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Transiting Through US; All You Need To Know

Transit traveling is a very necessary part of the aviation services; this as a result of the rigors of flying a single flight over long distances; such as intercontinental trips. Transit traveling involves traveling through a particular country (known as the connecting point); where there is a stopover to change flights. This change of flight could be immediate, or done after some time; this depending on pre-arrangement.

Transiting through a particular country entails some technicalities and requirements which often times varies from country to country. You, as a transit passenger, need to be familiar with the requirements and documentation needed for whichever country you are transiting through in order to get the best travel experience and avoid difficulties passing through.

The United States of America’s Department of Homeland Security, which is in charge of the nation’s Customs and Border Protection stipulates that a valid national passport and a transit visa or an approved Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

For transit passengers traveling on the Visa Waiver Program, are the two different kinds of requirements for passengers who have to use the United States of America as the connecting point to their destination. These requirements are strictly required and you definitely have to fulfill them before embarking on the journey.

What is ESTA?

Taking that you already have a valid passport, the next course of action is to either get a transit visa or obtain an ESTA approval. This choice is to be determined by your nationality. The United States of America has a Visa Waiver Program which enables nationals of countries under this program to travel into the country without the use of visas, rather all they require is an ESTA approval ( Info – https://usaestaonline.com ). This program allows the citizens 90 days in the United States and transiting through without needing a visa, provided they have an ESTA approval.

There are about 37 countries under this program, all selected on the criterion of having a high Human Development Index. These countries include South Korea. Andorra, France, Denmark, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Austria, Australia, Belgium and Chile.

Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, both United States of America territories are also covered by this program. Citizens of these countries require little surveillance, hence the removal of barriers. However, being a citizen of any of these countries doesn’t guarantee entry into the territories of the United States of America, as the ESTA is subjected to approval by the Department of Homeland Security.

How to Apply?

The ESTA is to be applied for at least 72 hours before departure, as this is what enabled the authorities screen travelers before arrival. Some conditions might disqualify a traveler from enjoying the visa waiver even though the individual is a citizen of countries under the program. One of these conditions is if the transit passenger is traveling in an unapproved airline. Another condition that can disqualify a transit passenger from enjoying the visa waiver is if the passenger has visited Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan Syria or Yemen (all countries either blacklisted or under terrorist watch).

Intending travelers with dual nationalities of Iran, Iraq, Sudan or Syria also do not enjoy the benefits of this Visa Waiver Program.

Travelers with such conditions and those whose nationality does not fall under the countries covered by the program require a transit visa to go through the United States of America.

A transit visa is also known as C visa, this being the requirement for countries who do not fall under the waiver program; majorly the Third World countries of Africa, Asia and South America, whose citizens require more monitoring from the Department of States.

Different types of USA Visas 

There are three types of C visas. These are the C-1 Visa, C-2 Visa, and C-3 Visa, all of which is valid for a duration of 29 days. Each type of C visa applies to different statuses of travelers with specific reasons for transiting through the United States of America.

  • The C-1 visa is specifically for travelers on personal business who are simply passing through the United States of America.


  • The C-2 visa is for invitees, accredited pressmen, and delegates of nongovernmental organizations; and basically all representatives of Non-State entities who are traveling on official assignment to the United Nations headquarters for an official assignment. It is also used for United States officials who are transiting through the United States of America to another country on official missions.


  • The C-3 visa is used by officials of foreign governments who are transiting through the United States of America on official business. These officials are allowed to transit with their families and staff, however, each person is required to possess a C-3 passport.

As stated by the United States government, obtaining these visas involves some requirements which are peculiar to each type of visa. The fulfillment of these requirements determines whether these visas would be granted the traveler.

There are certain restrictions, which come with transit visas, and it is necessary for each traveler to know them, in order to avoid violating the law. Every traveler should know that there are no dependent C visas, every individual is required to own a visa even if it is a baby. It should also be noted that the C visa is a one-entry visa. After departure from the country, a new C visa is needed when transiting through the country on another occasion. AC visa can also not be used for work, study or application for a green card. It is strictly for transiting.

An approved ESTA on the other hand, is valid for two years, after which it can easily be updated. Also, the ESTA approval lasts for 90 days and is valid for more than just transiting. Activities such as tourism, business, visiting and even studying can be embarked upon, provided it is done within the timeframe.

