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Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka

Gadaladeniya Temple or Gadaladeniya Raja Maha Viharaya is an ancient temple of Sri Lanka along the Colombo Kandy road. With beautiful views and lot of attractions, it is always interesting to travel along the Kandy road towards the Temple of Tooth Relic which is a must visit attraction in Sri Lanka. Although I’ve been to Kandy tooth relic temple many times, this is my second visit to the Gadaladeniya Temple as we were always rushing with our Sri Lanka holiday plans. Finally we visited Gadaladeniya temple during our 2016 Sri Lanka holiday and it was really memorable with other nearby attractions till we reached Kandy.

Bit of History about Gadaladeniya Temple

Gadaladeniya Temple is an ancient Buddhist temple which was built in year 1344 and it has influence of South Indian architectural style. Currently it is maintained under the Department of Archeology, Sri Lanka as it is considered as a historical heritage site.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka
Three generations ,Grand father,father and son

If you like history and culture, then Gadaladeniya Temple is a must visit place in Kandy, Pilimathalawa. We reached the temple around 2pm, but it was little bit sunny. However among the ancient Buddha statues and paintings, I could not feel any difficulty. Instead we spent our time watching the temple and reading the history of it. My little explorer too spent his time walking around the temple and he did not show any signs of tiredness.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka

First we entered into the shrine room at the entrance of the Gadaladeniya viharaya which also looks so old and faded.However as a heritage site,these statues and paintings are well protected in their original condition.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka
Ancient paintings found in Gadaladeniya Raja Maha Viharaya

Below is another buddha statue in a small shrine room.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka
Buddha statue inside the Gadaladeniya temple

The stupa of the Gadaladeniya temple is not huge as most of Sri Lankan stupas found around the country. Instead it is a small stupa (Pagoda) surrounded by another four smaller stupa. The main stupa is surrounded by four pillars and a roof which is unique to this temple in Pilimathalawa, Kandy.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka
Stupa of the Gadaladeniya Viharaya – Sri Lanka

There are stone guardians around the corners of the stupa which are symbolic elephants.These sculptures are great examples of the rich history of ancient Sri Lanka and its culture.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka
Guard stones

After spending time around the stupa,we entered into the main Shrine hall which is also full of ancient paintings.The main Buddha statue represents the seating posture of Buddha and thereare carvings and other sculptures around it.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka
Buddha statue of the main shrine – Gadaladeniya ancient temple

You will also find the relic casket with in front of the Buddha statue which is also the table for offerings.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka

We were impressed by the ancient sculptures and buddha statues in this Gadaladeniya temple as it is full of statues.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka

There is also a Bodhi tree in Gadaladeniya temple which is a must have in any temple.Other than the photos shared here,there are lot of things to see including the paintings and even an ancient inscription.

Gadaladeniya Temple –Kandy-Sri Lanka
Bodhi Tree – Gadaladeniya ancient temple

If you visit Kandy Sri Lanka,dont forget to spend few hours to visit this Gadaladeniya Viharaya which is just around 1 km away from Pilimathalawa.(Pilimathalawa is a small town along the way to Kandy).Also there are other 2 historical attractions you can visit after Gadaladeniya viharaya.Embakke Dewalaya and Lankathilaka Viharaya are other places you must visit in the same trip as those were also located in just few kilo metres away.

How to Reach Gadaladeniya Temple:

It is located in Pilimathalawa along the Colombo Kandy road.If you reach by public transport,it is easy to hire a tuk tuk from Pilimathalawa.Otherwise it is easy to arrange private car or tour operator to visit Kandy including this temple.

Things to know before you visit:

It is a historical attraction.If you have interest on ancient temples and culture then this will be an ideal place to visit.Also check the dress code and behavior before you plan your trip to Sri Lanka temples.

Have you been to Sri Lanka? Or do you like to visit historical sites?Please share your thoughts.


Known as Peradeniya Rest House before and known as Royal Guest House under a new management, this is our accommodation in Kandy in our recent Kandy tour. When we were students of University of Peradeniya, we always found the Peradeniya Guest House as a beautiful and interesting place by just looking at it from outside whenever we travel along the Kandy Road. It is strategically located in front of the Peradeniya Botanical Garden and for us this seems to be the exact accommodation in our Kandy trip because our 2nd day plan was to visit University of Peradeniya. Starting the day from a hotel near the University would be great, as we thought.

