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Formentera hotel

The holiday period is the best time to have fun and unwind with your loved ones. When you choose the right place, you are assured of a unique experience. Since everyone is used to a sophisticated lifestyle in the city, coming to Etosoto Formentera will enable you to appreciate nature and its offerings.

If you are coming to Formentera for the first time, you must have heard about the serenading beauty and astonishing beaches that surround the location. Etosoto is located in a strategic area that brings you closer to nature. There is no better location to enjoy the splendor of nature’s beauty! Moreover, the island is renowned for its neat and clean beaches; the accommodation is built in such a way that provides with uninhibited access to the waters. It will offer a more unobstructed view of the beach side with fresh air making you sleepy when you need to catch some sleep.

Since everyone is used to a sophisticated lifestyle in the city, coming to Formentera will enable you to appreciate nature and its offerings.

Formentera hotel

All our rooms are built in such a way that provides you with uninhibited access to the waters. Thus, the interior designs have been carefully done to ensure proper illumination of light. You are expected to be treated to an outstanding display of lush and opulence in a simple way as each room has the touch of glamour written all over it. Lovers of music will find the presence of a keyboard in the room fascinating as we believe listening to lovely tunes can lighten your mood and make you feel better.

Holidays are times when family members want to strengthen the bond and have more time for each other. That’s why at Etosoto, the rooms are spacious and well-equipped with the proper features that will help you create memories of special holidays.

It’s time to experience the real definition of hospitality and simplicity.
 Welcome to Formentera. Welcome to Etosoto.

Let’s keep in touch: www.etosoto.com / contact@etosoto.com

Instagram @etosoto

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/etosotohotel/

Reasons to Book Your Next Hotel Rooms with Hotelhut.com

Selangor is one of the states in Malaysia which is full of tourist attractions. If you visit Malaysia, Selangor, these tips will help you to select your hotel. With our experience in Malaysia, it is always better to select the hotel according to your travel plan. If it is a holiday mainly for shopping, then select your hotel near the major shopping mall. If you go for visit attractions, then select your accommodation near attractions. Anyway, read on! Here are my tips for you to select your perfect hotel in Selangor.

Find your hotel near the attractions

Location is one of the important things to consider when you book a hotel for your holiday in Selangor Malaysia. If you select your hotel in Selangor near the major attractions, you will save time on travelling. That will allow you to enjoy most of the time visiting the attractions.

Selangor is with lot of tourist attractions from shopping malls to amusement parks. However, we cannot forget the Sunway Lagoon amusement park in Petaling Jaya which is one of the must visit attractions in Selangor. When you look for hotels in Selangor, Sunway hotels or hotels in Bandar Sunway are perfect because you will spend more time in this major attraction. Other than the waterplay area, you will spend more time shopping at Sunway Pyramid which is the adjacent shopping mall. For all these activities, a hotel near Sunway lagoon is a perfect choice.

Tips to Find the Best Hotels in Selangor,Malaysia

Check your budget

Same as for any other destination, consider your budget and the hotel room rates when you book your Selangor hotels. Usually you will find hotels with affordable rates in Malaysia, Selangor. If you are tight in budget, you can even stay in a budget hotel. Otherwise there are luxury resorts too.

Check the amenities

Some hotels include facilities such as breakfast, laundry and even kids friendly areas. If you are particular about smoking or non-smoking rooms, pet friendly hotels or even if there are any other choices, check before you confirm your booking. That will allow you to stay comfortable in your preferred hotel in Selangor.

Tips to Find the Best Hotels in Selangor,Malaysia

Check the Reviews of hotels in Selangor

From the reviews and recommendations of others who stayed in the same place, you can get some idea about the hotel you are going to book in Selangor. Anyway, I found W Studio Resort Suites as a comfortable luxury hotel in Selangor which is located near to Sunway Lagoon with lot of luxury facilities and amenities. It is located next to the major shopping hub in Selangor making your holiday shopping easy. You can find details of this hotel at their website at wstudio.com.my. May be this is the perfect Petaling Jaya hotel for you.

I hope these tips are helpful for you to book your hotel accommodation in Selangor for the next holiday.

It is always expensive to plan a holiday. You need to book flights, hotel rooms and even rental cars before you reach your destination. If you look for cheap holidays, then it is best to spend few hours to find the lowest possible rates for your hotel rooms and flights.

