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A Day in Johor Bahru

We enjoyed a day trip in Johor Bahru, Malaysia on 31st December making it as our year end trip for 2017!

It is a new year, new goals, new beginning and new destinations to travel. Last year was so busy for us, but we could travel to different places whenever we had free time. Although most of our trips were to Sri Lanka to see parents, it was also a great time to visit attractions in Sri Lanka!

A Day in Johor Bahru
Christmas Decorations at the City Square Mall – Johor Bahru,Malaysia

While we cannot forget our trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia during 2017, we also made few trips to nearby Johor Bahru, Malaysia for short getaways. It was the same on December 31st which we decided to visit Johor Bahru for a day trip. If we leave early from Singapore, it is easy to return back to home after spending a day in Johor Bahru. In such trips, our most of the activities include shopping, dining and play activities for the kid. Always these short trips are good for family bonding time!

A Day in Johor Bahru
Christmas Decorations with Sesame Street theme at the City Square Mall – Johor Bahru,Malaysia

As always, we travelled to Johor Bahru by bus. Our first visit was to City Square mall which is a huge shopping mall in Malaysia, Johor Bahru. Usually, in City Square Mall we find lot of free attractions for the kid.

A Day in Johor Bahru
Lot of cute items on sale at the City Square Mall – Johor Bahru,Malaysia

He simply loves to spend time among the decorations, pose with favourite characters and shop some toys for him. As it was holiday season, City Square Mall was decorated with the theme Sesame Street! Isn’t it a fantastic idea to entertain the kids?

A Day in Johor Bahru
City Square Mall – Johor Bahru,Malaysia

Kid was so happy to see the Big bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster who are his favourites from the Sesame Street Show.

Christmas Decorations at the City Square Mall - Johor Bahru,Malaysia
No more photos please!! 🙂

After spending time in City Square Mall, we headed to KOMTAR JBCC which is another shopping mall in Johor Bahru. It is the best place to entertain the kids as there are many attractions just for kids.

A Day in Johor Bahru
Christmas Decorations at the KOMTAR JBCC Mall – Johor Bahru,Malaysia

Near the Angry Birds Activity Park area, there are lots of other activities including Kiddy rides. Although my kid didn’t want to play at Angry Bird theme park yet, he loves spending his time on Kiddy Rides.

A Day in Johor Bahru
Near the Angry Birds Activity Park, KOMTAR JBCC-Johor Bahru,Malaysia
A Day in Johor Bahru
Angry Birds Activity Park, KOMTAR JBCC-Johor Bahru,Malaysia

It was same this time too. After spending some time on Kiddy rides, we again started shopping for new items.

A Day in Johor Bahru
Play area near the Angry Birds Activity Park, KOMTAR JBCC-Johor Bahru,Malaysia

From kids school supplies to my handbags, outfits we could buy interesting items from shops. From Indian food to Chinese food, there are many places to indulge in food while spending time in Johor Bahru. But, my kid’s favourite place to visit is Mc Donald, simply because of the Happy Meal and the toy he gets!

After a day full of fun and excitement, we returned home at night. Still, we will visit Johor Bahru again for the New Year 2018.We love to spend a day or two there while indulging on delicious food and spending time on salons and spa!

How did you spend your December 31st?


11@Century Hotel -Review

Johor Bahru is one of the popular destinations in Malaysia for many who live in Singapore as it is easy to access via Woodlands crossing (causeway) or via the Tuas second link. Even many tourists to Singapore take the advantage of visiting Malaysia through this link to Johor Bahru via public transport or via coach to Johor Bahru.

However as Johor Bahru is a district which covers large area, you should know few things before you book any hotel in Johor Bahru. As a frequent visitor to Johor Bahru, Malaysia I thought it is better if I share a post with some of the tips which are helpful for anyone who needs to book hotels in Johor Bahru for a weekend or for a holiday.

Things to know before you Book Hotels in Johor Bahru
Things to know before you Book Hotels in Johor Bahru
Things to know before you Book Hotels in Johor Bahru
Know the location

This is really important for you to decide the convenient hotel in Johor Bahru before you confirm. If you visit Johor Bahru city via Woodlands link, first you need to consider the hotels near Johor Bahru city. If your plan is to visit around the Johor Bahru City major attractions such as Angry Birds Activity Park or walk along Jalan Wong Ah Fook which is one of the busiest streets in Johor Bahru, you need to stay in a hotel which is near to City Centre. Johor Bahru City is popular for food & shopping and you can spend time at Komtar JBCC or City Square Mall. In our previous visits we stayed at Amansari Hotel City Center and it is really convenient if your plan is to visit around the Johor Bahru City.