Beautiful exterior of Peradeniya Rest House

The Peradeniya Rest House was under Hotel Cooperation and now it is under a new management. We knew it as Peradeniya Rest House but we were confused with many different names when we were searching online before reaching Kandy.

Peradeniya Rest House or Royal Rest House?

We planned to book the hotel few days ago, but with confusion of names, we didn’t book and decided to book the hotel room once we reached there.(If you check TripAdvisor, you’ll find different names for the same rest house)

A Bit of History

Once this was the home for Captain Dawson who led the construction of Colombo Kandy Road in 1820 and this is a colonial type of bungalow which is more than 200 years old.

Just imagine, with such history and as a colonial type bungalow, my expectation was to view beautiful interior which highlight the colonial style and beauty.

Our Experience with Royal Rest House Peradeniya

We visited there at night and only 2 rooms were left. However we booked one of the rooms which were next to their new construction. At that time some renovation were going on, but no problem. We understand and no construction work at late night. So, we were not disturbed due to renovation work.

Good Experience:

View of Delux Double room – Peradeniya Rest House

Room view is attractive and one room was with beautiful pool view and a balcony area.

Pool view from the room – Peradeniya Rest House

So, we selected to stay there. I like the furniture style which reminded me the colonial style architecture which I wanted to experience in this rest house.

Balcony area of Delux Double room – Peradeniya Rest House



Negative experience:

In our previous hotel experiences, we usually check out at 12 noon. With most of the hotels we stayed in different locations of Malaysia, they use the same time. So, we have enough time to enjoy breakfast and prepare.

But, once we booked this rest house we got to know that check out is around 10am! OMG!With a toddler staying with us, it seems I have to use the alarm to wake up early in the morning!

But we understand, this is a rest house.

(Update: When I check Agoda.com for this Peradeniya Rest House,it states check out is at 12.00 – 13.00 hours,is it a sign of some unfriendly staff at hotel who asked us to check out before 10.00 am?? )

Room view is fine. But it smelled bad with fungus similar smell. Bathroom was worst with fungus smell and seems the door hasn’t opened for so many days. (However bathroom was clean and dry)

Then we found there were no towels provided. We were not prepared with towels, so we requested from room service. The towels were really worn. I used a face towel which I took with me for me and my son. Those towels provided by the rest house were for my husband because he was the one who really wanted to stay in this rest house. 🙂

Anyway we didn’t complain and stayed our night there planning to visit the University on the next day!

As a blogger and as someone who loves to take photography, I had a secret plan to visit around the rest house on the next day morning and to enjoy the views. But for me, the only admirable interior view is this Fish Tank which my son loved.

It is a colonial style hotel with no beautiful interior.

Exterior is beautiful; I must say. And it is with spacious parking area.

It is with spacious parking area

This rest house is Suitable for those who enjoy chatting and beer till late night because we saw lot of people enjoying till late night. Also this rest house is suitable for those who only look for accommodation for a night.

It is a really convenient place if you plan to visit Botanical Garden. Kandy Tooth Relic Temple is just around 10 minutes’ drive.

View of Delux Double room – Peradeniya Rest House

But, if you want to enjoy the hotel views and hotel facilities, then this is not a recommended accommodation.(my idea)

For me, this is not value for money we paid. Our room was around Rs.6000 plus for a night (Around SGD 60).But comparatively hotels we stayed before such as 11@Century Johor Bahru or Emperor Hotel Malacca which we always find good clean accommodation including breakfast for around SGD 60, this is not a good deal for us. But, I understand I am comparing hotels of two different countries.

Remembering some of our Sri Lanka accommodation in our recent holidays, still for me this is not value for money we paid.

Finally, I don’t have any intention to share negative thought of this hotel. I always promote Sri Lankan tourism to the best I can. But, I really cannot stay away from posting this. When I checked TripAdvisor comments and reviews, most commenters review about food and refreshing facilities along their trip. I couldn’t find many reviews on those who actually stayed there for a night.

Anyway as I want to keep this review as an honest review, I shared all my experience and ideas.

I am writing again, this is a good place if you look for accommodation just for a night stay!


University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Once this was a place in my dreams! Once this was a place which I had great moments and memories. Now it is only in my memories and I am so grateful for the things I learned not only for the degree or my career, but for the life. It was a place with entirely different student culture which I hate and admire. This is the place which changed my life after school days. With lot of memories, thoughts and dreams, I wanted to visit the University again, but in each Sri Lanka holiday, we missed visiting our university of Peradeniya.

