Olbia Airport Transfer
is an Italian city located in the north east of Sardinia. The city has been a
major port in Sardinia since the Roman Era and an important city for the
touristic development of the peninsula. The main sights in Olbia are: National
Archeology Museum, the San Simplicio cathedral and the medieval church St. Paul
Apostle. Besides these, Oblio is situated near the famous Costa Smeralda
touristic destination. According to a study released by a famous real estate
company, Costa Smeralda is the most expensive destination in Europe. Costa
Smeralda is a popular tourist attraction among celebrities, important
businessmen and other affluent people. It is best known for its white sand
beaches, luxury hotels and expensive services.

can get to Costa Smeralda by plane, by flying to Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport,
or by ferry from Genoa or Livorno in Italy. In case you choose to travel by
plane, Olbia airport taxi transfer is
worth trying. Maybe Olbia airport is not one of the busiest airports in Italy
and means of transport from the airport to the central Olbia can be pretty easy
to find, but Olbia airport transfer
helps you discharge of any uncertainty; you will feel safer knowing that
someone will wait for you at the airport, helping you with the luggage. That
thing is possible, because the driver appointed by Olbia airport taxi company to pick you up will be there, waiting
for you.  Whether you travel alone or
with your family, airport transfer companies provide comfortable and suitable
transfer for you, giving you the opportunity to choose the type of car most
suitable for you.
can require the private airport transfer to any destination, either to the
center of the city or to the famous Costa Smeralda.  The fare of the transfer can be either per
car or per person, but all the charges and fees will be displayed at the moment
you make the reservation. You will not pay anything additionally, but if you
want to give some tips to the driver, you are free to do so; that’s not
journey from the airport to the central Olbia isn’t supposed to last very much,
but it could take longer due to traffic deviations or jams; in that case some
companies don’t offer any supplements, so read carefully the company policy
concerning the fare for Olbia airport transfer.


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