Singapore Zoo is one of the places we visited recently and this is part 2 of my posts about Singapore Zoo and its exhibits. After watching most of the animals, we entered into the zone where we were able to watch wildlife of Africa.


There was a hut located in this wild Africa zone where visitors are able to find information on culture and wildlife of Africa.


We could see some of the ancient African weapons and shields which they used in the jungle.



In this hut,there were exhibits which gives information about the African wildlife.It was interesting to read before we actually visited the animals.



After having a glimpse on life and culture of Africa, next we headed to the zone where animals are.


African lion was in his cave in a spacious area and we were thrilled by seen him.My son’s favourite toy is his lion and he enjoyed more time by showing his lion toy to this real lion. It was a fun time for us. πŸ™‚

The lion (king of the jungle)

After the king of the jungle, then we visited to see the zebras.

With stunning black and white stripes, zebras looked nice and they were relaxing in their place and spent more time chewing grass.




Next to Zebras, we could see giraffes. It was a beautiful sight to see these inhabitants from Africa.



It was a fun day at Singapore Zoo and we ended our day at the Reinforest Kidzworld.

How was your week?Do you have any photo story to share?Please link them below.I’d like to read those.


  1. It has been a seriously long time since we visited the zoo. Seems that you and the kids had lots of fun there.

  2. To think I used to have annual pass for Singapore Zoo and visited it almost every week… But I never noticed all these details you photographed! Oh well, I was lazy and just took the tram to zip through Wild Africa most of the time.

  3. Great pictures and a cute little man. I love the Zoo. This weekend we visited another Water Park with my son as he is obsessed with swimming.

  4. beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing and joining our Oh My Heartsie Girl Wordless Wednesday Link Party. Have a great day, co-host Evija @Fromevijawithlove


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