Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is one of the most beautiful attractions in Singapore. I’ve visited this Bird Park few times and never get bored anytime among the beautiful and colourful birds. Recently, when one of my friends visited Singapore, I had the opportunity to visit the Jurong Bird Park again. Yes, I love to host my close friends who visit Singapore for short holidays. That is why I visit the major Singapore attractions few times a year. 🙂

Jurong Bird Park

Inside the Jurong Bird Park, you will be amazed with the wonderful collection of birds of different species. However, not only visiting and watching the birds, there are also special attractions and events which you can participate. When you are prepared, it is always easy to attend at least few of the major attractions of this bird park.

Jurong Bird Park

Here are some of the major attractions and things to do at the Singapore Jurong Bird Park. We enjoyed our day among the beautiful and colourful birds and we hope you will enjoy too!

Major attractions and things to do at the Singapore Jurong Bird Park

Visit the Penguin Coast


Wow! We entered into the Penguin Coast and kids loved their experiences. You will see nearly 100 penguins of 5 species and will never find a dull moment among them.

Watch the beauties at the Flamingo Pool

Jurong Bird Park

Our next attraction was Flamingo pool. These colourful and cheerful birds not only made us cheerful, they also created beautiful backdrops for our photos.

Jurong Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park
Jurong Bird Park

Catch a show

Jurong Bird Park

There are several shows which you can watch with your family or the travel group. That’s one of the interesting things we enjoyed during our bird park tour.

Take a tram tour

Jurong Bird Park

Instead of walking around the Jurong Bird Park, you can ride on a tram which is really interesting. It will stop near major attractions of the bird parking making it convenient to cover the all attractions.

Last tram departs from Main tram station at 5.30 pm

Visit the African Waterfall Aviary

Jurong Bird Park

Do you know that the world’s largest walk-in aviary is in Singapore? And the waterfall in this African Waterfall Aviary is known as one of the world’s largest man made waterfalls. So don’t forget to visit the African Waterfall Aviary during your visit to Jurong Bird Park.

Jurong Bird Park

Feed the Lories at Lory Loft

Jurong Bird Park

This is my favourite activity in the birds park. Feeding Lories was really interesting and enjoyable. We bought food for Lories at the entrance of the Lory Loft and wanted to buy few more. This is one of the unique attractions in Singapore Bird Park which you should not miss!

Jurong Bird Park

Above are some of the major activities which we enjoyed during our recent visit to the Jurong Bird Park. Plan your visit before you enter into the bird park, so you can easily cover all the star attractions within one day!

Jurong Bird Park

Important tips and information for visiting Singapore Jurong bird park

singapore jurong bird park

How to get there:

Nearest MRT is Jurong MRT. You can hire a taxi from Jurong MRT. Or you can reach the Jurong Bird Park by Taxi itself.


Prepare for lot of photographs.

In a sunny day, it can be really hot. So, bring your caps and sunscreen, sunglasses for a better experience.

Get your bird park map at the entrance for an easy tour.

Jurong Bird Park timings:

Opening hours :

Bird Park opening: daily 8.30 am to 6.00 pm

Lory Loft : 9 am -5 pm (daily)

 Jurong Bird Park Entrance fee:

Please check https://www.birdpark.com.sg/ for more details.


  1. Love, love your images. I read about this park a long time ago (I think it was in the National Geographic magazine) and have wanted to visit since then. I like that you take your visitors there.

  2. I love birds! I went to a bird show in Roccamadour (France, Lot-region) last year and it was amazing. They didn’t have exotic birds though, but maybe that’s for the best. Nice pictures, especially those from those colored birds you were able to feed!

  3. Wow!!! This bird park in Singapore looks amazing. I love all the beautiful birds and feel like it would be so much fun to feed the Lories. I also love penguins and would love to explore the penguin exhibit. Thanks for the lovely picture and your friends are lucky to have someone like you to show them around singapore.

  4. Your Pictures ar amazing, great shots! What camera do you use? The bird park looks cool, will put it on my list of Things to do in Singapore. never been there, but it is on my list (my list is way too long thou).

  5. My girls and I visited a bird park last year and loved it! Our favorite part was hand feeding the birds. We can’t wait to go back. Lovely photos Amila, all the birds look so colorful and beautiful.


  6. I just visited JBP very recently too, after my 1st visit more than 20 years ago? HAHA! I love those penguins! Managed to catch their feeding time and they’re so adorable! The swan lake is very disappointing though, there’s only like 3 swans in the entire lake? Did you catch the bird show? I found the condors very adorable too! They’re not the cutest bird, but the way they wobble around is kind of entertaining to watch!

  7. These are lovely!!! I would like to see these birds! I hope one day our family could visit Singapore. I will take note of this place. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful pictures!

  8. I visited this park in 2008! This park is just near my relatives’ place in Singapore. My favorite part was the ones for the Flamingos! They are so colorful!

  9. Looks gorgeous! I’d love to visit there when I go to Singapore. I wish I can go there summer 2018. I’ve never been in Asia but there seems to be so many beautiful things to see! 🙂

  10. I went to this park when I went to Singapore also. I enjoyed looking at the different birds. I’m sure my kids would love to see this place also. This will be on our list when we have our vacation in Singapore in the future.

  11. Hello, Amila
    The bird park looks like fun, I would love to visit. So many beautiful birds and the waterfall is beautiful too.
    Wonderful photos and post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a great weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.


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