Yesterday I shared some of the best secrets for getting Airline Top Deals. So, today post is all about getting the best hotel rates. If you combine the tips in both posts, then you are ready for a low cost holiday.

There are many other methods to save money from hotel expenses such as staying in budget hotels or even sharing a room with a stranger. Although these methods save you money, that will also lower the quality and comfort of your holiday. That’s why below tips are helpful for you to book your preferred hotel room for the best possible rate. It can be a luxury hotel or even a budget hotel. Save more on the available rate!

Ask for a lower rate.

Simply call the hotel you want to stay and check whether they are running promotions on their hotel. These can be in different way like family packages, anniversary discount, holiday sales or some reason. It sounds odd to call the hotel directly. But, this works most of the time.

Another advantage is that sometimes the hotel room rate is bit cheaper than the rates you find through travel agents when you book directly from the hotel.

3 Secrets on How to Get the Best Hotel Rate

Shop online for hotel rooms

Well, most travelers book their hotel rooms online and enjoy lower rates. However their favorites are the giant hotel booking sites. I am sure you only check few major booking sites and compare the rates and complete your reservation. But do you know that these sites sometimes charge a booking fee?

So, check around and see what other sites beyond your circle of booking sites offer. Most of the time, you will find the best hotel rates from such hotel sites. www.easylowcostholidays.com is such a site which you can find the best hotel deals. You can also check sites/hotel search engines which check the rates from many hotel booking sites and compare the rates. In each way you can find the best hotel rate to stay.

Take advantage of last-minute specials and deals

This method really works. But sometimes it is really stressful because you are ready to fly. But still you do not have accommodation booked. Wait till last minute and book your hotel. Most of the time; hotels lower down the rate for their last room. You can take the advantage of it and book your hotel room for a really low rate.

Do you have any other secrets to find the best rate for any hotel rooms? Please share below.

Most Impressive Designer Hotels in Bologna

In this blog, I always share travel tips on different destinations. However, it is really helpful to know about ways you can save on travel expenses. When you want to travel around the world, it is always good to know about the deals, offers and tips on how to save money on your flights, accommodation, and other related expenses.

Recently I came across of a cheap hotel room booking engine and I thought of sharing the details of it and how you can save money when you book your hotel room with them.

This cheapest hotel booking site is Hotelhut.com which is a Florida based membership site with commitment of offering lowest possible rates for its customers.

Reasons to Book Your Next Hotel Rooms with Hotelhut.comAfter checking this hotel booking site,I found it is really helpful to book hotel rooms for very low rates.Here I gathered some reasons to book your next hotel rooms with Hotelhut.com.Read on and you will sure find these reasons as the ones you are looking for in any hotel booking site.

1: You will get cheapest rates for the hotel rooms

HotelHut.com aims to give the lowest possible rates for its members. They work for it and you will find the best possible lowest rates when you book hotel rooms with Hotelhut.com. Your accommodation can be a budget hotel or even a five star luxury hotel, you are lucky enough to enjoy reasonable rates when you book your room online with Hotelhut.com

2: It is easy to join

If you’ve noticed, there are many hotel booking membership sites which you need to pay really high membership fee to join. However the Lifetime Membership to HotelHut.com is valued at a very reasonable rate at $299 without Promo Code.

Do you know you can get a promo code to join with them however you first must join the closed Facebook Group … HotelHut Travel Club. To join this Facebook group…simply visit the FB Group page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/hotelhuttravelclub/) and request to join. This is a “closed” group which members share travel tips, advice, budget travel ideas and suggestions for all members of the group to enjoy and continue frugal travel!

Reasons to Book Your Next Hotel Rooms with Hotelhut.com

3: You will get the hotel deals immediately

Since Hotelhut.com is a membership site, as a member you can get the unpublished hotel rates immediately when the prices go down. These unpublished hotel rates are always lower than the rates of other travel agencies. So, keeping membership with hotelhut.com is advantage to you to enjoy these types of price changes.

4: You will see detailed information on accommodation before you book

It is always good to know about the property before you book any hotel room. Be it a budget hotel or a luxury hotel, then you are prepared to spend your days in that hotel when you know the amenities and views of the hotel room. In Hotelhut.com, travellers can see details of the hotels and rooms as much as possible including the amenities they provide.

