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Self Driving Cars Change the Way We Travel

In theory, traveling and vacationing should be all fun and games. It’s easy to forget the uncomfortable 12-hour flights in coach, bland tasting hotel room coffee, and how tiring lugging bags through airport terminals can be. For your next trip, treat yourself to these six worthwhile upgrades to make traveling a little more luxurious.

Flying Business Class

Upgrade from coach and fly business class for a more luxurious but still affordable experience traveling. Business class usually offers more spacious seats, complimentary drinks and snacks, better customer service, and even a blanket and pillow for comfort. If you’re trying to stick to a budget but still fly luxuriously, don’t fret, there are several ways you could attempt upgrading to business class such as traveling at quiet times, being extremely early or late for the flight, staying loyal to the airline or even dressing up and playing the part of business class.

Worthwhile Upgrades to Travel Luxuriously

iPhone 7 Plus

Lugging around a big bulky camera can be tiresome and quite stressful when its attracting unnecessary attention in foreign countries. First of its kind to launch, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus camera shoots impressive 4K videos and captures professional photographs in portrait mode. The dual camera system allows for powerful zooming features that allow you to take crisper and more clear photographs. Not only is the iPhone 7 Plus a great way to replace your oversized camera, but it also serves as a typical smartphone that allows you to conduct travel research on the go, navigate through unknown streets, have Siri in your pocket as a travel companion and even make phone calls with the Wi-Fi calling feature.

Passport Wallet

A luxurious passport wallet is the perfect way to stay organized and keep all of the important documents, credit cards and identification you need while traveling in one place. Ted Baker’s Dolle is a leather travel wallet that holds your passport, cards, cash, coins and boarding passes. Compartments in the wallet are specifically crafted and labeled for everything you’ll be carrying and and the polished leather look provides a sleek addition any outfit or occasion.

Delsey Paris Hard Case Carry On

The Delsey Paris luggage helium aero international carry-on is the perfect bag that effortlessly balances luxury with the heavy duty, sturdy protection you need when traveling sturdy. Made of polycarbonate, the carry-on ensures everything on the inside will be safe and secure, in addition to the front zipper compartment that hold laptops up to 15.6 inches. The four wheels offer a double spinner design, allowing you to maneuver the bag easily in any direction. With a variety of colors to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect bag that fits your needs.


Upgrade from the mediocre drip coffee maker in hotel rooms and have your caffeine fix on the go, whenever, wherever, with the Handpresso. This portable espresso maker allows you to easily brew your own espresso on the beach, on a mountain, on a kayak in the middle of the water, essentially anywhere you choose. Its versatility and affordability makes it a luxury you shouldn’t have to travel without.


Keeping family and friends connected through social media while living in the moment while traveling, is a difficult balance to find. If you’re looking for a handsfree way to share live moments while traveling, consider Snapchat’s original, stylish sunglasses made to capture up to a 30-second snap from your perspective. These luxurious Spectacles come in three different colors (coral, black and teal), giving you the capability to match your outfits for day or night. Capturing your adventures from your point of view has never been easier.

How to Apply for Canada visa in 3 easy steps

With beautiful waterfalls, lush mountains and beautiful architectural views, Canada is one of the best destinations in the world which any traveller would love to visit. However before you visit Canada, you need to check visa requirements for Canada as it has different visa policies for different countries.

It can be a tour in Canada, visiting a family member or friends or even transit through Canada. Whatever it is you need to check your visa eligibility and requirements before you plan your tour to Canada. You can check visa requirements by visiting  https://etacanadaonline.com/ and apply visa accordingly.

However if you are from a country that visa is required to enter into Canada, you need to complete the applications and necessary documents before you apply. If you are from a country that Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is required, then you are lucky as you can apply Canada Visa in easy 3 steps.

Things you Must do in Vancouver for an Unforgettable Holiday
Beautiful Canada
Who are eligible for Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)?

Most of the European countries including Germany, Poland, France, UK and Italy are eligible for ETA visa which is really convenient.

How to Apply for Canada visa in 3 easy steps!

If you are a passport holder of any of the countries listed for Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) eligible countries, then below are the steps to follow even without leaving your home.

1) Apply for Canada Visa online

First you need to prepare with necessary documents to apply for Canada visa or visum Kanada online. These documents include valid passports and also a valid credit card for online payment. To receive the status of application and other necessary details, you also need to hold a valid email address. You can easily apply for Canada visa or visum Kanada online by visiting https://etacanadaonline.com/

When you fill your online visa application for Canada, you will also need to answer some questions related to your employment and health status.

