The 5 Days and 5 Cities European Tour

Traveling Europe has never been easier, with the European Union (EU) allowing adventurers to cross borders with ease. Home to some of the planet’s most astounding cultures and civilizations, Europe’s cities present a plethora of opportunities for visitors, from Paris’ Eiffel Tower to the British Museum in London.

Enjoy a European Experience in Just a Few Days

Covering just 4,000,000 square miles, Europe is slightly bigger than Australia, making it the world’s second-smallest continent. Although small in size, it more than makes up for its lack of land coverage with its rich culture, attractions and population. Home to over 740 million people, Europe has made a significant impact on the world. The Industrial Revolution and the Renaissance are just two examples of the many historical events that have taken place on European soil and shaped the future of the world as we know it.

European TourDid you know that the most-visited place in all of Europe is Disneyland, Paris? Some more fun facts about Europe are that croissants were originally invented in Austria, Greenland is the world’s largest island and London’s escalators travel a distance equal to traveling around the circumference of the Earth… twice.

Get a glimpse into Europe’s fascinating past and discover all it has to offer on a five-day tour of five must-visit cities. Below, we highlight some of the most sought-after European travel destinations, of which you can discover in five days with a well-executed travel plan:

1. Brussels, Belgium – History enthusiasts will be in their element exploring Brussels, where the nightlife scene is pumping throughout the week and the the locals will treat you like locals. Kids and adults alike will have a blast inspecting miniature European attractions at Mini-Europe. Statues are sprinkles around the city, such as the 17th-century Mannekin Pis – a bronze statue of a young boy peeing! Spend an afternoon admiring the Art Nouveau architecture at The Horta Museum, The Autrique House and The Max Hallet House, before winding down with some Belgian beer inside a cozy pub. What else makes Brussels special? Aside from being an art nouveau playground, the city streets conceal cute little jazz clubs and quirky landscaped parks.

2. Geneva, Switzerland – Enclosed by the Jura mountains and the snow-capped Alps mountain range, the city of Geneva is steeped in local tradition. Enjoy local entertainment in the form of live music from yodellers and country music bands. Uniquely formed amidst Lake Thun and Lake Brienz’ vibrant emerald waters, Geneva offers hiking opportunities for anyone who is keen to reach one of the Bernese Alps major summits, which is the Jungfrau peeking above the clouds at 4,158 meters.

3. Paris, France – One of the most romantic cities on the planet, Paris is home to magnificent landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. And the Louvre Art Museum. To make the most of a day spent in this European city, consider arranging a private tour. You can witness a lot in a short space of time if you plan wisely. Recommended points of interest worth including in your Paris itinerary include Disneyland Paris, Notre-Dame de Paris and Tuileries Garden. Some other sights that lure in millions of travelers every year are the Place de la Concorde and Grand Palais.

European Tour4. London, England – You are in for a treat if you include London in your European tour. Home to landmarks like Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament, the bustling metropolis is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. Every year, over 19 million tourists descend on the concrete jungle, making London one of the most-visited cities in Europe, not to mention the rest of the world. Be sure to attend one of the circus or opera shows that take place in London’s extravagant entertainment venues, such as the Royal Opera House. Oh, and make sure you spend a starlit evening strolling alongside the River Thames.

5. Barcelona, Spain – Since flights from London to Barcelona are cheap and quick (the travel time is usually no longer than four hours,) the idea of visiting this charming city in Spain will surely be tempting. The urban landscape is a mish-mash of striking Medieval buildings, cobblestoned markets and sculptural masterpieces. You will find a Gaudi-designed church in Barcelona (the Sagrada Familia) and the seaside just a short drive away in a neighborhood called La Barceloneta

European TourPlanning in Advance of Your European Tour

Do something today that your future self will thank you for, such as by planning your trip around Europe in advance! The early bird catches the worm and this will certainly be the case if you know how to converse with the locals. Earning the respect of local residents in the cities you choose to visit could get you on a friendly basis, so read a language phrase book or research languages online to grasp the basics.

Installing an application on your phone, such as, will aid you in getting the most out of your schedule. You might also consider visiting the tourism websites for the cities you intend on exploring.Pack clothing that is appropriate for the weather, get your currencies exchanged and arranged, oh, and don’t forget your passport.

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