lag is something that most travelers don’t like to talk about. It affects travelers
in different way, most of the time the common symptoms are fatigue, broken
sleep and fuzziness. These common symptoms of jet lag may affect your trip and
will disturb you to enjoy your holiday for the fullest .Some travelers are able
to get recover soon within a day, but some fail to recover fast from these

of the main reasons for jet lag is difference in time zones. If you take a long
time flight, this happen to you when flight crosses the different time
zones.However,if you follow some few simple rules, you can easily reduce the
symptoms of jet lag and enjoy your trip.
are the tips which are helpful for avoiding jet lag.
overnight flights.
possible, try to fly in an overnight flight. By doing so, you will be able to
take your dinner for the usual time and have a good sleep. Most of the cases, you
will be able to reach the destination in a morning. Since you had a good sleep
and since you arrive the destination in a day time, it helps you to reduce the effects
of jet lag.
a good sleep on the flight
you travel overnight or if you travel from different time zones, this is an
important tip. It is always tiring if your trip is a long journey. But if you
have a enough rest, then it is easier for your body to adjust with jet lag.
plenty of fluids
hydrated. It is always a good way to prevent dehydration. By drinking lot of
water you can avoid jet lag and also it is helpful to prevent air sickness. Also
try to prevent food that will make your body dehydrated. Food items such as
salty food, coffee and alcohol will make your body complicated and dehydrated. Therefore
try to avoid these food items.
Try  Melatonin
is a nonprescription drug. It is function is to set the body with its time
clock. Usually melatonin is popular among many travelers as a remedy to avoid
jet lag.
hormone helps you to control your sleep and wake cycles. You can easily buy it
in most online shops such as especially if
you look for melatonin in UK or Europe.
above are some of the tips which are helpful to fight with jet lag. Try these
tips before you depart for the holidays. Hope you will be able to have an
enjoyable vacation without jet lag.


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