Altogether, it is necessary to ensure that the right documents; be it transit visa or ESTA are processed and the restrictions on each of them duly considered in order to have a hitch-free transit travel through the United States of America.


When you think of Napa Valley, the wine country, it doesn’t really scream “family vacation” does it? You’re more likely to think of a romantic getaway than a summer break. But here’s why you’re wrong and how to explore the beautiful region with children in tow. You may be surprised just how family friendly Napa Valley really is.

What to See

If you’re thinking about visiting soon, book now for the end of November. Napa Valley is the most beautiful in the late fall, when the fields turn to rich hues of burnt orange, vibrant red and magnificent purple, depending on the exact variety of grape. You can enjoy the views from a hilltop winery or get immersed amongst the color for some beautiful vacation snaps. It’s not all in the nature though, the region also boasts unique architecture in some of the wineries like Darioush and Castello Di Amorosa.

Top 3 European Wine Destinations

Turn sight seeing in to a fun activity for everyone by taking the tour on bikes and going the scenic route along the Silverado Trail. This small highway winds up the valley and is prettier and less busy than the typical highway 29 route.

What to Do

You may think that wineries aren’t the ideal place to take kids, but there are a few in the region that cater for just that. They can enjoy the ropeway at Sterling Vineyards or feed the fish at Robert Sinskey Winery. The Napa Valley Wine Train even has family friendly BBQ nights on their open-air Silverado Car.

Napa Valley things to do

Napa Valley is also a foodie’s paradise and something the whole family can get on board with. Grab a bite at recommended Brasswood Estate in St. Helena, offering a bakery and a bar + kitchen with an Italian-style menu.

When you’re not eating or drinking, take advantage of the many hiking trails in the hills, or make a trip to Calistoga’s public pool which, in the summer, caters to families. It includes a kids pool, complete with fountains and a diving board – what more could you want? Small communities in the area also have some amazing playgrounds, so you’re never far away from a boredom busting idea.

Where to Stay

When it comes to accommodation, make sure to pick a family friendly place. A lot are aimed at romantic stays and honeymooners, so rather than going for a cute B&B, choose a larger hotel. A pool is an obvious bonus, allowing you time to relax, have a drink and finally get round to reading that novel. For example, the Marriott Hotel in the heart of the valley offers an outdoor pool, whirlpool and even a fire pit to relax around at the end of the day.

If you still think you’d rather visit Napa Valley without the kids then by all means, hand them over to the grandparents and book a romantic getaway for two. But plenty of kids grow up here, and why should yours miss out on seeing the beauty of the world?






Gatlinburg Welcomes Tourists Back after Devastating Wildfires

After the terrifying Gatlinburg wildfires now Tennessee welcomes its tourists back to the beautiful mountain destination!

Gatlinburg is a place for outdoor adventures and family fun. It is popular as a tourist hotspot because of the outdoor activities that Gatlinburg has to offer for its visitors. You will find a range of activities to do in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge from fishing, golfing and camping to hiking and many other adventures. All these are fun way to explore the nature and to spend time outdoors!

But, everything changed overnight! The horrific Gatlinburg wildfire could change the way people live there. Last year November, it was a nightmare to the residents of Tennessee, Gatlinburg!

Gatlinburg fire and the life after that

It was a scary night. The small fire could explode to a scary and worst ever fire in the beautiful smoky mountains! Gatlinburg fire could change the lifestyle of Tennessee residents overnight!

It was horrible just after the Gatlinburg fire. Pigeon Forge, one of the main tourist attractions in Gatlinburg affected with the fire too. The damages to the residents and properties were immense. Those who could save life and escaped from the fire could see their once homes were still with ashes and rising smoke when they came back on the next day. That was completely devastation!

But, such a horrible fire couldn’t stop the people in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge! The strong and hardworking residents living in this area fought back with the fire and damages. They worked hard to get into their usual lifestyle. And how are the results?

Gatlinburg and Cabins in Pigeon Forge open for business after Gatlinburg Fires!

Gatlinburg Welcomes Tourists Back after Devastating Wildfires

Yes, it is the best news for anyone who loves Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge attractions! Gatlinburg is again a tourist attraction with the most beautiful views and the adventures in smoky mountain area! After the most horrible and devastating wildfires now Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge ready to welcome back tourists to explore the smoky mountains!