5: Not bound by the clauses of rate parity

Hotelhut.com is not bound by the clauses of rate parity. So, its members can enjoy the lowest rates any time when they book hotel rooms with this booking site.

If you don’t know, rate parity clauses do not allow the travel agencies to offer lower room rates than the rates they display in their hotel. But, when a booking site is not bound by the rate parity, they simply don’t have such clauses.

Above are some of the most important reasons to book your hotel rooms with Hotelhut.com. As a traveler, I know you’d like to save some money and keep that saved money for your next trip or for entertainment during the trip. Other than the above mentioned,Hotelhut.com is a user friendly site with secure booking facilities.

How to book your hotel rooms with Hotelhut.com

As a travel blogger, I introduced this site for you all with the details on how to save money when you book your hotel rooms. Now it is your turn. Consider joining with Hotelhut.com today and see the offers available.
To become a member of Hotelhut.com, you will need an invitation.

So, have a look into Hotelhut.com site to enjoy the benefits of their members!

Belmond Hotel Caruso

Located on a cliff, and offering magnificent views for its guests Belmond Hotel Caruso is one of the world’s top hotels which you can experience the luxury of a cozy hotel stay. With amazing views of Amalfi coast, Hotel Caruso is a dreamy hotel in a dream location with a beautiful garden. The hotel views are full of romance and elegance! Anyone who visits Ravello, Amalfi coast would experience the warmth of hospitality and luxury of a comfortable hotel if they select this Belmond Hotel Caruso to spend few nights.

Moorish influenced palazzo which is built in the eleventh century has transformed to a beautiful five star hotel with lot of renovation work. This is the history of Belmond Hotel Caruso before you decide staying there. With a perfect mix of charm, this dreamy hotel is popular for its infinity pool and the best views and of course for the hospitality among the travelers around the world.

Belmond Hotel Caruso

The hotel features included terraced gardens, spa and wellness centre, boutique shop, fitness centre and also there is a free shuttle service. The historic interior of the luxury villa is carefully preserved when it is transformed into a five star hotel. The Belmond Hotel Caruso also own a fishing boat and they offer its guests complimentary boat tours daily. This is something that any traveller wouldn’t miss in their Amalfi coast holiday!

If you visit Ravello, the city of Music, then experience the luxury of Belmond Hotel Caruso, it will be a remarkable holiday in Amalfi coast! Just few steps away from the Hotel Caruso, you will find the beautiful and charming town Ravello with pretty houses with scent of roses! It is a dream comes true in a paradise!

Most Impressive Designer Hotels in Bologna

The hotels of Bologna are very diverse. Among them you can find both luxurious 5-star apartments equipped according to the most modern standards, and budget ones, which will be the best choice for those who like comfortable accommodation at affordable rates.
But the list of Bologna’s lodgings can be also supplemented with one more category of hotels – the apartments that don’t only impress with their luxury or coziness, but also features a unique interior and an incredible design.
So, let’s check out Bologna’s most amazing lodgings in the following review.

Hotel Metropolitan

It’s decorated in accordance with the classical traditions of Eastern countries: the interior is notable for its harmoniousness and restraint. Among thematic ornaments you’ll find the Buddhist-style stone statues and interesting handmade wooden wall panels.
Beautiful furnishings, an abundance of light colors and the amazing decorative candle – the Hotel Metropolitan is the best choice for those who are searching for the harmony.
The location of the Hotel Metropolitan is just ideal. The city center, Via Indipendenza shopping street and railway station are within walking distance from it.
The hotel offers “buffet breakfast” with snacks and sweets.
Average price: $116-145/night including breakfast
Coordinates: 44.498430, 11.343112

UNA Hotel Bologna

The UNA Hotel Bologna can easily win the title of the most beautiful and modern lodging in Bologna. It’s placed in a very impressive modern building with glass facade.
The interior of the hotel features a diversity of non-standard engineering solutions including a unique system of artistic illumination. Unusual lamps resembling huge pearls, large mirrors with lighting in the bathroom, beautiful carpet and colorful designer furniture – such a variety of different shapes and colors create a very pleasant interior.
The designer’s rooms of the UNA Hotel Bologna are equipped with free Wi-Fi and TV with free satellite channels.
The hotel is located near Montagnola Park and just in 20 minutes’ walk from Bologna’s city center.
Average price: $133-274/night including breakfast
Coordinates: 44.505234, 11.341982


