Imagine a Victorian
glass maker who has been lucky enough to land a job at the new Seaham Bottleworks
in North East England. He finds himself in a cutting edge facility, mixing
exotic materials with glass to add colour and brightness, including Gold and
Plutonium, all mixed by hand. His employers encourage creativity and even allow
the best workers to come in their own time and practice their art making
something more interesting than bottles, chandeliers, or inkwells. Then the
whistle blows, the waste glass is gathered, melted together and then tossed
over the nearby cliffs. One day, in the 1923 General Strike, the bottleworks
closes, never to reopen.

Now move forward a hundred years, the waste glass has
long since been dug out from the base of the cliffs and dumped out to sea. Now
all that remains are hundreds of tiny pebbles of glass, in amazing colours and
patterns, washed ashore with each tide. On the shore a handful of local hunters
search the beach to find these pieces and then send them out to collectors or
make jewellery to sell online. That’s the world of a sea glass
business that sells via all over the world.
Now Peblsrock is making a documentary, called All Washed
Up, following a year on Seaham Beach with Paula, the owner of Peblsrock, and
meeting other collectors, visitors from the US and looking at some of the
history and local colour. With a soundtrack by Moby, this DVD is only available
from this Kiskstarter project.
Even if you don’t want to pledge, i’d appreciate you
passing on the link, or just letting people know about the Etsy store, the
project and the sea glass. All help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks. Paula



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