Angry Birds Activity Park-Johor Bahru,Malaysia

However, if you plan shopping at KSL shopping mall, then it is not convenient if you book a hotel in Johor Bahru city. You need to find a Johor Bahru Hotel which is located near KSL shopping mall. One of our favourite hotels near KSL mall is 11@Century hotel which located 2 minutes’ walk away from the KSL Mall.

Things to KNOW before you Book Hotels in Johor Bahru
11@Century Hotel near KSL Mall, Johor Bahru,Malaysia

On the other way, if you plan visiting LEGOLAND, then you must search for hotels near Legoland as it is long distance away from Johor Bahru City.

That is why you need to know which part of Johor Bahru you are going to visit and book your hotel accordingly for a better holiday experience.

Compare the rates before you book

If you search for hotels in Johor Bahru, you will easily find many different hotels. However, these hotels come in different rates. It is always good to compare the hotel rates before you book in order to book the best Johor Bahru hotel for the price you pay. We usually use hotel booking sites such as traveloka.com as it is easier to compare the hotel rates with other details such as distance to major attractions. When you use a hotel booking site which has no booking fee, you can save from your hotel expenses which is great for any holiday. At the same time it is easy to compare and book when you use hotel booking sites such as Traveloka. A booking site with various payment methods is another advantage to book your Johor Bahru hotel as you can decide on the best and easy payment method for you.

Know the room facilities and services

Not only for Johor Bahru hotels, this tip is also valid for booking any hotel room. For better experience in your hotel stay, always check the facilities they provide for the mentioned room rate. Some hotel rooms come with free breakfast. I always find having breakfast at hotel is really convenient and it is easy to start the day without thinking of breakfast plan. You can always check other facilities such as wifi, parking and AC, Non AC rooms before you book any Johor Bahru hotel.

Capture from the Breakfast at 11@Century Hotel Johor Bahru,Malaysia


Above are the main things you need to know before you book any hotel room in Johor Bahru and when you book a hotel near to the attractions which you plan to visit, you will sure have the best holiday experience in JB (Johor Bahru)

Have you been to Johor Bahru, Malaysia? If so please share your experience with hotel accommodation there.


Melaka River walk
Melaka River

Malacca as one of the beautiful and historical places we visited in Malaysia is still in my list of places to visit again. Yes, I want to visit Malacca Malaysia again and visit the other places which we couldn’t see in our 3 days trip.(2 nights) On our first day we spent time around the Malacca Dutch square and Christ Church. Those red buildings fascinated us with historical backgrounds.


On the 2nd day we started our journey walking along the Melaka River. The river itself is not so beautiful scene for me; however it has some unique appearance with the buildings along the river which are mostly built in many years ago.

Melaka River
Melaka River

Sungai Malacca or Melaka River is also known as the ‘Venice of the East’. Those Europeans who travelled along this Melaka River started to call it as the ‘Venice of the East’ and it has historical importance in trading and other such activities.

Here are some of our findings along the Malacca riverside walk.Add these things to your Malacca attractions list when you prepare your travel plan to Meleka Malaysia.Because these are some of the must see Malacca attractions if you visit one day!

Melaka River Cruise
Melaka River
Melaka River Cruise

Cruise over Melaka River is one of the popular activities for many tourists; however we didn’t take river cruise. Instead we loved walking along the riverside. But, when we were walking along the Melaka River, we could see people who enjoyed river cruise.

Although we missed Melaka River Cruise on our previous trip to Malacca,I am eagerly waiting to try this experience in our next holiday to Malacca.

In Melaka River Cruise, you will travel by small boats along the Melaka River. This River Cruise will be about 45 minutes which covers the most of villages, churches and historic buildings along the Melaka River.

Melaka River Cruise Price range:   Adult = RM5.00 (Approximately $2)   Children = RM2.50 (May have changed now)

Beautiful Historical Buildings

Melaka River

You can watch beautiful architecture of buildings which were dated back to colonial era of Melaka. Most of These buildings are now converted to hotels or restaurants. However, these buildings added beautiful historical view to Malacca.

Fort of Malacca
Melaka Riverside attractions
Fort of Malacca

Fort of Malacca is at one end of the Malacca River and it faces the Dutch Square in another view. This Fort is one of the fascinating sites which we found in Malacca which was a great huge fort in Portuguese days.

