Getting a Luxury Tasmania Accommodation

Nicknamed by its citizens as “Tassie”, Tasmania is a beautiful island located in Australia. It is popularly known for its exquisite food and drinks, fresh air, rough geography, awesome art galleries, and hiking trails.

There are many outdoor activities that can be done on this island. Considering the dolerite cliffs of South Bruny Parkland towards the glacial tarns of Alpine Highlands, you would find this island intriguing. However, carrying out most of these activities can be really stressful.

Therefore, you need comfortable accommodation with a good fireplace to keep you warm on cold days. You also need an appetizing meal, the best of nature’s wine, and a welcoming bed to get you well-rested.

This beautiful island in Australia has been ignored by visitors and tourists. Research shows that only a few landscapes in Tasmania have been among the world’s best travel destination lists. Some of these notable places include Glass Bay, Bay of Fires, Salamanca market, and Cradle Mountain National Park.

Some visitors and tourists who have visited Tasmania affirm that they can’t stop talking about their stay. Options like the accommodation Country Club Launceston make the experience even more memorable.

There are several lovely tourist sites you can visit in the world. But if you are planning a family holiday, personal vacation, or even a romantic trip to Australia, then consider choosing this beautiful Island of Tasmania.

This article is aimed at helping you choose luxury accommodation in Tassie for your romantic getaway. A luxury romantic suite will typically have elegant decorations and hosting by the finest chefs, butlers, and workers who ensure that visitors get the best of luxury treats. Even if you choose a family suite or any other type of accommodation, you will still get the best treat desired and an outstanding view from your room.

Luxury Romantic Accommodations

The Tasmanian island holds some beautiful as well as unique landscapes. Along with being among the world’s most romantic places with accommodation choices best for a luxurious and intimate treat, you might be wondering why you’re yet to take a trip to this beautiful island.

If you’re looking to escape with your partner from your daily grind, then you should take a close look at this list. We have carefully selected some of the finest romantic getaways you can find in Tasmania.

Satellite Island

This beautiful island is located off Tassie’s Bruny Island. It provides unshared hire, which means it is only available to you and your partner. This is the true definition of a private island.

The only occupants of this island are the property manager and a deer. The manager serves as a tour guide, taking you sightseeing across the river to Bruny. Or playing the role of a seafaring butler, purchasing sea urchin, crayfish, abalone, and oysters for your romantic dinner.

You can choose your preferred quarters between the summer house and the boathouse. The summer house is a three-bedroom close to the cliff while the boathouse is a two-bedroom with a fire pit, fishing gear, and a wide deck.

Meals are professionally made with supplies like eggs from chooks on the island along with smoked trout. You can get cheese, bread, and other essentials at the cheese company on Bruny Island when you are approaching the wharf.

On arrival at the boathouse, you can grill some seafood on the deck and try some glasses of Tasmania’s House of Arras. There is usually one complimentary bottle of sparkling wine for guests.

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Hideaway Pods in Hobart

If you are in search of an environmentally-friendly getaway with a rustic sensation, then you should go for this resort. It is about twenty minutes, South of Hobart. It has 2 outstanding studio apartments namely pea pod and vanilla pod. They extend towards the foot of a hill.

The rooms have glass doors that you can slide open and allow some cool air in. You can also take a stroll on the ten thousand square meters property surrounded by pastures. You will see sheep grazing on the hillside behind the resort. You will also see hens and alpacas in front, occupying their pen.

The core of Hobart hideaway pods is eco-sensitivity. It is built with sustainable materials. To give it a more natural feel, it features a dam for collecting rainwater, composting toilets, and eco-friendly facilities. So, as you enjoy modern conveniences such as the comfortable bed and kitchenette, you’d be sure to get a nature-given luxury treat. You will also have the serenity needed for intimacy with your partner.

Hobart’s restaurant, Aloft, is about 5 minutes away from the lodge. You could visit for breakfast or dinner as well as for your coffee fix. This property also features an extensive view of River Derwent.


Just like perfect pictures in our storybooks, all 15 cottages in Piermont feature high roofs as well as stone chimneys displaying perfectly outside. But this is not enough to qualify its magnificent features.

Its setting makes it another perfect choice for your romantic visit to Tassie. Each cottage sits between gum trees and she-oaks on the East coast of Tasmania, close to the Great Oyster Bay.

This executive accommodation also features 2 private beaches, 1 tennis court, a pool, mountain biking, and kayaking. You could get bikes as well as sports gear at the reception if you are up for an adventure. Otherwise, you could mingle with ponies and horses at the polo field. Then when you get back to the cottage, heated floors, a spa bath, and a well-equipped kitchen could help you relax after the fun activities.

You can dine at the one hundred- and eighty-years old homestead, an award-winning site at the center of Piermont. The cottages are also close to renowned sites like Wineglass Bay, Devil’s corner, and Freycinet Park.

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Tassie is a beautiful island not known to many. But it has beautiful features to host your next romantic trip. So, if you need a romantic getaway, you should check out this island.

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