Phuket, the beautiful island in Thailand is a popular destination for travelers around the world. Also known as the pearl of the Andaman Sea, this tropical island boasts to have amazing sceneries, beautiful resorts, villas and more activities for its visitors. All these exciting features ranging from coral beaches to green mountains, each year Phuket attracts many tourists from around the world. If you plan a trip to Phuket, then definitely it is worth to prepare before you reach the destination.
Among other things to plan before you reach Phuket, such as flight, hotel and things to do while you are in Phuket, one of the important things is Phuket Airport transfer. If you plan properly and if you have some idea about airport transfer services and facilities, definitely it is a good start for your holiday.
You will find several options to reach your destination or hotel from the Phuket airport. Below are some possible ways of airport transfer from Phuket.

By Meter Taxi

This is a popular method of airport transfer among many tourists. It is really easy to find a meter taxi in Phuket. Once you come outside the custom, you will find the taxis. However, make sure that the taxi is with a meter and it is on.

Hire a car or van with Driver

Although you may need to pay a bit more than a meter taxi, with a hired car you assure your safety and comfort during your travel. Most of these hired vehicles are clean, comfortable and with air condition. Importantly, the drivers are polite and they will also give you some information about the country if needed. With a Phuket Transfer service, you can easily book a vehicle according to your requirements and number of passengers .If you travel as a whole family, a van is better as you have your belongings too. But if you are a couple or a small family, then go for a car.
Not only for the Airport Transfer, you can also use a Phuket Transfer service to go around the island to see the Phuket attractions.

Minibus services

This is something like door to door shared taxis. However it is a good value if you concern about your budget. You will get to your destination faster and they will charge you according to the number of seats you occupy.
However, these minibuses will stop at a travel agent and ask you about the hotel. If you don’t have a hotel booked, they will also propose a hotel which is little bit annoying sometimes. But, you don’t need to book their hotel, instead inform them about the one you’ve booked already. Then the travel agent will inform the place to the driver and then the driver will drop you off at the hotel which you have booked.
Above are some of the available options to transfer from the Phuket Airport. For a better holiday experience, it is good to plan the transfer method before you reach Phuket. Then you will be able to save time and enjoy a stress free holiday.