2) Make the payment

Once you complete the online visa application for Canada visa, the next step is to complete the payment. For this you need a valid credit card and it really takes few minutes only to complete the transaction!

3) Check your email for Canada visa approval

Once you complete the visa application and the online payment, you will receive email confirming the payment. The next is to receive your visa to your email. Once all these steps are done, the ETA process is completed and you are with valid permit to enter into Canada for your next holiday!

How to Apply for Canada visa

Isn’t it easy and save you lot of time than visiting a Canada embassy? Unfortunately, as a Sri Lankan passport holder I am not eligible for ETA facility. Sri Lankans need to apply for Canada Visa through nearest Canada visa application Centre (CVAC)!

Once you are ready with visa for Canada don’t forget to plan your itinerary to Canada. Plan your trip including must do things in Canada, book your flights to Canada, Book accommodation and pack your suitcase!

How To Go For Long-Term Travelling Pay Off Debt

You may encounter different types of debt in your life, student loan, house loan, mortgage debt etc. and in between you decide to put off travelling till these loans are cleared. And, you have countless people sailing in the same boat. They wish to travel but find it impossible because they still have to clear out their debt. However, here is a plan through which you can turn your dreams to reality without waiting for your debt to get clear.

If you’re planning to travel for long term, then do not worry about your per month loan payment. It is certainly not impossible. All it takes is a little bit of discipline and planning and you can travel debt free.

Save money- it should be your first priority

Yes, it is the first thing that you need to do. Ensure you have savings account is fully cushioned before taking the decision to roll out for the big outing. Even though you have to clear out your debt, make it your priority to keep aside a small amount of money per month and secure for your goals.

You can achieve it by limiting your money on your spending. Try to avoid going out for bar, dinners and shows more often. However, you can certainly make occasional trips. It is a smart way to change your lifestyle and save some good amount of money for your future travelling.

travel debt free

Constraint your urge to purchase

Along with looking out for affordable entertainment, try to ignore purchasing all the recent gadgets released. Do not replace your car or purchase a new house in between. However, you can always opt for purchasing used items.

Second hand purchases

You can secure a big sum of money by buying things which are just a few months old. It is also true for furnishings and electronics. It is a remarkable way to save chunk of money.

Some money saving guidelines

  • In order to feel right about quitting your job and going out for travelling, you need to draft your travelling budget from before.
  • You need to be disciplined enough to keep enough money aside for the loan payouts other than travelling expenses.
  • Try to pay out a little more towards your loan till the time you have your job. This way you get the liberty to skip a payment during your tour.

Work when travelling

If you stay at a location where you like to spend a few months during your travel, then look out for little work and spend some time there. It will make your monthly expenses cheaper and cut down your transmitting expenditure too. By opting for slow travel, you can add more to your budget. You also have the option of online working while travelling.

These are some of the solutions that can help you travel with debt. What’s important is that you have to make sure that you have saved enough money before making your trip. Checking out and going for the best way to consolidate credit card debt can be a smart move. It can solve your debt issues easily and can keep you tension free and with your free mind you can plan your trip.


Manage Your Trip

Although travelling is transformative and wonderful, but you surely shouldn’t enter credit card while going on a trip! It is advisable to plan for your tour and opt for a long term methodology and find out how this tour with assimilate in your life. One cannot afford to forget all their expenses and debt for travelling. It is irrational to think that you can easily cover up all the expenses of your tour and debt in one course. It will severely hurt your long term financial debt.

When you go on pay interest on interest, it commences to spiral out of control in a long period of time. There are several credit card companies that compound interest on a day to day basis. That means your credit card debt is digging a hole in your pocket with every passing day. Your debts impact your life in a number of ways and if you’re thinking of travelling, then remember it has to be done keeping your debt in mind.

How To Tackle Debt And Travelling Together?

If your debt repayment tenure is large, then look out for other ways to enhance your monthly repayments like lowering down your variable expenses or opting for a second job to grab more money which could cover your travelling purpose for the time being.

With all of that being said, you can still pay your debt while travelling. All you need to do is draft a budget and then follow it rigidly. You can also opt to clear out the debts which are of lower interest rates first and then hop to the long term and large interest debts. You can go for online work which does not require you to get tied to a specific location and earn a good amount of money. Content writing is one such example. You can blog about your travelling experience. It will not just help you earn some amazing money but also allow you to share your tour experiences with people across the world.

No matter what situation you’re in, you need to have a sufficient idea of the amount of debt owe, the seriousness of every debt and how do you need to address it before going out for travel. You should also find out how long you will take to clear out the debt.

