Unique places to see in Malaysia
Unique places to see in Malaysia

Malaysia holds much more excitement than its Southeast Asian counterparts.  One need not travel far to get a unique experience and enjoy an unconventional holiday. Those crowded street markets, aroma of delicious food and colorful cultural festivals keep the travelers busy and excited. Stay at A+ Boutique Hotel to take your excitement and experience to a whole new level. You would never be far away from the Malaysian cities that hold some unexpected attractions.

Let us take a look at what makes Malaysia unique and what unique attractions it has to offer to its visitors.

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

Unique places to see in Malaysia

Visit the Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and learn how you can adopt a baby Orangutan. The center which was built in 1964 rehabilitates orphaned orangutans. Watch the daily routines of orangutans and see how they behave in their natural habitat.

Sekinchan for luxurious paddy fields

The beachside village of Sekinchan will simply take your breath away. It means the land of fish and rice and very aptly too. Wherever you look, you see the endless carpet of brilliant green paddy fields. Explore the seafood street here known for a vast variety of seafood. Head for Pantai Padang beach to enjoy the beach as well as fresh fruits and juices. The beach is also famous for its raw oysters. Make a wish at the tree entangled with red ribbons.

The massive spread of Boh tea plantation

Spread across acres and acres of land, this is the largest tea plantation in Southeast Asia. Loaded with natural beauty all its own, the plantation was set up in 1929 by a British businessman. Today, the plantation has expanded to one of the largest tea-growing sites in Cameron Highlands. You would love being here because of the cool climate and the rich soil of the 8,000 acres of the Boh tea plantation.

Unique places to see in Malaysia

Nan Tian Temple a “Southern Paradise”

As the largest Buddhist temple, Nan Tian Temple focuses on the exchange of eastern and western cultures. Well adapted to the local communities, the temple encourages the interchange of the traditional and the modern. Sekinchan hotel is very near to Nan Tian Temple and offers you the best accommodation. It is located very near to a variety of restaurant options, be it drinks and nightlife. Forget your shopping and hunger worries if staying in the hotel.

Explore the Niah Caves

Niah Caves in Sarawak are located in the East Malaysia and one of the oldest human settlement here. The archaeological findings and cave paintings date back to 40,000 years. Explore the caves to have a look at the majestic network of limestone. Do not miss the opportunity to explore the world-famous caves that are located just two hours from Sarawak.

Kuching Cat Museum

The museum takes the history of cats very seriously and houses 2,000 different artifacts related to cates. You will find strange cat headstones, mummified Egyptian cats, and other historical exhibits. The Cat Museum makes for a very Interesting visit and recounts bizarre superstitions around the animal. You will see porcelain cats and large fang doorways beside the stuffed cats.

Climb Gunung Mulu Mountain

Head towards the Pinnacle of Gunung Mulu that looks a gruesome and impressive and in an alien landscape made up of sharp rock spires. The jungle looks like spikes of the angry earth. Once you make to the top of the mountain, you get rewarded with one of the most stunning views in the world. Those formation hidden so far up the mountain are relatively untouched by man and seem like a bit of topography.   You encounter not just the grueling terrain along the way but also come across pitcher plants and toucans.


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