If you are under special medication, that doesn’t mean you cannot go for holidays. On the other way, a holiday helps for you to relax. Here are some tips for you to travel smart with your medication.

Pack Your Pills First

When you pack your luggage, pack your pills first. If you forget your toothbrush or any other such thing, you can buy those easily at the destination. But if you forget your pills, it is not easy to buy .Even you cannot spend your holiday without your medication. So, remember to pack your pills and medicine first.

Careful on what you eat
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You may have dietary restrictions. You may also have to take some pills empty stomach or after a meal. Keep your medicine schedule in mind and it is always better to keep some food in your bag to eat when you take medicine. Also watch what you eat.

Don’t run out of cash

When you travel alone, one of the most important things to keep in your mind is your safety. Always try to avoid situations for asking strangers for help. Keep enough money somewhere with you, so you will be safe enough to return to your hotel room if you face any danger or even theft of your bags.

Enjoy Yourself


You are with medication and special diet schedule doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy your holiday. Plan ahead on things you can do during your holiday. Good planning will help you to relax on your holiday with lot of fun.

If you are in special medications and drugs such as for HIV, by planning ahead and with all your prescriptions with you, you can enjoy a good holiday. Even you can meet HIV singles at your destination and it is a good way to spend time with like minded community.



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