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

But, I could achieve the dream of visiting back the University in our last year Sri Lanka tour as we had a road trip to Kandy. On the second day of the trip and when we return home, we visited University again and this is after 13 years. Yes, we graduated in 2003 and after that we couldn’t visit the University for any reason.

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

It is after 13 years. Our lives have changed. We have changed much. But, the University and its buildings are same. The memorable spots are still the same. So, we could walk back to memory lane which we spent happy, unhappy and excited moments of our student life.

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

Well, one of the not so secret is that I met my husband in this University. We were in the same batch and finally we ended up marrying and now we share our lives together.

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

This visit is special because we have our son with us and this is his first visit to a University (Unofficial)
So, let’s walk around the University of Peradeniya together with my memories.

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
WUS Canteen – University of Peradeniya,Sri Lanka

We reached the University at around 10 am, it was a sunny and bright day. How can we go back without tasting some of the food from the canteen which we didn’t like few years ago! Surprisingly my son, who is a picky eater like the food. It seems the quality of food is much improved now than the time we studied.

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Having Thosei and Dhal curry in WUS Canteen,University of Peradeniya,Sri Lanka

After having our meal, we started walking around.

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Akbar Bridge – This Bridge connects the Main University with Faculty of Engineering
University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
View of the ‘Lovers Lane’ which only lovers are permitted to enter.

Above capture is a view of the lane called  ‘Lovers Lane‘ which only lovers are permitted to enter.

After spending some time around Akbar Bridge, we went to see the ‘Polonnaruwa’.If you notice, Polonnaruwa is one of the ancient cities of Sri Lanka. If you visit Polonnaruwa, you’ll see lot of ruins from ancient kingdom.

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Polonnaruwa -University of Peradeniya

In University this area is also called as ‘Polonnaruwa’ because of the stone pillars placed under the huge tree. 🙂 However,Polonnaruwa is still same and we couldnt see any change even after 13 years.The tree is full of flowers for a season and that is the beautiful time of the University.


This Open Air Thetere (Sarachchandra Open Air Theate) which is popular as ‘Wala’ is one of the places which create memories for any student. We could watch many popular stage drama performances and musical shows for a very law ticket price.

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Open Air Thetere (Sarachchandra Open Air Theate) -University of Peradeniya

It was very hot and sunny,but my little son joined me to pose for a photo. 🙂

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

This spacious University,which is kind of a City with all facilities for students life including resident halls,medical center,salon,eating places is a beautiful place with lot of landscape views.It is blessed with the beauty of nature.Views of Hanthana make this University a Unique place among the other Universities of Sri Lanka.And we are glad,we receive all this education for free or for very low cost for utilities.

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

After walking around the University main buildings,we reached the Faculty of Engineering.

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Faculty of Engineering – University of Peradeniya , Sri Lanka

Some years ago I entered this faculty with lot of dreams in mind.I graduated and now I am residing in another country.But still my heart melts when I see the pictures of our faculty.

University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka
Faculty of Engineering – University of Peradeniya , Sri Lanka

Life is so beautiful.We live with our dreams and memories.Everyday is a new day and our memories sometimes give fuel to the life.Though it is a tour to the University after 13 years,we could regain our memories,strength and we returned home with lot of inspiring thoughts.

Do you have any photo story to share with me?Please share below.

Update:Linky is now expired.

Raja Museum - Kandy , Sri Lanka

Raja was a tusker.  He was in the Temple of the Tooth Relic Sri Lanka and served the temple to carry the Sacred Tooth Relic Casket. Raja served the temple for more than half century before he passed away. His body is preserved and the Raja Museum is dedicated for him for his service as the great tusker for the Temple of the Tooth Relic.

Raja Museum-Kandy-Sri-Lanka
Raja – The Great Tusker (1913-1988 )

His dead skin and tusks are preserved and prepared to look like the real elephant/tusker and placed in Raja Museum.

Raja Museum is located behind the Temple of the Tooth Relic in a small building. Most of the people who visit the temple visit this museum in order to see Raja and to pay honor for his service to the Temple.

Raja Museum-Kandy-Sri-Lanka
We visited this museum during our recent Kandy road trip and found most of the interesting details of the Tusker.

Raja Museum-Kandy-Sri-Lanka
Photos of Raja

His photos and other stuffs he used are placed there and it is worth to pay a visit.

