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It is always common that we would like to save from travel expenses, but still we need to maintain the quality of travel plan including the best accommodation. Among methods on saving from travel costs, HopRocket is in the lead by providing discounts for its members.

So, what is HopRocket Travel?

HopRocket is a place where you can get members only discounts on any travel related products including luxury accommodation worldwide. Be it a booking of a luxury hotel, renting a car or even a vacation cruise, with HopRocket membership, you will get great discounts and when you search for any product or service, it will show the lowest possible rates.

How do you get discounts at HopRocket travel?

If you think how you get so many discounts when booking with HopRocket travel, it is really simple. HopRocket also work as other major travel booking engines. However, in HopRocket they pass the wholesale rate for you without adding any mark up. In this way, members of hoprocket travel club get the lowest possible rate for their products or services with a small membership fee. Paying this small membership fee is reasonable when consider the savings you can gain from getting services at wholesale rates.

Save more with HopPoints

Hop Points are a great way to save money for your membership fee. For every dollar you spend, you will receive one HopPoint. These HopPoints are redeemable when you book any service and your final rate will be even lower after redeeming your HopPoints.

Try it free with HopPass of value $200


Now, it is time to check it out. Visit and get your free membership. No commitment or purchase is required. You will get your free HopPass with $200 true value. You can simply spend this $200 when you book any travel product or service in hoprocket travel club.


Remember, your free membership with HopPass allows you full access to HopRocket travel club for 30 days.If you decide to keep your membership after 30 days free access, simply you can continue your membership by paying joining fee.
Simply, travelling is more enjoyable when we can save more.So, HopRocket Travel club is a great way to enjoy more savings with wholesale price booking.

Then why are you wait?Visit and claim your free HopPass worth $200.

Travel for less with HopRocket Travel!



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