Hotel Bologna Fiera

One of the most unusual Bologna’s buildings in the city belongs to Hotel Bologna Fiera. Its exterior is made of transparent glass panels and looks incredibly impressive. The sumptuous facade of the building hides an elegant and noble interior decorated in beige tones.
All the rooms of the Hotel Bologna Fiera feature the abstract-style painting and beautiful dark-wooden furnishings. On the walls of the public areas you can see realistic murals with historical motifs and incredible urban landscapes.
The local restaurant specializes in regional cuisine and offers a wide range of tasty desserts. For the convenience of the visitors, the indoor garage is also available there.
Average price: $119-145/night including breakfast
Coordinates: 44.512765, 11.359079

Hotel Cosmopolitan Bologna

The unique atmosphere of glamor and modern chic is waiting for you at the Hotel Cosmopolitan Bologna. Each element of its decor is a true work of designer art. The walls of all the rooms are decorated with exclusive wallpapers, the interior features bright designer furnishings draped with fine fabrics of noble colors.
In the public areas of the Hotel Cosmopolitan there’s a special lighting system: the lighting is embedded not only into the ceiling and walls, but also into the interior items. Decorating of the hotel was carried out mainly by using natural materials making the design more natural.
For lunch and dinner, a restaurant at the Cosmopolitan offers traditional local and creative international dishes. Free parking and free scheduled shuttle service to Bologna exhibition center are also at your disposal there.
Average price: $88-142/night including breakfast
Coordinates: 44.517054, 11.401854


B4 Bologna Tower

The B4 Bologna Tower is an excellent place to spend a few days in a stylish ambience. Its rooms are decorated in creamy shades and feature original designer accessories: furniture of unusual shape, glass panels, airy fabrics and natural flowers. The spacious hotel lobby is decorated by using rare breeds of wood and marble.
The local La Caveja restaurant serves traditional dishes of Bologna – tortellini and tagliatelle.
Bologna Tower Hotel is situated 4 km from the city center and in 10 minutes’ walk from Largo Leclaro railway station.
Average price: $95-159/night including breakfast
Coordinates: 44.490955, 11.390802

Art Hotel Orologio

The Art Hotel Orologio allows you to travel back to the unusual atmosphere of the past centuries. It is an amazing lodging located in the immediate vicinity of the Old Town Hall. Each of the 34 rooms is decorated according to the ancient Italian traditions. The rooms feature luxurious carpets of cherry color and furniture upholstered in satin fabrics. The bathrooms are decorated with beautiful marble and natural flowers.
The special design of the hotel is created thanks to the presence of genuine antique jewelry in its interior: vintage watches, table lamps, various statues and paintings.
The Art Hotel Orogolio is situated next to Piazza Maggiore and not far from Bologna Central Railway station.
Average price: $185-305/night including breakfast
Coordinates: 44.493522, 11.341868

Well, all of these Bologna’s lodgings feature truly a fascinating design and unique interior details. But in addition, they also provide comfortable conditions for your stay in Bologna and offer very reasonable rates. Consequently, choosing any of the above mentioned hotels, you get both an unforgettable experience and suitable accommodation.

For your convenience, we’ve specified GPS positions of all the lodgings, so it’s recommended to use a rental car in Bologna to reach any of them quickly and effortlessly.

Author Bio: Lily Berns tries to provide readers with useful travel info, especially about travelling by car. She likes to find special places for pleasant vacation in Italy.

Houston things to do

Considered as the fourth largest city of America, Houston is a vibrant city where you can find restaurants, nightclubs and bars if you want spend time there. On the other way, Houston is near to Gulf Coast Cities providing many attractions and activities to their visitors. If you like to see and learn historical things, then Houston will be your favorite, because Houston is home for many museums too. In the Museum district, you will find outstanding museums and art galleries together with historical buildings.

Houston things to do

Houston Tourism and things to do

Hermann Park, Sam Houston Park and Memorial park are among the must visit places of Houston. Downtown Aquarium, Space Center and Houston zoo are more popular among tourists. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Houston’s Lawndale Art Center and Museum of Fine Arts during your stay there because these are notable attractions for many tourists.

