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Little India-Flower Garlands

These flower garlands are a common sight when walk in
Little India,Singapore. There are shops selling garlands made of colourful flowers .This
time, I stopped for few seconds to capture a moment.

Below is another which I  captured few months ago when we visited Tekka wet market to buy vegetables.I noticed that most of these garlands are made with bright yellow,red and white flowers. 

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Last Sunday when we walked out at night, noticed that the road is full of decorated light lines. These are to celebrate the Chinese New Year 2015.Road was so colourful with beautiful tiny lights.To make it more beautiful and joyful, there were red lanterns hanging in each light line.

I captured few moments and thought these suit for this week’s Wordless Wednesday. So, here are my captures.

Below is a red lantern,I tried to capture the best photo using the phone camera.

And,the light lines along the road!Some lines were hanging down from the trees.

Do you have any photo story this week?

Children's Garden at Gardens By The Bay

Remember that I shared about our visit to the Gardens by the Bay during the Christmas day? That was our first visit to the Gardens by the Bay, because we visited in the late afternoon, we couldn’t visit the whole garden. Our plan was to visit the children’s garden and to watch the Christmas lighting during the night.

Children's Garden at Gardens By The Bay

So, here is our story about the Children’s Garden. My son, who is 14 months old, enjoyed his day outing much. This children’s garden is an ideal place for toddlers and kids, specially the water play area. Although there are other activities for children, most of them were gathered to the water play area.

Children's Garden at Gardens By The Bay-water play

Kids were playing with water, shouting and making noises. They were happy and cheerful. It was a lot of fun even for us to watch them playing cheerfully.

The water play area is fairly large and it is designed for children over 6 year’s age. There is water features linked to sensors which creates different water effects.

Interestingly, there is another play area for toddlers. So, my son could happily enjoy playing with water. 

Children's Garden at Gardens By The Bay-water play

This is the first time we took him for a water play. So, at first he
was bit surprised although he like to play with water at home.

It is better to bring swimwear or some extra clothes if you visit this place. I prepared for him with some extra clothes ,so he could enjoy more time with water.

These are some captures from the Ang Mo Kio Town Garden west which is located near to the place we live. One of the interesting things I like here in Singapore is that it is full of beautiful parks and play grounds. Although Singapore is a small city, we can easily find places to relax and unwind. This is one of the places we visit during weekends. Although there are few more gardens around Ang Mo Kio, this garden is much larger.

The pond is one of the main attractions in this garden ,it is always full of beautiful lotus flowers and
buds. Here are some captures just to share the place with you all.

This garden is located in front of the library at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 and of course anyone who travels along the Avenue 6 can enjoy the view of the pond.

Ang Mo Kio Town Garden

Ang Mo Kio Town Garden

Ang Mo Kio Town Garden
Lotus pond at Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West
There are seating places around the pond and we always enjoy some snacks while enjoying the view of the pond and the surrounding.


Although,the pond is full with beautiful lotus flowers and buds,we couldn’t capture a close up picture as we cannot go much closer.These are some of the lotus captures I could capture using the phone camera.Not much clear or sharp as I wanted.

There is also a Children’s Play ground in Ang Mo Kio Town Garden,which is a great place for kids.


During this Christmas Holidays, we visited the Gardens by the Bay. It was nicely decorated for the Christmas. Here are some of the captures from the decorated garden.When we reached the Garden by the Bay, it was around 5pm late afternoon. I could capture few photographs of the Christmas décor before lights are on.

Gardens by the Bay

Below structure is completely decorated with sparkling lights.Scroll down! You’ll see a similar structure and how it looked like when it was dark and lights were on.
There were lot of structures,but we were tired after walking around the garden.

Below are the captures from the sparkling night.I could capture few moments of the same structure with different light effects.

View of the Marina Bay Sands from the Gardens by the Bay


Sparkling lights for Christmas at Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay


If you remember the photo I shared at the beginning of this post,below pictures are of a similar structure when the lights are on!

How about you?Did you visit any place during the Christmas holidays?


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!
May this joyful season greet you with health and happiness!

Here are some captures of Christmas decorations at the entrance of the AMK Hub,Singapore.This time their theme is ‘Candyluscious Xmas’.

 Christmas at AMK Hub

I could capture few moments and the entrance was colourful and festive with this decoration.
Have a look and enjoy! Also please check this post(http://foodcnr.com/christmas-in-the-city/) which I shared some decorations of the same location (AMK Hub) few years ago.

 Christmas at AMK Hub


 Christmas at AMK Hub



Bandstand-Singapore Botanic Gardens
Bandstand-Singapore Botanic Gardens
Singapore Botanic Garden is a must visit place in
Singapore and I really love this place. We’ve been there for few times and this
beautiful place is free to visit. No need to buy tickets. However there will be
a small charge if you visit the Orchid Garden.

Bandstand-Singapore Botanic Gardens
octagonal gazebo is known as the Bandstand. This is the highest point at the Tanglin
core site of the garden and has leveled off in around 1860.It was created to
serve as a place for bands to perform.
nowadays there are no more band performances, but a favorite place for wedding
Bandstand-Singapore Botanic Gardens

you noticed the trees around this Bandstand? This Bandstand is surrounded by a
ring of Yellow Rain Trees (Samanea saman).
This is my most attracted place in this garden and it is
a very calm and relaxing area.
Do you have any wordless Wednesday posts or not so words?Please join the fun!

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