Melaka Riverside attractions
At the Fort of Malacca
Malacca Sultanate Watermill
Melaka Riverside attractions
Malacca Sultanate Watermill

Located in the banks of the Melaka River, this Malacca Sultanate Watermill is considered as the largest watermill in Malaysia. Nowadays, it is not a functioning watermill. Instead this Melaka Watermill is a replica which reminds its proud history.

People watching
Melaka River attractions
Wedding Couple at Malacca

Well, this may not sound interesting for some of you 🙂 . But, we could actually watch and see the local life there among the many tourists. We couldn’t stay away from watching the wedding couples who had photo sessions in the historical places of Malacca.It seems Malacca is popular among locals as a photography location.

Maritime Museum of Malacca
Melaka River attractions
Maritime Museum of Malacca

The Maritime Museum of Malacca is another attraction we found in Malacca. However, this is at the end of our walk along the river.

This Maritime Museum is a huge   replica of the ‘Flora de La Mar’ which is a Portuguese ship. This Portuguese ship   sank off the coast of Malacca while they were heading to Portugese together with items which they plundered from Melaka. This Maritime Museum is also known as Muzium Samudera in Malay language.

You need to buy tickets to enter into the museum.

Dutch windmill at Melaka Town Square
Melaka attractions
Dutch windmill at Melaka Town Square

The Dutch windmill of Melaka can be a part of the attractions in Dutch square. But, we ended our riverside walk when we reached this windmill location. On one side of the street, there are plenty of street food stalls which you can try local delicacies. On the other side, it is red square or Dutch square.

We stopped near the Dutch Windmill and nowadays it looks like a garden area.

After a walk along the Melaka River, we visited the buildings and attractions of red square again. It was a fascinating tour to Malacca. I still have more memories to share from Malacca although it was a 3 day 2 nights trip.

You may like to read about the Malacca Hotel we stayed : The Emperor Hotel , Malacca

Till my next post about Malacca, please share your thought about Melaka, the historical destination of Malaysia.

Have you been to Malacca, Malaysia? If so what was your best attraction?


Exploring Malacca
Clock Tower and red buildings in Dutch Square

Malacca or Melaka which is a UNESCO heritage site full of attractions was in my destination list for a long time. Rich cultural diversity, proud historical buildings & footprints of colonial influence and of course the delicious food are the reasons to admire this historical state of Malaysia. Still this fascinating city is with colonial structures and remaining British, Dutch and Portuguese influence. If you were given few days to visit Malacca, you will first get lost because there are so many things to see in Malacca and admire. But, if you visit Malacca and to complete your trip in Malacca, you should first visit the UNESCO heritage site and see the attractions.

No, we were not there for 24 hours. Instead we spent 2 nights there and in this post I want to highlight the must see attractions in Malacca to make your holiday memorable even you left with 24 hours.

Exploring Malacca
Christ Church – Melaka

We started our journey from Christ Church Melaka which was built by Dutch. This beautiful red church is one of the landmarks in Malacca which anyone should see.

Exploring Malacca
Water Fountain – Melaka

Our next visit was to the attractions in Dutch Square which is just opposite the Christ Church. There is a beautiful water fountain at the centre of the area and there are beautiful red buildings around the Dutch square. This area is the best place to hire rickshaws which are decorated with colourful flowers.

In our visit to Melaka we saw lot of wedding couples who were taking photos with different poses. Most of them were wearing the traditional sultanate dresses.

Exploring Malacca
A wedding couple

Oliver the Bulldozer is one of the major attractions which were used before the 2nd world war. The buildings and structures are red painted and they showed the proud history of this Malaysia state.

Exploring Malacca
Oliver – The Bulldozer

We didn’t forget to read and learn bit of history on our first day in Malacca.

Exploring Malacca

Things to do in Malacca, Dutch Square   

Here are the main attractions in this small corner of the UNESCO Heritage site.

Including Christ Church Melaka, there are beautiful and historical buildings which you can see and explore in Malacca. A rickshaw tour will make your visit memorable and you can easily hire one parked near the red square .

Exploring Malacca

The bulldozer, clock tower and other buildings are the major attractions. Don’t forget to watch locals and their activities. Different cultural activities will make your visit exciting. We were glad to see wedded couples and their beautiful costumes.

Food in Malacca
Delicious food

Street food is another thing which you must not miss. Be sure to try different food during your stay because Malacca is a popular destination for Nonya food and other delicacies.

Where to stay in Malacca

There are lots of hotels in Malacca. So finding accommodation is not difficult. We stayed at Emperor Hotel ,Malacca ,which is in walking distance to major attractions.