If you are a pet lover, then a dog park will be a good place for you. Danny Jackson Dog Park and Ervan Chew are more popular dogs’ parks in Houston. In Ervan Chew Park, you will find dog zone which is 9000 square feet area with fenced and allowed dogs to run freely.


Most of the attractions which you find in Houston are free. If you prefer night life, it is easy to find places for entertainment in Houston without spending much time.

Spend your time in a Luxury Accommodation

Finding a place to stay is not a difficult task in Houston. You will find Houston as a modern city with better accommodation facilities that meet visitors’ expectations. However, if you select a well-placed hotel near the main attractions which includes many facilities, that will make your holiday comfortable.

Sheraton North Houston at George Bush Intercontinental is an ideal hotel for travelers who visit Houston for holiday or business. This newly renovated hotel is ideally located near to many attractions and they even offer a complementary airport shuttle. You only need to call them for a pickup using the phones which you can find in baggage claim area.

Conveniently located near IAH, you will find spacious hotel rooms when you book your accommodation with Sheraton North Houston at George Bush Intercontinental. If you drive to Houston, then you are able to enjoy their free parking facility and at the same time this is a non-smoking hotel.

When you book hotel rooms or suits with Sheraton North Houston, you are eligible to enjoy many complementary facilities. If you look for recreation & entertainment, Outdoor Pool and Sheraton Club Lounge are there. Other than that this 3 star hotel gives you luxury accommodation which includes guest facilities such as 24 hour front desk, sundries shop, room service, wireless internet access etc.

Finally, Houston is a great place for you to visit for business or leisure. There are many activities and attractions available. You may surprise because there is something for everyone who visit Houston. If you plan your trip to Houston with a comfortable accommodation, then it will be a memorable visit to Houston which you will never forget for years.So,visit Houston and enjoy a luxury holiday there!

When planning a vacation, one of the most important steps is to book a hotel room. Among the many ways of booking a hotel room, our favourite method to book a hotel room is through online booking sites. Currently, we are planning another short holiday for coming long weekend and I am in the process of checking for a hotel room. With all my experience so far, I thought of sharing few advantages we gain by booking hotel rooms online. Hope these are helpful tips for you if you still don’t make your reservations via online travel sites.
Why online booking?
#1: You will find the best deals
Instead of paying a middleman to book your flights and hotels, you can directly book hotels through online travel websites.
Also, when we make reservations online, it is mostly like a DIY task. Because we do the billing and paying part ourselves through a booking site, hotels also save some money on staffing. Most hotels therefore offer special online rates than someone book directly with the hotel. So, by using online booking, it is easy to find hotels for a special rate and hence save some money.
#2: Easy to find convenient location
Most of the hotels websites give the information like location, nearest airport, attractions etc. Therefore it is really easy to find a comfortable hotel near to the places we need to visit by comparing few options.
#3: Able to see the photos of the hotel
Although we can check photos through the travel agent, those can be few. Instead, when we book online, we are able to see the photos of the hotel, not only the photos shared by the hotel management, but also actual photos shared by the travelers. These help us to take a decision or some idea on the place we are going to stay.
#4: Able to read the reviews
Another advantage of online booking sites is that you are able to read hotel reviews of travellers who stayed at the same hotel. This is really helpful to take a decision on a desired hotel.
#5: Able to compare the rates for the same hotel
This is one of the important advantages of making reservations online. Instead of comparing few hotels at the same location; there are also some websites that will allow doing a comparison of same hotel rate in different sites.
By using such a travel site for ebooking a hotel room, you’ll be able to see the rate from different Sites like Expedia , Hotel.com etc. and hence it is easy to find the best rate for the same hotel room.


Above are some of my reasons to book hotel rooms online. How about you?
Do you arrange your trips via travel agents or do you organize those by yourself? Please share your ideas.

