our lunch before we visit Kandy Tooth Relic Temple.

History Restaurant-Kandy
At the History Restaurant-Kandy
We had lunch at the History Restaurant-Kandy
Temple-of Tooth-Relic
Finally we visited The Temple of Tooth Relic-Kandy

If you travel through Colombo-Kandy Road towards Kandy,there are lot of popular attractions to see in Kandy.Kandy Tooth Relic Temple and the Kandy Lake are among those.

Places and attractions to see around Kandy Tooth Relic Temple

Kandy tooth relic Temple is the major attraction.However,there are some attractions that you must not miss.

Some of those are,

Travel photography: essentials to pack
Sunset at Kandy Lake-Sri Lanka
  • Archaeological Museum Kandy-This museum is located adjacent to the Tooth Relic Temple.It is behind the temple.Pay a visit and see how it was Sri Lanka in early days.(Located in the Royal Palace)
Archeological Museum Kandy-Sri Lanka
  • Raja Museum – Raja, was the great tusker who carried the Sacred Relic Casket during special ceremonies for more than half a century. After his death, he is honored by preserving the dead animal’s skin and tusks. The museum of him is located in a small building next to the Royal Palace.(Archeological Museum)
  • Devala and Bodhi Tree infront of the Tooth Relic Temple-Most people miss visiting this place.This time we visited this temple complex and I will share photos in another post.
  • Also don’t forget to see the historical places and attractions along the Kandy Road.I only shared few of those in these two posts.There are lot more to see.

Our road trip to Kandy was really memorable.Although it was raining,we could visit attractions and could spent more time in Kandy.There are lot more photos to share in future posts.

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I was on a holiday in Sri Lanka and could spend sometime capturing beautiful flowers.Once I shared few photos of this same flower.But,still these are beautiful for a hobby photographer like me though I don’t use much of techniques to capture flowers.

Sri-lanka-flowers-2Here is another close capture,but it came out bit blurr….


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Did you notice that I was missing for few weeks? Even I didn’t update the Tuesday Travel story post for few weeks. I spent a holiday in Sri Lanka and it was a sudden arrangement. So, even I didn’t have much time to arrange few posts.

We visited few places during our stay in Sri Lanka, some visits are to meet friends and relatives’ .Some visits are to the interesting places of Sri Lanka. Our Kandy tour is such a road trip and today I thought of starting my travelogues with highlights and captures of the Kandy road trip photos. Kandy is one of the major cities of Sri Lanka. There are lot of attractions to see in this city which was also the last kingdom of Sri Lanka. The main purpose of this visit is to pay a visit to the Temple of the Tooth Relic. We also visited some few other places during the same trip.

Our route: Warakapola-Kegalle-Mawanalla-Kadugannawa- Peradeniya-Kandy

We started our road trip to Kandy from Warakapola, which is my husband’s home place. Unfortunately it was heavily raining. But we started our tour because we are with few days and especially I knew that if we didn’t go on that day, we cannot make it.


After a short drive through heavy rain, we stopped for a tea at the Green park Restaurant, Mawanella. This is a usual place to stop whenever we travel to Kandy. We had some Sri Lankan short eats (Breads,buns,etc) with some plain tea (black tea).

Greenpark Rastaurant-Mawanella-Review

Having a plain cup of tea with a spicy short eat is a wonderful experience for me when I am in Sri Lanka. This restaurant is a clean place with wash room facilities. It provides an ideal resting place for anyone who travels along the Colombo Kandy Road.

Greenpark Rastaurant-Mawanella-Review

However, on that day, there were some monkeys trying to get food from the restaurant. Restaurant staff was trying hard to chase them away. Anyway it was nice scenery for my son and he enjoyed looking at monkeys although it is not a good experiance for others. 🙂

After a short break, we started again. It was still raining and we slowly reached Kadugannawa.

Kadugannwa Ambalama-Sri Lanka
Kadugannwa Ambalama-Sri Lanka

With hilly mountainous area, we know we are reaching Kadugannawa. This beautiful location and beautiful town welcomed us to the Central Province of Sri Lanka with its picturistic views. The first attraction we find always is ‘Kadugannawa Ambalama’(a historic wayside rest).It was heavily raining, so we didn’t come out from the vehicle. Anyway this historical rest place in Kadugannawa is said to be built during the English colonial time of Ceylon.