How to reach Malacca from Singapore

If you don’t drive, then it is easy to travel by bus. There are buses which go to Malacca central and other major hotels from Singapore. You can easily book buses online to Malacca and then rest assured. In our trip to Malacca, we booked bus tickets from Busonlineticket and we didn’t face any problem. There are many buses departing from Singapore to Melaka and we booked our bus which is of Delima Express.

We could select our pick up point as we wished and reached there for the scheduled time. From Malacca central, we hired a taxi to the hotel. It was a hassle free tour.

Have you been to Malacca? Please share your experiences.

Till my next post about our Malacca holiday, please share your photo stories.



Things to KNOW before you Book Hotels in Johor Bahru
11@Century Hotel near KSL Mall

With many shops and facilities including clothes, restaurants, spa, salon and entertainment, KSL City Mall is another perfect place for a shopping trip in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Although we have visited this shopping mall few times, I still didn’t share any post in this blog.So,today is the best time for that!

This is a shopping tour from last year and we visited KSL City Mall and other shopping malls such as City Square Mall in a long weekend. Almost all the hotels in Johor Bahru was fully booked and we wanted to find a hotel which is very near to the KSL City Mall. So, we can save our time from hotel to the shopping mall.

Anyway, in our first day, we spent our night at Amansari Hotel City Centre which is located in the heart of Johor Bahru and that is a best location if you want to visit City Square Mall and Komtar JBCC. This is our 2nd stay at Amansari Hotel and it is a pretty decent hotel for a stay if you are specially on a shopping tour or such in Johor Bahru.

You can also read my Review of Amansari Hotel City Centre

11@Century Hotel,Johor Bahru,Malaysia  – Review

On the 2nd day we went to our hotel near KSL City Mall. Located very near to the KSL City Mall and with less than 10 minutes walking distance to the shopping mall and other eatery places around, 11@Century Hotel is a very spacious and relaxing place for a weekend holiday in Johor Bahru. At the time when we were booking this hotel, we had suspect about its amenities and such as there were few negative reviews posted in Agoda, the hotel booking site. But, as almost all the hotels were fully booked at that time and as it was near to KSL City Mall, we booked the hotel for a day. We do not regret about our decision and it is a pretty decent hotel with spacious rooms.

Check reviews for 11@Century Hotel,Johor Bahru.
11@Century Hotel -Review
Lobby of 11@Century Hotel

Actually we reached the hotel around 10am just after checkout from Amansari Hotel. We were in doubt of Checking in as we are earlier than there mentioned time .But, the staff was very friendly and we could check in instead our initial plan which was to keep our bags there and visit KSL Mall.

Loby of 11@Century Hotel,J

With spacious room and with beautiful interior, our Deluxe room in 11@Century Hotel gave us a warm welcome.

11@Century Hotel -Review
View of Deluxe Room ,11@Century Hotel -Johor Bahru

Bathroom was so spacious too.

11@Century Hotel -Review
11@Century Hotel Bathroom was spacious at our Deluxe room
11@Century Hotel -Review
Complementary items to welcome us!

We only had breakfast from the hotel and I can’t remember any special comments.Overall it was a normal breakfast buffet.



We first had Nasi Lemak,must try food in Malaysia.


The location is perfect if you visit for a shopping trip in KSL City Mall.

Other than restaurants and eating places inside KSL Mall, There are other shops around this hotel.

With spacious room and with beautiful interior, our Deluxe room in 11@Century Hotel gave us a warm welcome.

So, we enjoyed both inside and outside the KSL Mall by walking along the streets.

11@Century Hotel -Review

Food from near Hawker stalls

We found a place for Korean Food too.



It is all about spending a weekend in Johor Bahru!

Shopping at KSL City Mall

KSL City Mall-JB

Although I don’t have much photos, actually we had great time buying items including clothing.

Shoppind at KSL City Mall

Surprisingly I could find few items for myself. Usually I don’t find clothes for me easily as I am bit choosy.

Overall we had a great weekend till we said good bye to Johor Bahru.

Check more details of 11@Century Hotel here for your next holiday in Johor Bahru,Malaysia.

O'Boutique Suites

If you plan a golf holiday in Malaysia, then Selangor is one of the best golf destinations in the country. Even you can enjoy night golfing while your stay in Selangor.

Here are the best golf courses in Selangor which you can spend an exciting vacation while playing golf.

