Malaysia is popular for its skyscrapers and once the tallest building, the KL twin towers. Other than these landmarks, there are high-rise buildings that feature modern architecture. KL tower is another landmark in Kuala Lampur.

We were on a quick business trip to Malaysia and it was just a 2night stay. Though we didn’t get a chance to visit around, I didn’t want to come back empty hands without travel photos. These murals found at Berjaya Times Square are a great finding from our KL visit. We had a great time in Kuala Lampur (KL), the capital of Malaysia although it was fully packed with work-related activities.

On our last day, it was after 6 pm when I completed my tasks there and we had to return to Singapore by a night flight. We had to travel for around 1 hour to Kuala Lampur International Airport Terminal 2 (KLIA2) and it was a great time to watch the sky and sunset.

KL-Malaysia-Sky views

I captured These photos while I was in a moving taxi. But, the photos are still worth sharing with sky views and skyscrapers I found along the way to KLIA2.

KL-Malaysia-Sky views
Almost, time to watch the sunset
We are almost at the airport. The sky view was beautiful

Skyscrapers & sky views from our room

Below are views from our room. We stayed at Berjaya Times Square Hotel.

Warisan Merdeka Tower

I was fortunate to view the world’s second-tallest structure, Warisan Merdeka Tower from our room. Although it is not a close picture, this building stands as a giant among other skyscrapers.

Warisan Merdeka Tower
Warisan Merdeka Tower

Currently, Warisan Merdeka Tower, or the Merdeka PNB118 is the tallest skyscraper in Malaysia. Its height is 644 meters and, it is a 118-storey skyscraper.

We had a pleasant trip to Malaysia although it was a business trip. I will share our travelogue soon.

Till that, let me know your thoughts. Do you like to watch the sky? Do you like Skyscrapers?

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  1. Beautiful views. Yes I like skyscrapers, very much. When I was in high school back in the 70’s I got to visit Mexico City and went up to Torre Latinoamerica which was the highest tower in Mexico City at the time (It’s now 17th tallest). I love tall buildings.
    When I was in the natural gas business I met several people from Malaysia and they were very proud of the Petronas towers. It’s amazing to me how the technology on high buildings continues to develop.

  2. We certainly don’t have buildings so high in my city and we are the second biggest city in the country. That Warisan Merdeka Tower looks amazing!


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