Starting over,overseas Everything you need to know about relocating abroad

Starting over overseas is a book I read recently. As a person who loves reading, I really enjoyed this book and continued reading till the end. Basically, the book is about relocating overseas, how to settle for a new life and how to find a job there etc. While reading this book, I reminded most of my past days. This book reminded me of how I left Sri Lanka, how we made that hard decision to leave Sri Lanka and the first few years of our life in Singapore. At that time, we didn’t have any experience of relocating to another country. But we faced it. It was a challenge to relocate to another country without any clue. But, I wish I had some information at that time to face the challenges.

Travel Book Review: Starting over,Overseas-Everything you need to Know about Relocating Abroad

Now here is my review of the book ‘Starting over, overseas’.

This book is written well in a way that arouses the reader to continue to the next chapter. The author shares his actual experiences and mistakes throughout the book with actions and advice to avoid these mistakes. These real-life experiences are really helpful for anyone who is willing to relocate to any country. Not only for those who are willing to relocate, but this book is also helpful for those who travel to new countries for holidays.
For example, there is a whole chapter about scams in which you can be trapped in any country. The author shares these scams with his real experiences whenever possible. At the same time, he gives advice and tips on how to avoid such situations if you are trapped. Not only how to act in such situations, he also shares how to prevent scams. These preventing tips are very useful for both travellers and for those who are willing to relocate to another country. Actually, this book is very informative and I really didn’t expect to hear such scams in other countries.

Overall, this book is a very helpful and informative piece of advice for anyone who wants to relocate or those who travel to other countries for a short holiday. I especially like the author’s effort in sharing tips and advice for women travellers. He shares possible things to happen for women travellers in another country including how to avoid.

At the end of this book, the author shares helpful links for resources including how to find details of any country, find a job, learn a new language etc. This resources page is really helpful as these are recommended with his experience. If you are looking for relocating, these tips and resources are really helpful to make the process smooth.

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