Once you have drafted your debt situation well, you can find out the best ways to actively travel to anywhere across the world without worrying about it. Here are the 5 major steps of handling your debt well. Take a look at them and figure out yourself.

  • Find out how much debt you owe
  • Evaluate which debt needs to be addressed first and draft a plan.
  • Acknowledge your debt building habits
  • Keep your debt repayments automatic for every month.
  • Keep the extra money saved b your side at the end of the month as the debt priority for the next month.

Check online to find out how you can manage both travelling and debt at the same time without going wrong. Checking out for best egg loans can also be helpful. Such loans are much popular these days and you will find them useful too. So research well and then go for one in order to make your travelling and life stress free.

Are you Planning to Travel in Debt?

It is unlikely to think that people who are in debt do not wish to travel. However, you do need to have proper planning to travel to your favorite place without causing any negative impact on your debt payouts.

Yes, one of the most significant things about vacations and travelling is balancing your expenses, saving and debt payments. There are a lot of people who have incredible vacations but they end up coming broke to their houses. However, you cannot do this or else your debt trap would transform into bankruptcy.

Are you Planning to Travel in Debt?

But surely, it doesn’t mean that you cannot ever travel with debt

If you’re under student loan, home loan or consumer debt and do not have any real plan to clearing it out in the near future, then surely you cannot afford to go out on a tour. Though it is a little sad statement but you surely need to learn to separate money for your self-expense.

But, if you have a good debt payout program and an efficient debt consolidation loan strategy, then an actual holiday is waiting for you.

With the right division of money and optimum allocation, you can easily extract some of the amount and secure for your travelling expenses.  For instance, if you have an income of $10,000 per month and you need to pay $3100 for your debt, then after keeping some of the money for your daily expenses and fixed expenditure, you can save the rest for your travel. This way you wouldn’t get a complete burden of your tour expenses on one month. Short and little savings can also add up to a major amount and allow you to cover your bulk expenses.

Are you Planning to Travel in Debt?

Holidays have an intrinsic value

Those people who like to travel, they know that holidays hold an intrinsic value. It helps in keeping you active and excited for your life ahead. They add charisma and interest to your life. If you try to eat locally, opt to stay in a hostel, motel or shared apartment rather than 5-star, you could save a lot more even on your outings.

The major questions which arise when you wish to save for travelling along with covering your debt are:

  • How can you save, draft a budget for travelling, along with your debt payouts?
  • What are the guidelines to cut down travel costs?
  • How can you carry out both the things side by side with ease?
  • What should you do to make your travel easy and peaceful without worrying about your debt?

Check online to get answers to the above questions. If you’re really looking forward to travel, then you just have to save enough to go out and surely you will grind away your debt with ease. Seek for best debt consolidation loans that suits your condition and you will have no problem in solving your debt issues. Do not overstress your pocket. Think rationally and then plan your trip accordingly. This way you shall not have trouble managing your expenses.


los angeles things to do

A luxurious vacation in Los Angeles is incomplete without a stay at a luxury L.A. hotel. Deciding on the luxury hotel to stay at while in L.A. is the first part of your vacation planning. You want to stay in a hotel that has the accessibility to the hottest attractions of the area.

The Los Angeles Life Style is a luxurious experience that you wouldn’t want to miss. Every year, millions of visitors are drawn to its numerous attractions. Surfers and sun worshippers are drawn for the luxury hotels in Santa Monica’s oceanfront. Families head for the attractions of Universal Studios and Disneyland. For the serious fashionistas, they are drawn to the exclusive designer shops along Rodeo Drive. For the film buffs, they head for Hollywood. Whatever your plans for vacation might be, you will surely find a variety of unique luxury hotels in L.A.

Following are 5 best extreme luxury hotels in Los Angeles:

  1. The Beverly Hills Hotel Bungalows

Beverly Hills, rates start from ~$530/night

The epicenter where California luxury meets Hollywood cool continues to rule the L.A. luxe hotel scene with an ideal combination of amazing location, luxurious accommodations, personal service, and delicious food.

Paul Williams Suite is a major attraction of this hotel. The suite includes a grand piano and a lot of amenities; two vital elements for the ultimate luxe staycation. The Paul Williams Suite has the priciest stay in L.A., starting at $3500+ per night.

  1. The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills, rates start from ~$575/night

With a fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantoms and only steps away from luxurious shopping on Rodeo Drive, The Peninsula Beverly Hills is famous for its rooftop pool cabanas, each one similar to a mini-hotel room featuring a fridge, ceiling fan, flat screen, and couches. Its Peninsula Villa is a major attraction, which rates nearly $10,000 per night

  1. Hotel Bel-Air

Bel Air, rates start from ~$500/night

Surrounded by mega-mansions and tucked away off Sunset Boulevard, the Hotel Bel-Air has always offered a discreet luxe experience as compared to various other options of the city. Serious ballers stay at the Presidential Suite of Hotel Bel-Air, which is its own self-contained mini-mansion. Presidential Suite features its own private Jacuzzi, private swimming pool, patio, and garden.

