Surrounded by lush greens and in a spacious land plot, I found this playground is one of the biggest playgrounds we’ve discovered so far in Singapore. Unlike most of the playgrounds situated in nearby the residential flats, this playground is a great place for kids to enjoy their time. This spacious playground is at the Ang Mo Kio Garden west along the Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6 and just opposite to the Ang Mo Kio library.

Slides and other play equipment for kids
We visit this playground at AMK Town Garden West more frequently and in one of such visit, I captured few photos and thought of sharing. This playground is spacious and is filled with sand. It really suits for both toddlers and kids. Kids can play and do adventures in one side using the play equipment installed while toddlers can play some of their favourite games on the other side of the playground with play equipment or even they can play with sands.
Spider web and Safari Jeep-Children’s Playground at AMK Town Garden West

Swings are there for both toddlers and young kids

Swings-Children’s Playground at AMK Town Garden West


swings for toddlers


 This climbing wall is for kids who love adventures.
climbing wall-Children’s Playground at AMK Town Garden West


Kids can enjoy more adventures!

There is a bouncy safari jeep on the other side of the playground.There is also a merry-go-round next to the safari jeep,on the right side.


Safari Jeep-Children’s Playground at Ang Mo Kio Town Garden West
Slides for young kids & the rocking bicycle

Most of the time, especially during the weekends, this playground is active with busy young kids.

Play with sand  is one of the main activities both toddlers and kids enjoy in this sand based playground.

And see who is this excited little guy!
For us, it is very difficult to take him home when we visit this playground. He happily plays with sand.
There is a McDonalds outlet next to the playground just few meters away. It is another reason to visit this playground. 🙂 And the Lotus pond is another attraction in this Garden in Ang Mo Kio.

If you are in Singapore,Have you been to this playground?

And how was your week?Please share your photo story this week.



  1. We haven't been to AMK but that playground sure looks fun. Your little one must have had a blast.

  2. This does look like a big and fun playground, I know for sure that our girls would have a blast. It is very nice indeed.

  3. What a great place to spend an afternoon! Thanks for linking up to Wordless Wednesday!

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