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Do you travel frequently? If you travel for business or as a holiday, flight cancellation or delay flights are not in your preferences. Flight delays or flight cancellations are always cause difficulty and inconvenience for you making your trip tiresome. What you can do for these delays? As a passenger, you do not have facility to avoid or prevent these flight delays or flight cancellations. However, you have your rights to claim compensation for flight delays and cancellations. Did you know that?

According to the Flight Delay Compensation Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004,all passengers have rights to claim up to €600 compensation for the flight delays and flight cancellation which happen due to the fault of airline companies.

Possible Occurrences for Flight Delays Compensation Claims

If you check my previous post, you will get some idea about the possible occurrences for flight delays compensation. Basically, you are eligible to claim monetary compensation if the flight delay or flight cancellation is due to the fault or negligence of airline company. Therefore, if you happen to face a possible flight delay or a cancellation, take necessary actions and collect witnesses that are helpful as supporting documents for your flight delay compensation claim.

How to claim Compensation for Flight Delay or Flight Cancellation?

You, as a passenger have the right to claim compensation for the delayed flight or cancelled flight. However, you should know the reason for the flight delay. If the delay is due to the fault of Airline, then obviously you are eligible to claim for compensation. However, if the delay or cancellation is due to ‘Act of God’, which airline could not foresee, then you cannot claim your compensation. Therefore, it is important to get a clear idea on what are the possible causes which can named as ‘Act of God’ and what are the possible reasons which give you the right to claim for compensation.

How to claim Compensation for Flight Delay or Flight Cancellation

However, this part is bit tricky sometimes. Because, you sometimes don’t know the real reason for the flight delay or there are times that you don’t have access for data which helps you to do a research on the possible reasons. Most of the time, most of the airlines too give the reason as an ‘Act of God’. In this type of situations, the best is to get the help of a third party consultant firm to claim your compensation. With the experiences on working on similar matters and with professional knowledge on similar issues, they are able to investigate and help you to claim compensation for flight delays.

You can get the necessary advice on claiming your compensation from Companies like www.claimflights.co.uk .The best is they charge you only if your case is a success. If the case is not successful and if you don’t win, they do not charge you. So, there is nothing to worry.

Therefore, know your rights as a passenger. It is good to have an idea about your privileges as a traveller.


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