  1. The Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey, rates start from ~$400/night

If you are interested in including some yachting in your staycation, The Ritz-Carlton is the perfect choice for you. Famous for its excellent Spa del Rey with splendid waterfront sights, The Ritz-Carlton is ideal for a detox staycation with miles of hiking, biking, and walking trails neighboring the property.

  1. The Hollywood Roosevelt

Hollywood, rates starts from ~$300/night

The Hollywood Roosevelt is close to some of the most happening nightlife of the city such as Hyde, The Nice Guy, No Vacancy, The Argyle, etc.The hotel is famous for its luxurious accommodations and partying. Visiting on weekends is recommended because it is the perfect time to experience the most exclusive and hippest summer pool scene of the city.

Things you Must do in Vancouver for an Unforgettable Holiday

Thinking of spending a holiday in Vancouver but still not sure about what are the activities you can do there? If so, in this post we’d like to highlight some of the best activities that you can involve for a better holiday experience in Vancouver.Anyway,before planning your trip to Vancouver,it is best to check Canada Visa requirements and you can easily apply for Canada visa online.

With scenic beauty and opportunities for lot of outdoor activities, Vancouver is a city with lot of amenities such as fine dining, entertainment, outdoor activities and art galleries. It is a great city for those who seek family friendly holidays.

Planning a holiday in Vancouver is easier than you think. If you think it is expensive, try to use travel deals from Vancouver. In this way, you can save money from the major expenses such as flights, hotels and even from ticket prices for some entertainment activities.

If you collect coupons and deals from Vancouver before you reach there, it is a good way to save money from food and dining and even from your shopping bills. Most of the shops and entertainment providers offer promotions time to time.

Hike around the Stanley Park

Also called as the soul of the city, Stanley Park is one of the best attractions in Vancouver. You can walk around the park. For a better and adventurous experience; try to go around the park on a horse drawn carriage. Stanley Park is with beautiful sea views and waterfront views. You will never get bored!

Visit the Christ Church Cathedral

Constructed according to the gothic style, the Christ Church Cathedral is a great place to spend your time viewing the beautiful interior. It is declared as a class A heritage site, that is one of the reason to visit the church. See the beautiful ceilings which are made of cedar planking and the floor which is constructed of old growth Douglas fir.

Walk around the Canada Place

Things you Must do in Vancouver for an Unforgettable Holiday

Canada place is simply a great place to spend your time relaxing. You can watch cruise ships. Located in the heart of Vancouver’s waterfront, Canada Place is a national landmark of the city. Other than just walking around and taking photographs, you can also join with guided tours. The Canadian Trail is a guided tour which you can learn about the Canada Place’s history.

Above are some of special things to do in Vancouver. Other than above listed you can always do many other activities such as mountain biking, tasting great food and visiting art galleries. If you plan a holiday, then travel deals from Vancouver should be helpful for you to arrange your holiday in a budget.

Have you been to Vancouver before?


It is easy to fall in love when you are in a holiday. You are so relaxed and no much work load or office stress. Everything surrounded by you are cheerful and romantic. With fresh air,lush greens and nature’s best sceneries who doesn’t fall in love with some one?

However, one thing to keep in mind! Falling in love with someone while you are travelling cannot be as same as you fall in love with someone in your home country. There will be a day that you both need to separate. You will need to return to your home country. On the other way you don’t know much about the person you fall in love with. You will also not get much time to understand him/her if you are in a short vacation.

Sometimes, there can be situations like you may not in love with him. May be you attracted to him, you both spend your time in different places together while exploring the new places and attractions, you both are so close, but that doesn’t mean you both will have an everlasting relationship.


But, do you know there are many successful stories of falling in love in another country and ended up with marriage? There are many successful marriages which couple is from two different countries. So, you can be the next too!

If you fall in love while travelling, then if you feel like you met your future spouse, then I know you want to keep this affair everlasting. With the advance technology today, you can keep contact through video calls, text messages, emails and even with photo sharing .There are so many ways to keep contacts while you both live in two different countries.

Spend some time communicating with your partner and try to understand his way of thinking, way of living etc. these will help you to understand his preferences and the way you have to adjust to the new life with your partner if you both will get married.

