Seattle Airport Transportation

Seattle Airport Transportation

Airport is a place where
you can see people who are rushing to catch their flight to avoid tardiness. We
also see people waiting for means in transporting them to a certain place after
landing in a plane. There could be many options to choose from enable for us to
get to the place where we are going after a long flight. SeattleAirport Transportation choices can be a guide for the travellers in
what could be their best option in transporting them into the place they are
going to.

Being the primary connection, visitors take Central Link Light Rail between Sea-Tac and Seattle.
From airport, follow signs in Link Light Rail with a fare of $2.75. If your
hotel is in the downtown Seattle core you can get through using the train. Be
sure to buy a ticket before getting on the train from the machines.  But
with travellers with limited luggage can be at their best in bus service. This
route is less frequent and does not connect to downtown Seattle.  A
friendly reminder to those who rents car:  Traffic in Seattle is
heavy. The start of rush hour is from dawn and might not let up until mid-morning.  Evening
rush hour begins as early as mid-afternoon and ends at around 7:00 PM. At least
with two people in your car, the high-occupancy-vehicle lanes are called HOV. All
the rental car agencies have been moved to a central car rental.  You
can access the shuttle that serve all car rental firms by walking out of
baggage claim and walking to the far right or left for the closest bus



Seattle Airport Transportation

Another means of
transporting you which is 16 miles from Seattle Sheraton to Seatac airport
makes the 16 mile trip from Seatac to downtown with a minimum of $40 with an
addition of $2.50 flag drop and $1 airport fee with extra charges for extra
passengers. This shows that town cars are a better option to get through the
downtown especially if it includes waiting time. Waiting time is currently
priced at $.50 a minute.  If you call from the baggage claim area town
cars or limo will come to you. Both the cabs and limos are regulated by the
Port of Seattle and are the only ones allowed to stage themselves at the
airport. Yellow Cab is the exclusive cab provider and STILA is the limo and
town car provider. Flat rate cabs can be an alternative for town car and cab.  Company with 200 flat rate cabs operate through
in city and within the area.  They have flat rate without time metering
and can get quote online.  Seatac currently charge $29 or vice


On Call town car or limo

There are Limos at Seattle
that are always available and many times are less than a cab.  There are
phones in baggage claim.  Since town cars comes through a flat rate this
will often come out about the same as a cab especially if you’re traveling when
the freeway is congested.   Stila town cars and limosuines are
based in the Seatac garage and are regulated by the airport. 


Limousine (STILA)

Seattle Airport Transportation
They offer town cars,
SUVs and limos and picks passengers either at the outside of Baggage Claim or
on the third floor of Garage parking. Arranging town car or limousine, use the
touch screen to access “Ground Transportation” on any of the Travellers’
Information Boards in Baggage Claim that is located near the escalators.
The above SeattleAirport Transportation choices is a proof that getting in the Seattle
Airport could not be as hard as you think because of the available means of
transportation. Just choose the right one according to your need and budget.


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