Smoky mountains in Pigeon Forge and things to do in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg Welcomes Tourists Back

Although damaged by the Gatlinburg fire, you can’t forget the beautiful smoky mountains in Pigeon Forge. This is the best attraction for anyone who thinks of planning a family holiday in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Among the things to do in Pigeon Forge you can’t forget Hiking, scenic drives and waterfall trails. If you love extreme adventures then you have options such as whitewater rafting and zorbing adventures. These are extremely fun activities to enjoy your time with family and close ones.

Don’t forget the Dollywood the only theme park that includes the southern charm! Dollywood is the perfect fun place to hang with children of all ages with unlimited fun and entertainment with the best sceneries of Great Smoky Mountains!

Finding accommodation in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg Welcomes Tourists Back

If you think of accommodation in Pigeon Forge, don’t forget the beautiful cabin rentals popular in this smoky mountainous area! You don’t have to worry about Cabin Rentals after the wildfires because Gatlinburg is all set to welcome the tourists for endless fun. From dining places, crafts and souvenir shops to other entertainment are all set together with the main attractions. All you need to do is book your best cabin rental to enjoy the entire vacation among the breathtaking views of smoky mountains!

Why Cabin rentals instead of hotel accommodation?

You may wonder thinking why cabin rentals in Pigeon Forge are better than staying in a hotel.

Reasons are simple. Most of the time, hotels are with the focus of providing you the basic lodging for a higher room rate. You will not feel the beauty of the smoky mountains and the lush greens when you stay inside a hotel room. For similar rate of a decent hotel room you can easily rent a family owned cabin in Pigeon Forge which gives you the feeling of living in a dreamy world!

Also when you book directly from the owner, you don’t have to pay for hidden booking fees which make your cabin rental rates are affordable and even lesser than the hotel charges. There are many cabin rental options are available from luxury cabins to pet friendly cabins. If you want to spend your family vacation together with your pet, then why don’t you select a pet friendly cabin in Pigeon Forge? That will be an awesome experience among the smoky mountains!

How to book your cabins in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg?

If you are thinking of choosing the best cabin rental for your stay, you don’t have to worry. Pigeon Forge cabin rentals are all about beautiful views and comfortable accommodation. Think of your travel plan before you decide on the best cabin rental in Pigeon Forge Gatlinburg.

As Pigeon Forge is considered as the perfect and central location for most of the tourist attractions in Gatlinburg, Tennessee; choosing a Pigeon Forge cabin can be the best idea to reach the attractions without spending much time. When you stay close to Dollywood and Pigeon Forge, this will be your best cabin experience waking up with the beautiful views of smoky mountains! You will never ever forget these moments in your life!

As a summary:

Gatlinburg Welcomes Tourists Back after Devastating Wildfires!

If you are thinking of planning your family holiday in Gatlinburg, don’t worry about the recent Gatlinburg fire. Life is usual as before. Gatlinburg is ready to welcome its tourists. And don’t forget the beautiful cabins in the area. Cabins in Pigeon Forge are also ready and open for business after Gatlinburg Fires!

Best Things to do in Washington DC

With beautiful monuments, historical parks and many more great things to do at night, you cannot stay any second in Washington DC without looking at anything new. Washington DC is that much attractive and really changing with new faces and new life.

Be it a cultural visit or scenic view, you will find endless opportunities in this capital city Washington around the Washington D.C. region.

Here are best suggestions from me to visit if you are in Washington D.C. However, these are only the best of the best and there are many other places and activities for you to spend your time.

Best Things to do in Washington DC

Visit monuments and memorials

Washington D.C.is a popular place for many monuments and memorials. The Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the Martin Luther King monument, the Lincoln Memorial and Jr. Memorial are just few of the big names that you must look at. Spend an evening visiting from monument to monument which will then be a good memorable experience for you.

Best Things to do in Washington DC
The Lincoln Memorial

Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

With a historic house on top of the hill, Frederick Douglass National Historic Site is another best attraction in Washington D.C. This historical site features the house of Frederick Douglass who lived from 1877 to 1895 and usually you need around 1.5 hours to visit this place and its surrounding. Other than the historical house, you will also see exhibits and original objects of Frederick Douglass.

Hillwood Museum & Gardens

This is another garden which you can have a glimpse of Russian art and culture. Marjorie Merriweather Post who bought Hillwood decided to convert her home into a museum that could educate the public. This Hillwood Museum & Gardens is also well known as the comprehensive collection of Russian art which is located in another country, outside the Russia. A visit to this place would make you a remarkable experience in Washington D.C.