Falling In Love While Travelling

Once you both have a strong relationship, now it is time to talk about marriage and plan your wedding with your spouse to be. You need to check with your future spouse whether he likes to relocate to the country you live or you may need to relocate to his country. You will also need to decide where you plan your wedding. There may be different rules and regulations if you marry a foreigner. But after all marrying someone whom you fall in love while travelling can be exciting. So, make your full effort to keep a strong marriage and live a happy life with your spouse after your wedding day!

Have you fallen in love while travelling?please share your story with us below.

A travel pillow that works

How do you make your travel comfortable? When it comes to travel, most of us have our own ways to spend time during the travel time. A comfortable journey is a key for an unforgettable travel experience. Be it in a flight, train, coach or a car, if you are planning a long trip a travel pillow is a handy way to have a comfortable sleep till your destination.

However, a travel pillow doesn’t mean something which you can keep your head on during your travel. A travel pillow must be comfortable and gives you the true relaxation throughout the journey and even after that. If you get muscle pain just because you used a travel pillow, it is better to avoid using it.

A travel pillow that works

Now, what a traveller should really use is a travel pillow that actually works and helps you to spend a relaxing time during the journey.

A travel pillow that worksEvolution Pillow™ is a popular Travel Pillow among many travellers and it is the travel pillow that works! But, what are the reasons to prove that this travel pillow actually works? Here are some features of this Evolution Pillow™ and at the end of this post; you will say this travel pillow sounds work!

  • Evolution Pillow™ is made with world class responsive memory foam which gives you comfort
  • It comes with flattened back to support you and avoid neck pain.
  • Raised side supports of this travel pillow will prevent neck pain and bobbing head
  • It comes with adjustable front toggles to keep the pillow fit and in place.
  • Easy to reverse the pillow for 360° head and chin support

A travel pillow that works

Other than the above features which give you comfortable journey by preventing muscle pain and cramps, below are some other handy features about this travel pillow.

  • It comes with a media pouch to hold your phone or MP3 player. This is a great feature to have a hands free listening experience.
  • The soft cover of this travel pillow is removable and washable.
  • It is easy to roll and pack this travel pillow and pack within a small space. This is a great feature to save space while travelling.

Above are some of the features of the Evolution Pillow™.

A travel pillow that works-Review

Finally, with a travel pillow what we need is a comfortable journey without neck pain or any cramps. With above mentioned features, Evolution Pillow™ is great as a travel pillow and even it is easy to carry in a small space. Please visit http://www.cabeau.com/ for more information.

Cabo Pulmo is a small beautiful town in Mexico and it is becoming a popular tourist destination due to its attractive and beautiful environment. With its white sandy beaches and clean blue sea waters, Cabo Pulmo is a major attraction for tourists who plan a visit to Mexico. This beautiful city is ideal for many exciting activities and it has something to offer for any traveler. Be it beachfront weddings or private scheduled getaways, Cabo Pulmo is a great destination for you to have unforgettable experiences.

Below are some of the activities you can do in Cabo Pulmo, Mexico and if you are planning a vacation to Mexico, below listed all activities are a must do!

Visit the beach.


If you visit Cabo Pulmo, visiting the beach is a must. If you like to spend some time relaxing and having a sun bath, Cabo Pulmo beaches provide you all needed. With white sandy beaches, you will find it is really enjoyable to spend an evening in the beach while watching the sunset.

Visit the National Marine Park at Cabo Pulmo

With a short drive from La Ribera, you can easily reach the National Marine Park at Cabo Pulmo. Found as the only living coral reef in Baja, this Cabo Pulmo marine park is the home for many species and living reefs. This is a great place to explore the sea life.

Water sports and activities


Water sports are popular among the tourists to Cabo Pulmo and you will be surprised by having a look into the blue waters of the sea. If you are energetic and love to experience your vacation with exciting water sports, Cabo Pulmo is an ideal place to go. It is a great place for sea water activities like playing with Stand up Paddle (SUP), swimming and snorkeling. Even you can try fishing during your vacation in Cabo Pulmo.

Relaxing Day Spa


Other than the above activities, you can also spend time in your hotel and enjoy the facilities they provide. Have an unforgettable massage, manicure and pedicure by experienced therapists at a day spa. This will be a relaxing experience for you in your vacation at Cabo Pulmo. Try to book your accommodation with a place which they provide facilities like day spa in the hotel. Places like Hotel Cabo Pulmo are with such facilities and these are also with a great views which gives you all the facilities to enjoy your vacation.

Hope you will have unforgettable experiences in your next holiday in Cabo Pulmo.These tips are for you to plan your holiday and things to do in Cabo Pulmo,I guess these are helpful!

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