Looking for the best guest friendly hotels in
Bangkok? Without a doubt, when you are looking for some of the wackiest,
craziest experiences a city has to offer, Bangkok is the place to be. Not just
for folks who love visit vibrant bars, but also for those who love bowling
alleys lit with neon lights and a mug of the best brew on this side of the
planet. In every corner you will find the most relaxing massage centers or get
the opportunity to record your own CD’s in various karaoke centers. The
friendly hospitality that abounds in this area plus the easy accommodations of
tuk tuks will be sure to give you an experience you won’t be able to get
anywhere else in the world. When it comes to bar girl friendly hotels Bangkok, you won’t have to look
very far to find them.

the Most that Bangkok Has to Offer
To get the greatest experiences Bangkok has to
offer, it is a good idea to find some of the best guest friendly hotels in Bangkok around the area of
Sukhumvit. With a range of prices to accommodate every budget, you will be sure
to find a guest friendly hotel that you will want to book for more than just
one night. In Sukhumvit, some of the best accommodations include the Majestic
Grande, Royal Asia Lodge, Swiss Park Hotel, Ambassador Hotel and Nana Hotel.
There are other hotels that let you bring in guests between Soi Cowboy and Nana
but we picked five of the best ones for your convenience.


One At No Extra Charge
There are also a few hotels and motels that
charge for you to bring in a guest, but the ones selected here are bar girl
friendly hotels Bangkok that charge you nothing for bringing in a friend. This
way, whether or not you meet someone new on one of your nights out in the city,
it won’t charge you extra for bringing them over to sleep the night. The party
never really stops in Bangkok and whether you are in for some rest and
relaxation or in the mood for some hard all-night partying, you will be sure to
find it right here in unbeatable Bangkok.

4 Best Tips to Find a Hotel for your Next Holiday
So you are planning your
next vacation. It involves lot of planning including accommodation. You want to
find the best accommodation which gives you a comfortable stay during the
vacation even without breaking the bank. But, how to find a good accommodation
if the destination is a totally new place and you don’t know about the place
much? That’s a big concern for anyone when finding a hotel for stay during a

Here I gathered few tips you
can use when search for a hotel. Hope these tips are helpful for you when you
look for a hotel next time.
#1: Ask friends and family members

I hope you’ve already selected
a destination for your holiday. Now the next to do is to find a hotel. If you
know someone among your family members and friends who have been to the same vacation
destination, ask them. Ask them about the hotel they stayed. May be they say
that the place they stayed was not worth the money spent or they may even say
they don’t want to visit the place again. But they will also give you some
suggestion of the hotels they found during their visit which they think that
those hotels are worth for a stay. Whatever they say, you’ll find good
information about the destination and the hotels nearby and it may ease your

#2: Use the internet to look
for hotel reviews. 

If you check for hotel reviews online, you’ll find tons of reviews. Nowadays there are many websites
that share actual reviews from travelers who have already stayed in the hotel. Some
of these reviews are also included photos of the hotel and hotel room they
stayed. These reviews will give you a clear picture and idea of hotels near any
travel destination which you are looking for. Comparing few hotel suggestions
and reviews, you can select a hotel to stay.

#3: Talk to a Travel agent

Travel agents most probably know
the best hotels to stay and even you will be able to get a discount if you book
through them. Therefore talking with a travel agent is always a good idea and
you’ll able to get some clear idea of the vacation destination too. Make sure
to ask lots of questions and get your all doubts cleared before making the

#4: Use Travel Apps and Tools

4 Best Tips to Find a Hotel for your Next Holiday

Now, if you don’t like all
above methods and which some are like old school methods that you spend time to
find a place and call for a friend and get the details, then find the hotel
then call the hotel etc etc, why don’t you get the help of a travel tool or a
travel App ? 

Usually these travel apps and tools are a great way to reduce time
consuming for a simple task. Using a travel tool, you can save lot of time and
use that saved time to find the attractions and things to do during your stay.Among other tools and Apps,check ‘Near Me’ to find Hotels Nearby, which is a great tool for travelers.It is developed to assist people to locate
any service in a given location. You only need to enter the location you plan
to visit and then you will get the results almost immediately.

Finally, you will find some
pretty amazing hotels in your searches. Next, you will have to do is a little
research and find if you really want to stay there. Shortlist few hotels and
find the best hotel around to stay during the vacation. Though these processes
need some time to spend, it will worth the time. 

Using above tips and
techniques with a little research within the hotel website, you’ll find the
best hotel to stay. Even you’ll find the perfect hotel at the rate you expect. 

Now, start your search and
have fun in your next holiday!

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