Welcome to Ibiza

Welcome to Ibiza.
Bienvenido A Ibiza.
Better yet, welcome home to your home
away from home. If your next trip is anything like our 2354 previous
expeditions you will soon discover our special little tropical oasis to be
something like the Caribbean, but only thousands times better.” After only one
day we are certain you will have that Ibiza fever.
There is no cure.

The only prescription we can give is a
healthy dose of waves, sun, open seas and party-time. Once you have the fever
it will be difficult to do anything but dream about Ibiza and better yet
private yacht charter in Ibiza. Lucky for you, www.ibimarine.com has the best prices on the whole island. We
guarantee it.
Find any price on the whole island and
come to us and we will match it, take you on the water and show you the time of
your life. Yes, Ibiza is the party destination of the world but it really is
much, much more than that. Being an island deep in the seas of the
Mediterranean it is completely hidden from the rest of the world in the
Balearic Sea. It’s true. If you are glued to the ground, there is only so much
Ibiza you can truly experience. There is a world which lays completely hidden
both underwater and throughout the islands of Ibiza and even Palma. Go ahead
and let your wild side free!
Welcome to Ibiza
There isn’t a trip to Ibiza that is
finished without a Charter on the electric glowing blue waters of the Ibiza
& Formentera coast. Boat rental in Ibiza for first time visitors to our
Island may seem like a big task. Trust us. We deal with so many first timers,
and they are all pleased to hear that we can guide them through the whole
process as a part of our concierge package so we can get your on the water as
quickly as possible so we can get your on the water sooner. Your loved ones
will kiss and hugging you because they are so happy enjoying this once in a
lifetime experience. 
So go ahead, live a little you deserve
it! Reward yourself by selecting a top of the line boat for a few days. With
Ibimarine the process to rent a yacht in Ibiza is as simple as 1-2-3. Discover
what it is like to rent “Princess” our most popular party boat, or perhaps the
Sea Ray or Magnum 44 if you have a little more of a need for speed and
adventure. Either way whichever boat you decide, or whichever adventure you
select; know this! Every dream you may have under the sun is possible in Ibiza.
Whether it be exploring an abandoned island, a catered event or just exploring
the island snorkeling and enjoying the wild life. The magical Island is seen
best by boat so go ahead and contact us on our website www.ibimarine.com to get started. Isn’t it time to start living?



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