Stalls, selling boiled corn

In Kadugannawa, you will find small shops which sell fruits and other stuffs for those who travel along the Kandy Road. As usual we saw shops which sell boiled corn. This is one of our favorites in any road trip. Freshly boiled corn are something not to miss whenever travel in Sri Lanka. But this time, we were not so fortunate as it was raining.

Stalls which sell fruits,sweets and toys

With heavy rain, we couldn’t experience the beauty of Kadugannawa hilly area. But outside was really beautiful with mist around.




Rock Piercing or Kadugannawa Tunnel is the next attraction in Kadugannawa along the Kandy Road.With newly constructed road,anyone can avoid this rock tunnel,but I asked my husband to drive through the tunnel.

Kadugannwa Rock Tunnel-Sri-Lanka

This Kadugannawa rock tunnel is one of the significant landmarks we find along the Colombo – Kandy main road. Constructed by British, it still remains as a historical icon and a landmark making another attraction to Kadugannawa.

After passing the rock tunnel we reached Kadugannawa town.Captain Dawson Tower is one of the major attractions in Kadugannawa town.The Dawson Tower is in memory of Captain Dawson who led the British team of engineers to construct the Colombo Kandy Road.

The next most highlighted place in Kadugannawa is ‘Railway Station’. This time we saw an addition.It is ‘National Railway Museum of Sri Lanka‘.


We didn’t visit this newly opened railway museum,but we could see some of the train engines and wagons parked outside.I hope we will be able to visit the museum in another Sri Lankan holiday.

National Railway Museum

We had an exciting day although it was disturbed by the rain.It seems I have to write another post to share moments of Kadugannawa to Kandy road trip.This is not our first trip to Kandy.But still, a road trip to Kandy is more exciting and enjoyable.

I will share the other photos and details of the next stretch of this trip.Till then,I’d love to hear your comments about this trip.Please share your thoughts about Sri Lanka.

(Update: Read the next post about this Kandy Road trip)

Red Anthuriums

Some time ago I shared few captures of Red Anthurium flowers.But,today I want to share some more captures of this beautiful flower.These are captured from Sri Lanka and these bright red flowers are beauty enough to make the day.

Red Anthuriums from Sri Lanka
Red Anthuriums from Sri Lanka
Red Anthuriums from Sri Lanka
Red Anthurium flowers from Sri Lanka

Red Anthuriums from Sri Lanka

Do you like these beautiful Red Anthurium flowers from Sri Lanka?


Flame Violet (Episcia reptans) is commonly found in Sri Lanka and these are plants with beautiful leaves and little cute red flowers. Although these flowers are beautiful, usually in Sri Lanka Flame Violets are grown as ornamental plants. I captured these photos from my home Sri Lanka during a previous holiday. These plants are with brownish leaves; however there are different varieties with different leaves and patterns including green leaves. This houseplant usually grows quickly and it grows as a vine.

Flame Violet Flowers from Sri Lanka
Flame Violet Flowers from Sri Lanka

I captured few photos of this plant including its leaves.With the interest in capturing flowers,I had a great time spending in the garden. Seems I haven’t shared a post with  flowers from Sri Lanka for a long time.therefore thought of featuring these Flame Violets for this week ‘Wordless Wednesday’ or ‘Travel Tuesday’ post.


Do you have this plant in your country? If so, what varieties do you have?Do you like these Flame Violet Flowers from Sri Lanka?

Hope you had a great week.If you have any photo story this week,please share with us.I’d like to read those.




Situated in Kataragama and attracts lot of devotees and Buddhists each year, Kiri Vehera is one of the most venerated Stupa and a religious place in Sri Lanka. When you visit Kataragama religious complex, first you will find the Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Devalaya. Kiri Vehera is situated just a little away from the devalaya and we need to walk a bit to reach this stupa.

In our recent holiday in Sri Lanka, we visited Kataragama and after Kataragama Devalaya, next we wanted to visit this Kiri Vehera Stupa. It is believed that this stupa is built on 6th century BC. It is a most valuable place for Buddhists because once Lord Buddha has visited this place. After that this stupa has built and became a religious place for Buddhists.

Kataragama Kiri Vehera Bo Tree
Kataragama Bo Tree

Just after the devalaya, we could see the Bo Tree(Bodhi tree,ficus religiosa). This Bodhi tree also has a valuable story behind it. This Bo Tree is one of the saplings which Sri Maha Bodhi tree yielded. (Ashta Phala Bodhi)

Kataragama Kiri Vehera-Bo-Tree
Kataragama Bodhi Tree

Bit of History:

In Sri Lanka, the veneration of Bodhi tree is a Buddhist ritual. If you visit Anuradhapura, you’ll find Sri Maha Bodhi Tree which is a sapling of the original Bodhi tree which the Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. Since the day Sri Lankans received the Bodhi Tree from India and planted in Anuradhapura, this ritual started and till today when we visit a Buddhist temple, we have several practices of worshiping and offerings for it.
If you visit Sri Lanka,you will see a Bodhi tree in each Buddhist temple.

