Fishing Tackle and Gear for Beginners

For a beginner, fishing appears to be simple enough to master. You need loads of patience above all, but you needn’t bother with a huge amount of gears. It is easy to waste money on shaky fishing gears that will end up being useless if you don’t do some research beforehand.

To avoid being overwhelmed with what to buy, it is easier and faster to get a good ready-made tackle and reel setup. The makers will have effectively done their diligent work and made a decent fishing gear with awesome performance.

Here is a review on ten fishing tackle and gear endorsed by experts for anyone especially beginners. However, you should look cautiously before buying since a large number of these gears come at various sizes and options with lines and baits or not. You can also check a fishing tackle reviews website for more information.

1. Plusinno Fishing Gear

This rod is recommended for everyone. It is made by Plusinno and highly loved due to 2 main reasons: can be easily stored due to its foldable compact form and it is also not expensive.

It is made of materials such as aluminum oxide, rust-resistant stainless steel and it has an EVA handle which is comfy to hold. Beginners will love this kit since it comes with all important accessories to get you started.

Summary of Features

  • Complete set that includes fishing rod, handle and reel
  • Telescopic rod suitable for storage and traveling since it’s foldable
  • Perfect for fishing in salt and fresh water
  • Various rod length is available
  • Resistant to rust
  • Strong and durable rod in addition to smooth reel

Check  for further fishing advice and tips.

2. PENN Battle II Combo

This combo is specifically made for spinning fishing – both offshore and inshore and offshore. Click here to read more. You will be able to catch big and aggressive fishes in saltwater because it is super powerful and highly responsive.

The graphite composite rod has guides made with aluminum oxide. You can choose in between medium or heavy power rods. The design often comes in 1 or 2 pieces with 6 to 10 inches. The drag system has HT-100 carbon fiber. It also has a strong and robust reel with a rotor and long-lasting aluminum wire.

Summary of Features

  • Farther cast with the long rod
  • Braided line can be easily used on the spool
  • Durable and robust drag washers that can be oiled
  • Rod with exceptional sensitivity

3. Cadence CC6 Fishing Gear

The Cadence Fishing CC6 is also suitable for experts. It does not matter if you want to catch a bass, trout, or just offshore.

The graphite rod can tolerate misuse but the foam grips and combination cork are comfortable and light.

Summary of Features

  • With medium to quick action
  • The tip bends when you have a catch
  • Firm rod to ease reeling

4. Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Reel and Rod Combo

Ugly Stik rods are well-known by intermediate fishers – made to be flexible yet appear sturdy and stiff. Also sensitive and does not break while being bent.

The combo comes in fiberglass and graphite material. The first material makes it sturdy while the latter makes it highly sensitive.

Summary of Features

  • Lightweight and well-balanced
  • Very sturdy and sensitive
  • Reels with great ability to cast

5. Penn Pursuit II & III Spinning Set

The combo is best if you’re in need of a set for surf fishing. The Penn set has a sleek and strong reel with a composite graphite rod – making it comfortable, light and sensitive.

It is balanced and built for a pier, surf, inshore, and boat fishing. The sizes of the rod vary from 7 to 10 feet. It is easy to store and transport because it is only 2 pieces.

Summary of Features

  • Made for use in saltwater to catch big fishes like whiting, king mackerel
  • The material is resistant to degradation over time
  • The reel is strong, high quality and smooth
  • The set has guides made with stainless steel and reel seats made with graphite
Fishing Tackle and Gear for Beginners

6. Pflueger Trion Fishing Reel and Rod Combo

This balanced, comfortable and light fishing combo is recommended for experts that are dedicated to fishing but wants an affordable set. The reel is made with aluminum and graphite which make it strong and sleek instead of being jumpy when thrown. The fishing rod is light and comes in different length i.e. 5 to 7 inches. The drag system is smooth and strong. Most suitable for catching bass, crappie, flounder, catfish etc.

Summary of Features

  • Sleek motion due to its metal rollers
  • The parts are resistant to corrosion
  • Simple to use after setting up
  • Responsive and sensitive

7. Okuma VS-605-20 Voyager Spinning Set

Portability of a fishing set is the main feature while deciding on set to buy. The Okuma set is of high quality and perfect for hiking, flying or camping.

It is made up of a soft outer carry case, a spinning reel of 20-size, 5 pieces of 6-foot rod and a little tackle box.  Best for fishing in freshwater such as rivers, streams, ponds, and so on.

Summary of Features

  • Portable and can be stored conveniently
  • Quite inexpensive considering it is a full set
  • A lightweight, sensitive and balanced rod that is easy to use and pack

8. Eagle Claw PK56TS Pack-It Spin Set

This set is ideal for traveling and light fishing in freshwater for crappie, trout etc. The telescopic rod is easy to carry because it can be collapsed for storage. You can put it easily in your backpack or car boot for camp, hikes and road trips.

The robust rod is made of fiberglass for a comfortable hold and has a length of 5.6 inches which enable you to have control while casting.

Summary of Features

  • Fishing lines come spooled
  • Portable and lightweight telescopic rod
  • Rod casts great and reel action is smooth
  • Can be used with baits and lures

9. Wakeman Swarm Series Combo

It is great for learning light fishing in freshwater and the combo comes with a reel and rod. It makes it catching bass, trout, catfish etc. a breeze. The 5.5 inches sturdy rod is in fiberglass and comes with porcelain guides and soft handle. Suitable for kids and short people.

The short rod is perfect for close distance casting. The spinning reel is in size 20 and may need replacement because it is likely to tangle and twist. The Gear ratio of 5.2 to 1 means retrieval is quick.

Summary of Features

  • The blue metallic color is stunning
  • The reel comes spooled with a single filament fishing line
  • High quality and sturdy rod ensure effective function
  • Light design that is simple to use and soft to grip

10. Daiwa Mini System Minispin Combo

A super light affordable fishing set which features spinning reel with a rod in a hard storage case. A high class rod that is excellent for catching fishes in freshwater. The sensitive and tough rod has a length of 4.5 foot and the 5-pieces set is easy to set up.

The reel seems fragile and small but it is quite strong.  MS-S500T reel has a ball bearing drive with a gear ratio of 5.1:1. The foam handle makes it easy to grip and operate with either right or left hand.

Summary of Features

  • Can be set up quickly and easily
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Comes with hard storage case with space for tackles

The key to fruitful fishing trips is having excellent fishing gear that works efficiently and effectively. It should be sturdy and comfortable to handle which will allow you to have control when throwing lines, battling aggressive fishes and recovering lines.


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