When to Visit Gardens in Singapore

Singapore is widely known for its beauty and its initiatives to maintain a friendly, green environment—despite its small size and huge population. Due to the green environment, Singapore has come to be known as the Garden City. You should consider touring the country for a vacation or for business, as you can still get a feel of the green city. To travel to Singapore, you need to work on getting the right documents, like a visa, by following the requisite Singapore immigration procedure, for which you may need the assistance of experienced agents. The beauty of employing a visa agent is that you will have an easier time applying, save time and money, and be assured of the best advice on the appropriate visa and other relevant issues.

So, when is the most beautiful time to visit gardens in Singapore? This article looks at the most appropriate and best times in order to ensure you get the best out of your visit.

When to Visit Gardens in Singapore

The Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens by the Bay is undoubtedly the most famous garden in Southeast Asia, and every tourist who visits there looks forward to visiting it. The expansive garden occupies 101 hectares of land and comprises three waterfront gardens: Bay East, Bay South, and Bay Central. Some of the most significant features in the garden is the SuperTree Grove, which comprises 18 huge metal structures covered with vegetation; the Marina Barrage; the Flower Dome; the Cloud Forest Conservatories; and the Heritage Gardens. There is a huge bridge that connects two of the tallest Super Trees, and enables people to get a good view of the whole park.

The most beautiful time to tour the Gardens

Gardens by The Bay

The most beautiful time to visit the conservatories in the Gardens by the Bay is early in the morning, and if possible on weekdays. Mornings are the most beautiful times, as they are cooler and quieter, thus giving you a great opportunity to marvel at the conservatories. Also, you will likely not find crowds in the morning. The entrance to the Gardens by the Bay is free of charge, but you must pay to get into the conservatories and to take a stroll on the treetop walk.

Avoid weekends if you want to go up the Skyway at the SuperTree Grove, since there are long lines for paying the entry fee. The Flower Dome is also best visited in the morning, as are the Cloud Forest Conservatories. Going in the morning allows you sufficient daylight hours, especially for the Flower Dome, as flowers appear prettier in the natural light. Also, you should know the conservatories are open till 9pm, after which they have a different atmosphere.

To enjoy the light show staged at the SuperTree Grove, you will need to visit the Gardens in the evenings, as they come on daily at 7:45pm and 8:45pm. This show is free of charge, like most activities in the Gardens.


The most beautiful time to visit the Gardens is in the morning and, if possible, on a weekday. This way, you can avoid crowds, and see the flowers in the Flower Dome in natural lighting, which brings out their beauty. However, for the light show, you have to go after nightfall, as the show is carried out at 7:45pm and 8:45pm.


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