Other than visiting only Washington D.C., you can spend your time around Maryland and Virginia area too. There are many attractions to list when it comes to DMV things to do. You can also refer to www.dmvthingstodo.com to find more places to visit and things to do in DMV including Washington D.C.

los angeles things to do

If you are planning to visit Los Angeles and deciding what are the best things to do in this beautiful city, here we gathered the best of the best things which you can do in Los Angeles. There are endless things to do for a memorable holiday in Los Angeles, California. It is a place to experience lot of exciting moments such as movie magic of Hollywood.Here is our list of things to do in Los Angeles.

Visit the Universal Studios Hollywood

los angeles things to do

Popular as the entertainment capital of the world, you’ll find lot of entertainment opportunities in Los Angeles including theme parks. A visit to the Universal Studios Hollywood would be a great and memorable experience during your tour in Los Angeles.

Ride a Paddleboat on a Lake

If you don’t like theme parks and other adventures, then enjoy a paddleboat ride at Echo Park lake .You’ll really like the views of lotus beds and spectacular views around while enjoying your time in an old fashioned paddleboat.

Visit the LA Phil – Walt Disney Concert Hall

LA Phil – Walt Disney Concert Hall is another must visit place in Los Angeles. This Walt Disney Concert Hall is a place with stunning architecture which you can admire with lot of memorable moments during your stay in Los Angeles. You can watch a live concert and spend time in a world of classical music till you feel relaxed!

Above are some of the best things which you can do in Los Angeles. Other than above you can spend your time in activities such as seeing the sights of Hollywood, Shop till you drop on Rodeo Drive and spend your time dining on restaurants.


In Los Angeles city you’ll find a unique zip code which is assigned by the US Postal Service Office. Therefore it is better to know how to find places and streets using the unique zip codes of Los Angeles. To ease this you can simply refer to https://www.zip-codes.me/ca-california/los-angeles/.In this site, you’ll find Los Angeles streets and buildings with its zip code.

Hope you’ll have a great time in Los Angeles.

northstar california™ resort

Situated near the north shore of Lake Tahoe in California, Northstar Resort is an ideal place as a mountain resort to spend a relaxing vacation. With onsite lodging and facilities for sports and activities it is a perfect place for a family vacation.Here are list of things which you can do while enjoying your vacation in Northstar Resort.Check this list of 5 things you can do at the Northstar Resort and share your comments and ideas if you know more activities which travellers can do there.

Snow sport experience

things you can do at the Northstar Resort

During your stay in Northstar California™, the main activities that you can enjoy are snow sport experiences. Northstar Resort provides over 3000 skiable acres. Enjoy snow sports such as alpine, telemark and cross-country skiing. Mountain biking is another option if you visit the Northstar resort during summer.

Luxury lodging experience

You can assure to have luxury lodging experience while you spend your time in Northstar Resort. With upscale dining facilities and boutique shops you will have a relaxing holiday. Go for a spa while you are there. Relax in an outdoor cabana with whole family for a delightful moment. All these will add you memories of comfort throughout the years.

Visit Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is few minutes away and you can spend a relaxing evening there. This beautiful lake is a year-round resort destination which attracts millions of people annually .So why don’t you spend an evening there or enjoy fishing, hiking or watersports?

Entertainment and Nightlife

If you like live music or if you want to spend your time in a bar, don’t worry, facilities are there. Visit Northstar™ bar or Nevada for gaming, live music and nightlife. Lake Tahoe casinos are there if you want to spend time there.

Visit Historic downtown Truckee

The best way to explore this Northstar village is by visiting the nearby Historic downtown Truckee. You can spend some time for shopping at boutiques there. You will be amazed with the items which you can find at the local crafts shops.

Above are some of the activities I found after careful research. Have you been there and stayed at the Northstar resort? If so, what are the other activities which you can recommend?

Tips for an Enjoyable Beach Vacation

North Carolina Beaches are definitely attracted by many tourists due to their beauty. With two great mountain ranges and long sandy beaches, North Carolina has become one of the most attractive destinations of the United States.