3 best golf courses in Selangor

#1 : Tropicana Golf & Country Resort

Located in beautiful Petaling Jaya and spreaded over 625 acre, Tropicana Golf & Country Resort is a place to spend your luxury golf holiday while enjoying other township facilities.

#2 : Kelab Golf Seri Selangor

Kelab Golf Seri Selangor is the first bona fide public golf course in Malaysia which offers golfers to enjoy this ancient and royal game in every possible way.

Located in Damansara Indah, Kelab Golf Seri Selangor Golf Club is easily accessible from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport making it a convenient golf course for tourists around the world.


#3 : Bandar Utama Golf Course

Bandar Utama is another golf course located in Petaling Jaya and welcomes guests from around the world. Nine hole golf course includes night golfing facilities and other family friendly amenities which make it a great golf course for a family holiday.

Hotels near the Golf Courses in Selangor

Once you decide on your golf holiday, then what you need is a cozy and luxury hotel to spend your time in Selangor. If you select one of the above Selangor golf courses for your golf holiday, then hotels near one Utama are more convenient.

O'Boutique Suites
O’Boutique Suites

O’Boutique Suites is one of the Petaling Jaya hotels which is strategically located near the popular golf courses, so you can stay there while enjoying a relaxing holiday playing golf. Popular village Park Restaurant is located nearby this hotel which you can easily enjoy your meal after having awesome golf session.

By selecting one of the hotels like O’Boutique Suites, which is located near to these mentioned golf courses, you will sure have memorable and cozy holiday in Selangor.

Reasons to Book Your Next Hotel Rooms with Hotelhut.com

Selangor is one of the states in Malaysia which is full of tourist attractions. If you visit Malaysia, Selangor, these tips will help you to select your hotel. With our experience in Malaysia, it is always better to select the hotel according to your travel plan. If it is a holiday mainly for shopping, then select your hotel near the major shopping mall. If you go for visit attractions, then select your accommodation near attractions. Anyway, read on! Here are my tips for you to select your perfect hotel in Selangor.

Find your hotel near the attractions

Location is one of the important things to consider when you book a hotel for your holiday in Selangor Malaysia. If you select your hotel in Selangor near the major attractions, you will save time on travelling. That will allow you to enjoy most of the time visiting the attractions.

Selangor is with lot of tourist attractions from shopping malls to amusement parks. However, we cannot forget the Sunway Lagoon amusement park in Petaling Jaya which is one of the must visit attractions in Selangor. When you look for hotels in Selangor, Sunway hotels or hotels in Bandar Sunway are perfect because you will spend more time in this major attraction. Other than the waterplay area, you will spend more time shopping at Sunway Pyramid which is the adjacent shopping mall. For all these activities, a hotel near Sunway lagoon is a perfect choice.

Tips to Find the Best Hotels in Selangor,Malaysia

Check your budget

Same as for any other destination, consider your budget and the hotel room rates when you book your Selangor hotels. Usually you will find hotels with affordable rates in Malaysia, Selangor. If you are tight in budget, you can even stay in a budget hotel. Otherwise there are luxury resorts too.

Check the amenities

Some hotels include facilities such as breakfast, laundry and even kids friendly areas. If you are particular about smoking or non-smoking rooms, pet friendly hotels or even if there are any other choices, check before you confirm your booking. That will allow you to stay comfortable in your preferred hotel in Selangor.

Tips to Find the Best Hotels in Selangor,Malaysia

Check the Reviews of hotels in Selangor

From the reviews and recommendations of others who stayed in the same place, you can get some idea about the hotel you are going to book in Selangor. Anyway, I found W Studio Resort Suites as a comfortable luxury hotel in Selangor which is located near to Sunway Lagoon with lot of luxury facilities and amenities. It is located next to the major shopping hub in Selangor making your holiday shopping easy. You can find details of this hotel at their website at wstudio.com.my. May be this is the perfect Petaling Jaya hotel for you.

I hope these tips are helpful for you to book your hotel accommodation in Selangor for the next holiday.

Reasons to Visit Johor Bahru

If you ask me the reasons to visit Johor Bahru, the capital of the Johor state of Malaysia, I will tell lot of reasons. May be you better ask me why not to visit Johor Bahru. Then I will tell you few or no reasons. The reason is that we love to visit Johor Bahru. It is one of our favourite destinations whenever we have free time.
I don’t know how many times we visited Johor Bahru, but still we plan trips to this amazing town whenever there is a long weekend or holiday. With a causeway connecting Singapore and Malaysia, it is really easy to travel to Johor Bahru from Singapore. Anyway, here are my reasons to visit Johor Bahru if you visit Malaysia.