Read the story/history of Raja in wikipedia.

Location: Behind the Temple of the Tooth Relic adjacent to the Royal Palace.

Do you have any photo story this week?Please share below.

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National Railway Museum - Kadugannawa - Sri Lanka

These are some photos of the National Railway Museum which is located in Kadugannawa,Sri Lanka.We actually didn’t get the chance to visit the Railway museum and see the exhibits.Instead these are captures of the railway engines which are kept at the outside of the museum.I still wish to visit this place in our next holiday to Sri Lanka and hope to write another detailed post about our experiences.Till that hope these pictures will inspire you to visit the National Railway Museum of Kadugannawa if you visit along the Colombo Kandy road.

National Railway Museum - Kadugannawa - Sri Lanka
National Railway Museum- Kadugannawa

If you travel Kandy through Colombo Kandy road,then this railway museum is located at Kadugannwa railway station.A good attraction for both young and adults and we hope to visit it and see all the exhibits in our next Kandy trip.

National Railway Museum - Kadugannawa - Sri Lanka
National Railway Museum – Kadugannawa,Sri Lanka

These are some of the views captured from outside of Sri Lanka National Railway Museum-Kadugannawa.

National Railway Museum Kadugannawa
Views from Sri Lanka National Railway Museum-Kadugannawa

Do you like Railway museums?Have you been to Sri Lanka? Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is another attraction along the Colombo Kandy road which you should check!

Kandy Lake - Sri Lanka

We were lucky enough to watch sunset over the Kandy Lake when we were returning from the Temple of the tooth Relic. The sky was stunning and amazing with beautiful colours. Actually these sky colours changed fast making beautiful views for all those who were looking at the sky. It was beautiful to see both the sky and the people who were looking at the sky.

Sunset-over-Kandy Lake - Sri Lanka

Sky was making beautiful paintings with different colours. Truly it was a beautiful sunset. Most of the people around were busy with their cameras. So, it was same with me too.

Kandy Lake - Sri Lanka
Captured these sunset pictures over the Kandy lake during our recent Sri Lanka holiday which we visited Kandy Tooth Relic Temple. Kandy Lake is in front of the Tooth Relic Temple which is one of the major attractions to anyone who visit Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Kandy Lake - Sri Lanka

Kandy Lake which is also known as ‘Bogambara Wawa’ is built in 1807 by the last king of Sri Lanka, Sri Wickrama Rajasinghe. Inside this Lake, there is a small island. If you check clearly, you will see the palm trees in these photos and those are in the small island of the Kandy Lake.

Hope you like these sunset captures.Please share your thoughts as comments.I’d love to read those.

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Kandy Tooth Relic Temple or Sri Dalada Maligawa is one of the sacred places for Buddhists in Sri Lanka. It is also a must visit attraction of Sri Lanka for anyone who travel Sri Lanka. I was sharing our travelogue of Road Trip to Kandy and still there are few posts to share. I really hope this post series is not so boring and still you like to read these travel stories from Sri Lanka.

Anyway, we reached Kandy through mountain views and spent time in Historical Restaurant before we visited Kandy Tooth Relic Temple. I’ve been here many times, but I still like to visit this temple again.

Temple of the Tooth relic-Kandy

The Temple of the Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa)

The sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha is placed in this temple and therefore it is a most venerated Buddhist places in Sri Lanka. However, you cannot see the tooth relic when you visit the temple. It is protected and it is inside a golden casket. You will only see the casket. For that also you need to visit the temple for special time. But, once a year there will be a parade (Asala Perahara) and the sacred tooth relic is taken out from the temple.

Temple of the Tooth relic-Kandy
Ambarawa-Tunnel to Sri Dalada Maligawa

We entered to the temple and walked through ‘Ambarawa’ which is a tunnel of around 29 feet long. This tunnel is with beautiful paintings and the upper part is painted and decorated with lotus flowers.(paintings)

Temple of the Tooth relic-Kandy


We entered into the shrine and offered flowers. Usually Buddhists offer flowers to Lord Buddha, so we follow the same practice.

Temple of the Tooth relic-KandyAfter spending time in the temple and after worshiping, we visited around the temple.

Legendary say that Sri Lankans received the sacred of tooth relic from India after Lord Buddha passed away.(Parinirwana). Princess Hemamali & Prince Dantha brought the sacred tooth relic from India and finally ended up in Kandy after several kingdoms. This painting shows Princess Hemamali & Prince Dantha’ s visit to Sri Lanka.

