All Washed Up - A Documentary by Peblsrock

Once, the largest
in Europe and exporting globally, Seaham Bottleworks was a huge facility of
some seven gas fired kilns, overlooking the cliffs and the port that had
developed due to coal mining. The presence of the raw materials, and a new
gasworks, made it an ideal location for bottle production, with a private
railway connection to the port and having two ships of their own moving bottles
to large warehouses in London, the business thrived.

There was more to
it than bottles, with much decorative glass being produced, and artisans
learning to mix new chemicals with the glass, including Gold, to make perfume
bottles, chandeliers, and other fine items. Of course, all of this industry
created a lot of waste, and this was disposed of into the North Sea, as was the
coal waste just along the coast.  These
“Gobs” of glass sometimes remained intact, or after 100 years of sea tumbling
now appear on the beach, as beautiful small nuggets or pebbles as I prefer to
call them. Highly collectable and prized around the world, these pebbles now
forms the basis for my business, which you can see at
Now Peblsrock is making a documentary, called All Washed
Up, following a year on Seaham Beach with me. Paula, the owner of Peblsrock,
and meeting other collectors, visitors from the US and looking at some of the
history and local colour. With a soundtrack by Moby, this DVD is only available
from this Kiskstarter project.


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