If you plan your next vacation to North Carolina, there are many beach destinations for you to unwind from everyday stressful lifestyle. From enjoying your time on water sports to relaxing the day on the beach side, there are lots of activities for you to do in your beach vacation to North Carolina.
Here are top 5 beach attractions in North Carolina, hope this list will help you to decide and plan your next holiday to North Carolina.

Best North Carolina Beach Destinations

Ocean Isle Beach

With beautiful sandy beaches and lying along 7 miles, Ocean island beach attracts most of the tourists to North Carolina throughout the year. Ocean Island beach pier is one of the attractive spot in this beach which claims to be the favorite for many tourists to the beach. If you plan to spend your holiday in this beach, finding accommodation is not difficult. The best way to enjoy your time there to the fullest is, select your room near to the beach or select a place with beach view. If you take the right decision on your Ocean Isle Beach Rentals, then next is to enjoy your time relaxing and playing in this hidden gem in North Carolina.

The Outer Banks

The Outer Banks is one of the well-known popular beaches in North Carolina and this beach also offer you much history and at the same time it is one of the best beaches which you find in North Carolina. Once you visit the Outer Bank, there are many activities for you to select during your stay. You can also visit the place where Wright Brothers took flight for the first time which is in Devil Hills. Another place to visit is the first European settlement in Roanoke Island.

Holden Beach

Popular as one of the best family beaches in America, Holden beach is a popular holiday destination for most visitors to North Carolina. In this beach, you will find lot of fun activities which whole family can enjoy. You can also enjoy great food which is available in nearby restaurants. Finding Holden Beach vacation rentals are easier than you may think because there are plenty of accommodation options available. Ranging from cottages, villas, apartment or condos, you are able to choose your perfect Holden Beach vacation rental easily in few steps.

Best North Carolina Beach Destinations

Above are some of the Best North Carolina Beach Destinations. However there are many other beaches where you are able to unwind and relax with lot of fun activities and attractions.To find North Carolina Vacation Rentals,you can have a look into  www.StellarBeachRentals.com They offer many properties ranging from different sizes and in different locations near to the beach.Choose your perfect vacation rental in North Carolina and don’t forget to enjoy fresh seafood too during your stay there!

Houston things to do

Considered as the fourth largest city of America, Houston is a vibrant city where you can find restaurants, nightclubs and bars if you want spend time there. On the other way, Houston is near to Gulf Coast Cities providing many attractions and activities to their visitors. If you like to see and learn historical things, then Houston will be your favorite, because Houston is home for many museums too. In the Museum district, you will find outstanding museums and art galleries together with historical buildings.

Houston things to do

Houston Tourism and things to do

Hermann Park, Sam Houston Park and Memorial park are among the must visit places of Houston. Downtown Aquarium, Space Center and Houston zoo are more popular among tourists. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Houston’s Lawndale Art Center and Museum of Fine Arts during your stay there because these are notable attractions for many tourists.

If you are a pet lover, then a dog park will be a good place for you. Danny Jackson Dog Park and Ervan Chew are more popular dogs’ parks in Houston. In Ervan Chew Park, you will find dog zone which is 9000 square feet area with fenced and allowed dogs to run freely.


Most of the attractions which you find in Houston are free. If you prefer night life, it is easy to find places for entertainment in Houston without spending much time.

Spend your time in a Luxury Accommodation

Finding a place to stay is not a difficult task in Houston. You will find Houston as a modern city with better accommodation facilities that meet visitors’ expectations. However, if you select a well-placed hotel near the main attractions which includes many facilities, that will make your holiday comfortable.

Sheraton North Houston at George Bush Intercontinental is an ideal hotel for travelers who visit Houston for holiday or business. This newly renovated hotel is ideally located near to many attractions and they even offer a complementary airport shuttle. You only need to call them for a pickup using the phones which you can find in baggage claim area.

Conveniently located near IAH, you will find spacious hotel rooms when you book your accommodation with Sheraton North Houston at George Bush Intercontinental. If you drive to Houston, then you are able to enjoy their free parking facility and at the same time this is a non-smoking hotel.

When you book hotel rooms or suits with Sheraton North Houston, you are eligible to enjoy many complementary facilities. If you look for recreation & entertainment, Outdoor Pool and Sheraton Club Lounge are there. Other than that this 3 star hotel gives you luxury accommodation which includes guest facilities such as 24 hour front desk, sundries shop, room service, wireless internet access etc.

