Things to do in Bintan Island, Indonesia

Are you planning your next holiday in Bintan Island of Indonesia?For those who stay in Singapore,Bintan is one of the most visit destinations throughout the year due to many reasons.Good food,leisure activities and shopping opportunities are some of the reasons to visit Bintan for a quick getaway.While you can book a resort and enjoy a holiday full of leisure activities there are many things to do in Bintan island, Indonesia.You can also check our 3D2N Bintan itinerary from our recent trip with the kid.

The capital city of Riau Island (province) is the second-largest city of province. Sub located in Bintan Island, the place is traditional, historical, and inviting. Let’s roll into the streets of Tanjung Pinang and explore the things to do in Bintan island.

Vihara Avalokitesvara Graha

Guan Yin Temple

No place is complete without its history. The history of Tanjung Pinang has both Chinese and Indian stamp upon it. One great example of the historical background is the grand statue of Goddess of Mercy exhibited at Guan Yin Temple (Another name of Vihara Avalokitesvara Graha). The 16.m tall sculpture is dipped in 22-carat gold and is a real treat for the visitors. The temple is studded with statues of other Buddhist God and Goddess and is a place of dignity for Buddhism followers.

Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva

Indian and Chinese merchants inhabited Bintan Island and left a signature stamp upon the town. This can be visualized in the temple of 500 statues “500 Lohan Temple”. A series of iconic statues of Buddhist Monks are on the display. The temple is of spiritual importance and is a great reiteration of the country’s motto “Unity in Diversity”.

Trikora Beach

In the Eastern part of Tanjung, a wide stretch of white crystal beach with mountains backdrop is the most scenic thing in the town. One comes across the “kelongs” (fish traps) used by fishermen to catch fishes. There are some open for visitors also to have some fishing memories. Stroll across the long stretch or plan some beach sports. The beach is all yours.

Tanjung Pinang City Center-Ultimate Shopping Hit

Tanjung Pinang City Center
Tanjung Pinang City Center

One of the mega shopping treats is on the board saving both Indonesian and Foreign brands. Holding the honor of the largest and modern mall of the town, it has activity in store for all age groups. Knock upon the Cinema XXI to enjoy your favorite movie or let your children do the fun in the playing arcade.

Various activities are arranged on the weekends including karate championships, concerts with electric music, and beauty contests. The Mall is arranged in 3 layers with the shopping brands on upper floors and Hypermart in the basement.

Grotto Santa Maria

Located upon the hill and encircled by trees and flowers, the place is religiously inviting. Also known as Cave of Santa Maria, the tourist spot needs some energy to be uncovered. The trail hosts 14 statues known as “14 Stations of Cross” that reveal a complete description of the life of Jesus. 

The alleyway of Ave Maria leads down into the wreath of trees and flowers which open the path to the cave. The statue of Mother Mary dipped in ivory tint is standing upright with praying hands beside a small church. The venue gets crowded on Sundays due to religious gatherings.

Penyenget Island

Count your steps towards this small yet amazing Island. Packed with history, culture, traditions, and scenic views, the place is a perfect fusion of Dutch and Javanese lineages.  Take a boat ride and get landed within 20 minutes.

The 2 km long island is studded with museums, ruins, and mosques. The most attractive place of this mini island is Mosque Raya Sultan Riau Penyengat. It has been speculated that the building is made out of egg whites which give an iconic sturdy figure. A 150 years Old Quran can be viewed and read in the Mosque.

Ramayana Mall

Ramayana Mall Bintan

The next place to shop is the Ramayana Mall. Although, it is the oldest in the city yet it has preserved its essence and traditional stamp. The upper floors are perfect for shopping offering the widest range of clothes, shoes, and souvenirs. The place is economical due to the local brands on display. A book store is also in store for book lovers.

Spa treatment and fascinating bowling alley are there to spice up your fun time. The aroma of the food will attract you to the basement where a splendid menu is waiting for you.

Food Treats

Bintan Local food

The trip cannot get completed without savoring the favorites of Indonesian food. “The Kelongs Seafood Restaurant” situated by the Sea release the aroma of both Chinese and Indonesian cuisine with the panoramic views of the South China Sea. “Sam’s Anna Food Restaurant” has fried fish, crispy crabs, and buttered prawns served with fried garlic. “Dino Bistro” has mushroom soup in store (Mushroom-Cappuccino) along with Asian flavors of Western Dishes.

Among the most inviting dishes of Indonesia, Gonggong has no competitor. It is a sea snail that can be eaten as steamed or boiled with traditional spices and pineapple. Otak-Otak served as grilled fish packed up in banana leaves is worth your Indonesian Rupiah.

Have you been to Bintan or any other part of Indonesia?


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