Temple of the Tooth relic-Kandy
Painting of Princess Hemamali & Prince Dantha’ s visit to Sri Lanka

Below is a photo of new temple/new shrine.This shrine is also called as ‘Aluth Maligawa‘ and we usually visit this temple after visiting the main shrine.

Temple of the Tooth relic-Kandy
New Shrine (Aluth Maligawa )-Kandy

When we come out from the Temple of Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa) ,it was almost evening.Below capture shows how beautiful and calm the view over sunset.

Sri Dalada Maligawa
Sri Dalada Maligawa-Kandy,Sri Lanka

Before leaving the Tooth Relic Temple,we visited the Museum Of Raja Tusker,I hope to share the photos in another post.

Anyway,we captured few photos of outside view of ‘Sri Dalada Maligawa‘ and it was beautiful with moody looks of the sky.


Kandy-Dalada-MaligawaBelow is the statue of Great Anagarika Dharmapala.He is one of the Sri Lankan heros who dedicated his life entirely for Sri Lankans and Buddhists.

anagarika dharmapala statue kandy
Statue of Great Anagarika Dharmapala-Kandy

Finally,we watched sunset over the Kandy Lake.It was amazing.We watched the changes of sky into different colours which was a magical moment.

Kandy Lake-sunset

All those photos are for another post!We had a great time there and still the memories are wonderful!

Note: You also need to wear appropriate clothes before entering the Temple of the Tooth Relic.Read this post about things you should know before visiting Buddhist Temples and Monasteries for some understanding on how to prepare for a Buddhist temple visit.




After we reached Kandy, and before worshiping the Temple of the Tooth Relic, we wanted to have some food. It was almost around 3 pm. We couldn’t find a proper place for a quick snack and finally found the History Restaurant.

Located in Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, the ground floor of the same building is a popular place for quick snacks. We’ve been there before for breads and buns. Once we reached the bread shop as before, we noticed this themed restaurant in the upper floor and also we noticed that they serve lunch. With a sudden change of mind to have lunch instead of quick snack (actually I want to see this theme restaurant), we peeked into the History Restaurant.

 History Restaurant-Kandy,Sri Lanka

We didn’t disappoint with the view and arrangements of the History Restaurant. But, we were disappointed because no lunch is served at that time. So, we had to order food from their menu.

Well, ordering food and the menu is for later of this post. This is all about its interior.

This History Restaurant is a quiet and calm place with dim lights. The walls were full of vintage items and photos of 1800s of Sri Lanka. Most of the photos were of Kandy city. Till we get our food, we checked all the photos. It was like a visit to an art gallery. Nicely arranged interior and walls for anyone who loves to know a bit of Sri Lanka’s history at a glance.

Walk Back to 1800s of Sri Lanka
A Photo Wall

Walk Back to 1800s of Sri Lanka with these photos 🙂

The Temple of the Tooth Relic in 1875






A photo walk to 1900s of Sri Lanka.




Other than the photos of 1800s and 1900s,we also found some vintage items such as feeder,soap packets and even some cheque books!

A half size feeder bottle
Soap packets and covers


Cheque books from 1900’s

Staff was friendly. At that time, there were 2-3 visitors inside. So, we had a quite relaxing time walking around, taking photos and enjoying some old pictures.

Friendly staff and beautiful interior.

They offer a special Sri Lankan buffet on weekends. As per them, lunch is also served as ‘Rice & Curry’.(Sri Lankan food).But surprisingly, in their menu, we couldn’t find any Sri Lankan dish. As I remember, there were some Chinese and Indian dishes for a quick order. With our point of view, that doesn’t go with the theme of the restaurant. It is nice if we could enjoy some Sri Lankan dishes while enjoying the views of historical Sri Lanka.


Anyway, we ordered some fried rice and had a quick meal after viewing all the photos and exhibits. It was of average taste. There’s nothing special to mention. But, I heard one of the staff was saying that they do not use any food flavor or MSG in their kitchen. That’s something to admire when considering the healthy factor.

After spending around one hour in this History restaurant,then we headed to the Tooth Relic Temple which I am planning to share in my next post about the road trip to Kandy.

History Restaurant

Location: 27A Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha, Kandy, Sri Lanka

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Temple-of Tooth-Relic

A good road trip is always a memorable one. There is nothing like a memorable and enjoyable road trip. When driving through hilly mountainous area, among lush green trees, through historical places, there are always many memories and happy moments to add to the life.

