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Do you know your rights on claiming for delayed flights? Under EC Regulation 261/2004, (a European Union (EU) law), every passenger has rights to claim for their delayed flights. As per EC Regulation 261/2004, there are common rules that help passengers who are supposed to transport from EU to another country, flights within EU or with EU airlines.When you read reviews such as these Airhelp reviews you can easily learn more details on passenger rights and how you can claim and get compensated for your delayed flights.

Possible Occurrences for Flight Delays Compensation Claims

Under this act, passengers are able to claim for the flight delays. However, you have right to claim for a financial compensation only if the airline is responsible for the delay. If the flight delay is due to ‘act of God’, then you are not entitled to claim for financial compensation for your flight delay, but your airline still has a ‘duty of care’ towards their passengers. That is your flight should take measures to take care of passengers with necessities at the event like refreshments, accommodation if necessary or phone calls etc.

What are under ‘Acts of God’?

If the flight delay is due to ‘acts of God’, you cannot claim financial flight delay compensation from the airline. Possible ‘acts of God’ are strike, bad weather and technical problems which airline could not foresee.

How to Claim Delayed Flight Compensation?

Once you found your right to claim compensation for the flight delay, try to collect your evidences to prove that you were at the gate. You need to stay at the gate and listen to your flight announcements. The best way to get proof of the delay is by getting few photos of the incident. You have your smart phone and that will do the thing! Find the reason for the delay and if the flight is cancelled, then you need proof for the cancellation. This cancellation may be informed in the form of email or as a printed letter. You need to keep those as evidences. If the flight is cancelled, then try to check-in as a proof of showing that you were there.

Get Compensated For Your Delayed Flights

Now, above are some ideas for you to collect evidences and things you can prove that you were at the gate and flight was delayed or cancelled. Once you have enough reasons of a possible flight delay and once you have enough data to prove that this flight delay is due to the fault of airline, next thing to do is, file a complaint.

It is wise to get the help of professional services to help you in making your flight delay compensation claim.  is such a company. Have a look. They will help you with airline passenger rights and claim of compensation for delayed flights.Get compensated for your delayed flights,it is not that difficult as you may think.



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