To Enjoy Shopping

Yes, shopping is one of our main reasons to visit Johor Bahru. There are shopping malls such as City Square Mall and newly opened Komtar JBCC. You can easily buy branded clothes for a bargain price. Other than clothes, there are lot of accessories, baby items and even food items which you can buy in these shopping malls.

Reasons to Visit Johor Bahru
Johor Bahru is a shopping paradise!

The KSL mall is about 15 minutes taxi ride away and a paradise for those who love shopping. Johor premium outlet is another place to shop till you drop!

To Try Delicious Food

Johor Bahru-Malaysia

If you talk about Johor Bahru, and if you don’t talk about the delicious food they have to offer, your story is not completed. For that much, Johor Bahru is a popular destination for delicious food. Be it Malay, Chinese, Indian or even western, you’ll find lot of food choices when you are there. We even buy some food and sweets when we return back to Singapore.

It is easy to travel

Well, if you travel from another country other than Singapore, you may need to take a flight. But for those who live in Singapore, it is a few hours bus ride. It is really easy to reach Johor Bahru by bus and the bus service is good and we don’t have any complains.

It is cheap & affordable

It is cheap doesn’t mean Johor Bahru is for those who seek for cheap rates and bargains for poor quality. But considering the expenditures for any holiday, a Johor Bahru Holiday is affordable. We travel by bus or taxi, so we don’t have to pay for air tickets. When we reach Johor Bahru, we take a taxi to visit other places such as KSL Mall, but rates are very low when we compare the exchange rate of Dollars into Malaysian Ringgit. Whatever you shop or whatever the services you receive such as spa, massage or anything, you will pay by Malaysia Ringgit. It is really affordable.

Reasons to Visit Johor Bahru
There are activities and attractions for both adults and kids

Above are some of our reasons to visit JB or Johor Bahru. Other than the above reasons, there are many reasons to visit Johor Bahru such as visiting Spa, Beauty Salon or even to visit the attractions.

Where to stay in Johor Bahru?

You will find different accommodation types in Johor Bahru ranging from Budget hotels to luxury hotels. Most of these hotels are fully booked when it is a long weekend or a holiday. So, it is better to search for a hotel to stay and book before you reach Johor Bahru. We’ve spent in few hotels in Johor Bahru and our experience is so far so good.

If you look for hotels in Johor Bahru,you can also check i-Hotel.Currently they offer discounts when you book online from their website at http://www.i-hotel.com.my/johor-bahru-hotel.

We are frequent travellers to Johor Bahru, Malaysia during most weekends. Few weeks ago In a long weekend, we spent two days in Johor Bahru and enjoyed our time with some shopping and activities.

Komtar JBCC is the newly opened shopping mall in Johor Bahru, and there is also a Angry Birds Activity Park. Actually we wanted to spend some time there with our son. When we visited there, it looked like crowded with active kids and they were having lot of fun. Our son didn’t show much attraction, so we didn’t buy tickets to Angry Birds Activity Park. Instead here is our sons favorite Play Area near Angry Birds Activity Park at Komtar JBCC

Play Area Near Angry Birds Activity Park at Komtar JBCC

These cars and other vehicles are outside the Angry Birds Activity Park and you have to use coins for a ride. However, these are intending to kids over some age. (As I remember, kids over 3 years.(not sure though) )


However, we didn’t want to worry about age or a ride. Because; in this play area, he enjoyed his time just by walking around the car and just by turning the steering wheel.


These are some of the captures while he was playing. It was almost night time and he was bit sleepy too.And did you notice the rubber toys in his hand?These are his favorite toys and wherever we go,he has few of these toys in his hand. 🙂

Angry Birds Activity Park-Komtar-JBCC-Johor-Bahru
Angry Birds Activity Park-Johor Bahru,Malaysia

Below capture is just the ceiling.I just like these lights and shades.These are so colourful and nice for kids play area.

Angry Birds Activity Park-Komtar-JBCC

How was your week?Please share any photo post below.I’d love to read those.

We spent a weekend in Johor Bahru, Malaysia during the May 1st weekend and I was lucky enough to watch the sunrise through the hotel room window. The room we stayed faced to the city. Although it is not a beautiful city view from the window, this morning sunrise was wonderful to watch.
Sunrise at Johor Bahru
Sunrise at Johor Bahru, 6.57am


Sunrise at Johor Bahru
Sunrise at Johor Bahru 7.18am

Please share your photo story this week.

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