Fishing Trip to Pelican Lake

Minnesota is often dubbed as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes”, making it the prime vacation destination for those with a love of fishing. To be more specific, it is home to 11,842 lakes that are 10 acres or more in size, with Voyageurs National Park being the largest water-based park in the National Park System. With so many fabulous lakes to choose from, it can be hard to narrow it down to just one as your next fishing destination.

Lakes such as Long, Mud, Rice, Round, Bass, Twin, and Horseshoe are often the most talked about, but Pelican Lake could be that hidden gem that you’re really after. Here we’ll take a look at everything you need to know when planning a fishing trip to Pelican Lake, Orr, MN.

What Kind of Fish Are in Pelican Lake?

The first question you’ll likely have is what kind of fish to expect in Pelican Lake. The lake itself is known for its walleyes, for which it has a pretty impressive population of. There has been many a fisher who has managed to catch a trophy fish walleye from the lake. If it is walleye you’re after, experts suggest you visit early in the fishing season or wait for fall for the best and biggest.

Besides walleye, the lake is also home to large and smallmouth bass, crappies, and northern pike. Pan fishing is also big in Pelican Lake and is an activity even the kids can take part in.

When Is Fishing Season?

Planning your trip to coincide with the fishing season is also a top priority if you plan on having a successful adventure. Tourists are often happy to hear that fishing is available all year-round, and is actually abundant all year-round. What this means is that there is no “bad time” to fish. With that said, each species has its own peak period. If you’ve been wanting to give ice fishing a try, be sure to visit during the month of January.

The start of the spring season is usually among the busiest as this is when you’ll find walleye, pike, and crappie. Be sure to troll the sunken sand bars and the open areas, which are flatter.

What About a Boat?

If you don’t plan on towing your own boat to the lake, then you can always look into Minnesota boat rentals as an excellent option. Take, for example, Birch Forest Lodge, which features cabins for rent and grounds that are filled with all the must-have amenities. If you are staying at the lodge, you can actually rent a boat through them and choose from such crafts as the 20′ Manitou Pontoon, 16′ Lund Fury, or the 16′ Crestliner Fish Hawk. There are daily and weekly rental options.

Time to Get Out on the Lake

Pelican Lake is truly a gem within the state of Minnesota, offering not just fabulous fishing but boating, resorts, nature, and more to enjoy.


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