Finally, Houston is a great place for you to visit for business or leisure. There are many activities and attractions available. You may surprise because there is something for everyone who visit Houston. If you plan your trip to Houston with a comfortable accommodation, then it will be a memorable visit to Houston which you will never forget for years.So,visit Houston and enjoy a luxury holiday there!

Things to do in New York City

New York is one of the busiest cities in the world. However, New York City has many things to offer for any visitor during day time as well as night time. New York day life is always exciting same as its night life. If you reside in New York or visit there for business or as a holiday, here are some attractions and activities to do.

If you think you need to spend too much money on these attractions, no it is not. Most of the attractions are free and even you don’t have to spend too much money.

Here are the Best things to do in New York City although there are many activities and places of attractions there.

Visit the Statue of Liberty

Things to do in New York City

This is a must visit of New York. Whether you are in a ferry to Staten Island or looking at it from somewhere else, this is a must see attraction of New York City. Designed by Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, this Statue of Liberty is considered as the world’s most iconic copper statue.

Relax at the Central Park

Things to do in New York City

If you are in a holiday or even in New York for business, it is better to relax your mind and body. Spend few hours at Central Park and breathe some fresh air. If you like long walks, it is time to experience a walk in Central Park while exploring its attractions. The Bethesda Fountain is a must see when you are in the Central Park and also don’t forget to see the beautiful underpass which you can see below the terrace.

Get the benefits of a Spa Treatment

Things to do in New York City

You would love to hear this. You will find a spa in every corner in New York City. I know relaxing is one of the important things for you during your vacation in New York, so why don’t you go for a spa? One of the easiest ways to experience the facilities of spa is by selecting a hotel with spa on their premises. But, do you like to stay in the same hotel and experience the facilities rather than going out? For me, I’d like to go out and visit around. You can truly relax with all the benefits of Spa in Manhattan NY or even you can enjoy your time in a Waxing Center in Manhattan. A Brazilian Wax series will be an ideal way for you to remove unwanted hair and finally a pretty look.

Other than above mentioned activities, there are many places to visit including museums. Also there are gyms and sports complexes if you want to spend your time in physical activities. If any of above is not your choice, then consider shopping. New York City has many things to offer for their tourists. So, you will definitely enjoy your time there.

Michigan,which is a state in the heart of the United States’ Midwest, offers everything from fishing, boating, hiking, skiing and many more for their visitors. It is a beautiful location full of lakes and rivers. For summer, people gather there to enjoy the beaches and to have a sun bath. Now, if you are a water enthusiast and planning a vacation in Michigan, I am sure sailing, skiing and surfing sound like great ideas for your vacation.
If these water sports sound great and adventurous for you, here are few ideas and water sports to remind you which you can enjoy during your next Michigan vacation.
Water Polo
Water polo is great if you are on a holiday with a group of friends. Typically it is played in a deep pool and all you need is a ball and competitive team members. Team members should have swimming skills if you plan to play in deep water.
Jet Skiing
If you like more adventurous water sports, then jet skiing is for you. If you are a beginner, it is better to have some idea on making the first move and on how to make a turn when you are on a jet ski. It May take few tries for you to learn jet skiing if you are an absolute beginner, but once you do it, I am sure you’ll have a blast.
Best Water Sports to Try this Summer in Michigan
Whether you are a beginner or a skilled person for jet skiing, it is better to have an idea on where to find a Jet Ski. The most common way is to enjoy this water sport is with Jet ski rentals. In Michigan, it is not difficult find Jet Skis as there are many places which offer Jet Ski rentals. You can also refer www.TurboWaterSports.com for Jet Ski rentals Michigan.

Keep this water sport in your list and have a thrilling experience when you are in Michigan.


Best Water Sports to Try this Summer in Michigan
Have you tried flyboarding before? Flyboarding, which is a new water sport developed in 2011 has caught eyes of those who seek exciting and thrilling experience in water. If you haven’t tried this water sport yet, try flyboarding at Michigan’s lakes during this coming summer. You’ll never forget the thrilling experience. It is assured!
Above are some of the water sports among many others. Whether it is water polo, water skiing or playing with a flyboard or a hoverboard, finally I know what you seek is an exciting fun holiday in Michigan. With some proper planning, you can enjoy your holiday for the fullest. So why wait? Start planning your next summer in Michigan with extremely exciting water sports!

Do you have more suggestions for this list? What are the water sports which you like most? Please share your experience.

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