Last week I shared a post about our recent Kandy tour. So, I thought of sharing the part 2 of the same road trip to Kandy, this week. Once we reached Kadugannawa town, we found the new addition, which is a railway museum. After having a glance at the railway museum, we started our trip towards Kandy. It was still raining. I really didn’t like that, because we were in our last few days of Sri Lanka holiday. Due to heavy rain, we even couldn’t visit these interesting places such as Railway museum, which we found along the Kandy road.

Railway Museum-Kadugannawa,Sri Lanka

After passing Kadugannwa, the next town we reached is ‘Pilimathalawa’.Near this area, there is another interesting place which anyone can see. But, I know as this is free and as this place is along the road, most of the travellers don’t pay much attention to it. Even no one bothers to pay a visit. It is same with us too. It is the highway museum of Sri Lanka. In this highway museum, we can see many of road construction equipment and machineries which were used in old days. Actually it is an interesting place to pay a visit. Well, we couldn’t visit on our way to Kandy, but we stopped there when we return back to home.

A road roller at the Highway Museum-Kiribathkumbura,Sri Lanka

Well, after passing the small town, Pilimathalawa, the next town we reached is ‘Peradeniya’.A place which we have lot of memories. Peradeniya is a town which ‘University of Peradeniya’ is located and it is one of the best universities of Sri Lanka. Even I graduated from there. So, we are bit familiar with the town and with some of the memories, we continued to Kandy city.

Road along Gannoruwa

View of ‘Hanthana Mountain’ said we are reaching Kandy. We can’t talk about Kandy without talking this beautiful mountain. The mountain which you can see in above and below pictures is “Hanthana’ and it is a sign that we are reaching Kandy city.

Passing Gannoruwa Bridge

We reached ‘Gannoruwa’ where there are Agriculture farms around. The Buddha stupa in a side of the road is one of the major landmark in this location

Gannoruwa-Sri Lanka
The Buddhist stupa located just after the Gannoruwa Bridge

Well,we are still driving towards Kandy.Hope you are not bored at looking at the photos we captured during the tour to Kandy.Now we are almost in Kandy.We saw the large Buddha Statue in Kandy City.

Statue of Lord Buddha in Kandy City

We reached the sacred city of Sri Lanka. It was congested with heavy traffic as it was school time. If you visit Sri Lanka, you have to expect such traffic congestion. Not easy to avoid.

First Views of Kandy Town
Buddha Statue at Kandy City
Road Trip to Kandy
Views of the roads and surroundings
Road Trip to Kandy
In Kandy,still you can see colonial style buildings.
Kandy Lake
Driving around the Kandy Lake
We are reaching the Temple of the Tooth Relic

Finally,we reached Kandy.We were really hungry.We wanted to have our lunch before we visit Kandy Tooth Relic Temple.

History Restaurant-Kandy
At the History Restaurant-Kandy
We had lunch at the History Restaurant-Kandy
Temple-of Tooth-Relic
Finally we visited The Temple of Tooth Relic-Kandy

If you travel through Colombo-Kandy Road towards Kandy,there are lot of popular attractions to see in Kandy.Kandy Tooth Relic Temple and the Kandy Lake are among those.

Places and attractions to see around Kandy Tooth Relic Temple

Kandy tooth relic Temple is the major attraction.However,there are some attractions that you must not miss.

Some of those are,

Travel photography: essentials to pack
Sunset at Kandy Lake-Sri Lanka
  • Archaeological Museum Kandy-This museum is located adjacent to the Tooth Relic Temple.It is behind the temple.Pay a visit and see how it was Sri Lanka in early days.(Located in the Royal Palace)
Archeological Museum Kandy-Sri Lanka
  • Raja Museum – Raja, was the great tusker who carried the Sacred Relic Casket during special ceremonies for more than half a century. After his death, he is honored by preserving the dead animal’s skin and tusks. The museum of him is located in a small building next to the Royal Palace.(Archeological Museum)
  • Devala and Bodhi Tree infront of the Tooth Relic Temple-Most people miss visiting this place.This time we visited this temple complex and I will share photos in another post.
  • Also don’t forget to see the historical places and attractions along the Kandy Road.I only shared few of those in these two posts.There are lot more to see.

Our road trip to Kandy was really memorable.Although it was raining,we could visit attractions and could spent more time in Kandy.There are lot more photos to share in future posts.