So,following the same traditions,we spent some time worshiping the Bodhi Tree and started walking towards the Kiri Vehera Stupa.

Kataragama Kiri Vehera

In Buddhist tradition, we offer flowers, incense sticks and oil lamps to lord Buddha and it is a practice that we bring those things when we visit any temple. Although we can bring these things from home, it is also easier to buy these things from small shops near any temple. It is same in Kataragama too. There are people who sell flowers, incense sticks and other related things to the devotees.


We spent few minutes to buy some flowers and other things from a vendor. I believe it is a good way to help locals when we visit any place. Do you like to buy things from locals or do you like to help locals when you visit any place? 🙂


Then we reached the stupa and spent some time there worshiping. It was almost noon and a hot sunny day. After spending our time there we returned back.



Souvenir shops are a common sight in this religious complex, outside the temple. Kataragama is a place in Sri Lanka where people from around the country visit frequently. Therefore most people buy souvenirs from these shops at the end of their trip. We also had a glance before we were returning to Colombo.


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Yoda Wewa -Thissamaharama Sri Lanka
Yoda Wewa -Thissamaharama Sri Lanka

Built by King Mahanaga (as per ancient records) in the late 3rd Century BC and situated in between Thissamaharama to Yala main road, Yoda Wewa is an ancient reservoir of Sri Lanka which still provides water and irrigation needs to the people around. The exact location we see this ancient tank of Sri Lanka is Yodakandiya (A small town in between Thissamaharamaya and Kirinda).

Yoda Wewa -Thissamaharama Sri Lanka

In our previous holiday in Sri Lanka, Thissamaharamaya was one of the places we visited and I could capture few photos of this tank.(Yodha Wawa),however these were captured from the running vehicle and not the captures I really wanted. Sometimes time also matters when we travel and on that day our aim was to reach Ruhunu Maha Kataragama Dewalaya. So, I had to happy with these captures. 🙂

Yoda Wewa Bund is about 2400 feet long with the height of 15 feet. The tank carries a capacity of around 31,500 acre feet of water. Therefore it is the main source of irrigation facilities to the paddy fields around the area making Yodhakandiya, Thissamaharamaya areas as agricultural areas which produce a major portion of rice harvest of the country.

Paddy Fields-Thissamaharamaya

Above is just a capture of a paddy field which I captured in Yodhakandiya.These paddy fields were just opposite the Yodha wewa and thought it is nice to share with this post.

If you visit Sri Lanka and visit the Yala National Park,you will see these landmarks along your route from Thissamaharama to Yala.In our visit,we didnt have much time to stay or relax,however we could visit few temples and ancient places of southern Sri Lanka.Hope to visit these places again and most probably,some nice captures!

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Traditional Drums of Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, there are traditional drums which are mainly used for traditional dancing and other related cultural activities. Davula,Yak Beraya, Udakkiya are some of these traditional drums which are popular among many cultural activities.Not only to entertain people with dance and music, these drums also use for many religious activities.

Traditional Drums of Sri Lanka
Traditional Drums Sri Lanka

In Buddhist culture, there are some activities which Traditional Dancers pay respect to the religion. For example, Dalada Thewawa is a daily Performing in respect to the Sacred Tooth Relic in Dalada Maligawa,Kandy. This is a ritual in many temples and even for most ceremonies; traditional dancers play a major role.

Kandyan Dancing Performance in a Sri Lankan Wedding

Another occasion which these traditional drums play their role is ‘Thovil’.’Thovil’ is a kind of activity which is considered as a ‘way of healing’ or ‘a healing ceremony’ to keep off the evils and their influences. ’Bali’,’ Shanthikarma’ are another traditional ceremonies which are mostly similar to ‘Thovil’.

Kandyan Dancing and Drumming in Sri Lanka

I captured these traditional drums during our previous visit to Sri Lanka. I was lucky to see this traditional drums display in Sri Lanka Airport and as always I didn’t miss the opportunity.

So, here is my photo story for the week. Do you have any story to share? Please share those below. I’d like to read your posts.

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