It is easy to fall in love when you are in a holiday. You are so relaxed and no much work load or office stress. Everything surrounded by you are cheerful and romantic. With fresh air,lush greens and nature’s best sceneries who doesn’t fall in love with some one?

However, one thing to keep in mind! Falling in love with someone while you are travelling cannot be as same as you fall in love with someone in your home country. There will be a day that you both need to separate. You will need to return to your home country. On the other way you don’t know much about the person you fall in love with. You will also not get much time to understand him/her if you are in a short vacation.

Sometimes, there can be situations like you may not in love with him. May be you attracted to him, you both spend your time in different places together while exploring the new places and attractions, you both are so close, but that doesn’t mean you both will have an everlasting relationship.


But, do you know there are many successful stories of falling in love in another country and ended up with marriage? There are many successful marriages which couple is from two different countries. So, you can be the next too!

If you fall in love while travelling, then if you feel like you met your future spouse, then I know you want to keep this affair everlasting. With the advance technology today, you can keep contact through video calls, text messages, emails and even with photo sharing .There are so many ways to keep contacts while you both live in two different countries.

Spend some time communicating with your partner and try to understand his way of thinking, way of living etc. these will help you to understand his preferences and the way you have to adjust to the new life with your partner if you both will get married.

Falling In Love While Travelling

Once you both have a strong relationship, now it is time to talk about marriage and plan your wedding with your spouse to be. You need to check with your future spouse whether he likes to relocate to the country you live or you may need to relocate to his country. You will also need to decide where you plan your wedding. There may be different rules and regulations if you marry a foreigner. But after all marrying someone whom you fall in love while travelling can be exciting. So, make your full effort to keep a strong marriage and live a happy life with your spouse after your wedding day!

Have you fallen in love while travelling?please share your story with us below.


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