Do you have any photo story this week?If so,please share below.





Did you notice that I was missing for few weeks? Even I didn’t update the Tuesday Travel story post for few weeks. I spent a holiday in Sri Lanka and it was a sudden arrangement. So, even I didn’t have much time to arrange few posts.

We visited few places during our stay in Sri Lanka, some visits are to meet friends and relatives’ .Some visits are to the interesting places of Sri Lanka. Our Kandy tour is such a road trip and today I thought of starting my travelogues with highlights and captures of the Kandy road trip photos. Kandy is one of the major cities of Sri Lanka. There are lot of attractions to see in this city which was also the last kingdom of Sri Lanka. The main purpose of this visit is to pay a visit to the Temple of the Tooth Relic. We also visited some few other places during the same trip.

Our route: Warakapola-Kegalle-Mawanalla-Kadugannawa- Peradeniya-Kandy

We started our road trip to Kandy from Warakapola, which is my husband’s home place. Unfortunately it was heavily raining. But we started our tour because we are with few days and especially I knew that if we didn’t go on that day, we cannot make it.


After a short drive through heavy rain, we stopped for a tea at the Green park Restaurant, Mawanella. This is a usual place to stop whenever we travel to Kandy. We had some Sri Lankan short eats (Breads,buns,etc) with some plain tea (black tea).

Greenpark Rastaurant-Mawanella-Review

Having a plain cup of tea with a spicy short eat is a wonderful experience for me when I am in Sri Lanka. This restaurant is a clean place with wash room facilities. It provides an ideal resting place for anyone who travels along the Colombo Kandy Road.

Greenpark Rastaurant-Mawanella-Review

However, on that day, there were some monkeys trying to get food from the restaurant. Restaurant staff was trying hard to chase them away. Anyway it was nice scenery for my son and he enjoyed looking at monkeys although it is not a good experiance for others. 🙂

After a short break, we started again. It was still raining and we slowly reached Kadugannawa.

Kadugannwa Ambalama-Sri Lanka
Kadugannwa Ambalama-Sri Lanka

With hilly mountainous area, we know we are reaching Kadugannawa. This beautiful location and beautiful town welcomed us to the Central Province of Sri Lanka with its picturistic views. The first attraction we find always is ‘Kadugannawa Ambalama’(a historic wayside rest).It was heavily raining, so we didn’t come out from the vehicle. Anyway this historical rest place in Kadugannawa is said to be built during the English colonial time of Ceylon.

Stalls, selling boiled corn

In Kadugannawa, you will find small shops which sell fruits and other stuffs for those who travel along the Kandy Road. As usual we saw shops which sell boiled corn. This is one of our favorites in any road trip. Freshly boiled corn are something not to miss whenever travel in Sri Lanka. But this time, we were not so fortunate as it was raining.

Stalls which sell fruits,sweets and toys

With heavy rain, we couldn’t experience the beauty of Kadugannawa hilly area. But outside was really beautiful with mist around.




Rock Piercing or Kadugannawa Tunnel is the next attraction in Kadugannawa along the Kandy Road.With newly constructed road,anyone can avoid this rock tunnel,but I asked my husband to drive through the tunnel.

Kadugannwa Rock Tunnel-Sri-Lanka

This Kadugannawa rock tunnel is one of the significant landmarks we find along the Colombo – Kandy main road. Constructed by British, it still remains as a historical icon and a landmark making another attraction to Kadugannawa.

After passing the rock tunnel we reached Kadugannawa town.Captain Dawson Tower is one of the major attractions in Kadugannawa town.The Dawson Tower is in memory of Captain Dawson who led the British team of engineers to construct the Colombo Kandy Road.

The next most highlighted place in Kadugannawa is ‘Railway Station’. This time we saw an addition.It is ‘National Railway Museum of Sri Lanka‘.


We didn’t visit this newly opened railway museum,but we could see some of the train engines and wagons parked outside.I hope we will be able to visit the museum in another Sri Lankan holiday.

National Railway Museum

We had an exciting day although it was disturbed by the rain.It seems I have to write another post to share moments of Kadugannawa to Kandy road trip.This is not our first trip to Kandy.But still, a road trip to Kandy is more exciting and enjoyable.

I will share the other photos and details of the next stretch of this trip.Till then,I’d love to hear your comments about this trip.Please share your thoughts about Sri Lanka.

(Update: Read the next post about this Kandy Road trip)

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