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Travel Melbourne with Kids

Are you planning a trip to Melbourne? Travel Melbourne with kids will be a thrilling experience when you plan ahead.

As a kid friendly city, you will sure have a remarkable experience in this beautiful city of Australia. However, if you travel with little kids, then you need more preparation. You need to plan activities to keep kids entertained during your city tour around Melbourne. You also need to know where to eat in Melbourne and where to stay. With many kids’ friendly attractions,accommodation,restaurants and cafes, you will not find much difficulty with your kids when you have a great tour plan.

To help you to plan your Melbourne city tour, here are some ideas to add to your activities during the day time.

Visit the Melbourne Zoo

Travel Melbourne with KidsWho doesn’t love to visit a zoo? If you plan any new destination with kids, check for a zoo. Your kids will be thrilled just by hearing that you are taking them to a zoo! In Melbourne, you can visit the Zoos Victoria which is also popular as Melbourne zoo. Don’t forget to check the zoo program for the day and catch an animal show with the kids!

Don’t forget the Great cafe culture

There are plenty of kid friendly cafes in Melbourne which you can easily entertain them indulging among food choices. From delicious muffins to hot chocolate, you will find many food choices that your kids love. If you need to find a Kid Friendly Cafe Melbourne and some details and real experiences before you reach Melbourne, then check Plant Based Mum’s blog by visiting plantbasedmum.com. In her blog she shares her café adventures around Melbourne with her kids.

Visit the Beaches

Travel Melbourne with Kids

As a coastal city, you will not regret visiting Melbourne with kids because of many activities to do and see. Among those things to do in Melbourne, you will find many beaches to visit. Kids love to play with waves. They also love sand castles. Spend an evening in a Melbourne beach with your kids. They will not forget those moments. And, you will also have some relaxing time among the sea breeze!

Above are the best suggestions to do with kids in Melbourne. Other than that, you have many choices including parks and art activities that kids would love. Sport events, kids friendly festivals and simply walking along the garden paths are some other suggestions that you can add to your Melbourne tour with kids.

I am sure you will have great time in Melbourne with kids! And,sure you will need to travel Melbourne with kids again! 🙂


Amusing times: east coast fun in Australia

If you’re looking to head out to some of Australia’s best theme parks, read below for our east coast guide to all things amusement related. The Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney all have great offerings for the adventure inclined.

Queensland is the theme park capital of Australia with many local and international tourists making a regular pilgrimage to the Gold Coast. Here thrill seekers have a choice of several large parks which are all in close proximity to each other: Movie World, Dreamworld, Wet and Wild, Paradise Country, White Water World. Being spoilt for choice you’ll have to prioritise one or two or spend a few days exploring as many as you can. You can purchase individual entry tickets, but many people opt for a multi-park pass which will save money overall. Best to do tickets ahead of time and skip entry queues, especially over peak times like summer and Easter holidays.

Amusing times: east coast fun in Australia

In New South Wales you’ll find iconic sites such as Luna Park Sydney which you’ll sometimes score a bargain ‘two unlimited ride passes for the price of one’ when they run their Lunancy promotion. Amongst the Tango Train, Flying Saucer and Wild Mouse Coaster you’ll find carnival classics like dodge-em cars, a carousel and mirror maze. A central location means that you can spend a few hours here or all day and not need to travel too far to your next destination.

Still under construction, the famous Wonderland in Sydney which closed its doors in 2004 is set to reopen by 2021 on a new site. Not only is this new attraction earmarked to include some of the classic (but updated) rides from Wonderland, but will also offer resort hotels, a water park and a shopping precinct. With an operations manager from Orlando Disney World on board, watch this space for the appearance of an epic theme park that will make NSW a much more attractive destination for theme park lovers.

Amusing times: east coast fun in Australia

In the southern state of Victoria, people are often pleasantly surprised to find a good selection of both amusement and water parks, often on the same site. In terms of amusement parks near Melbourne, one of the largest of is Adventure Park which is just out of Geelong. You can easily spend a day here on both rides and the extensive water park with slides, play areas and pools for all ages. Gumbuya World in Tynong recently underwent a million dollar refurbishment to their original aging amusement park and wildlife sanctuary Gumbuya Park. Here you’ll also find a large water park and rides such as roller coasters alongside everyone’s favourite classics like the wildlife trail and the iconic Golden Pheasant that’s still there to greet visitors upon entry. Funfields is another popular choice that also features wet and dry rides, and they too have recently opened up new rides to entice visitors through their gates. They also boast a 360 degrees virtual reality ride which utilises top of the line Samsung VR headsets – give it a try!.


Things to Do During Your Vacation in Sydney

Sydney, Australia – a dream destination for many people. Tourists who have been in the place come back often because they were charmed by the beauty of the city. A few days worth of visit is never enough but of course, you should make the most of it especially if it is your first time. In this article, we will discuss top things that you should include in your itinerary for your visit in this mesmerizing city.

1. Visit Bondi Beach

Bondi beach is one of the most popular beaches in the city and in the world. Its picturesque beauty will capture your heart in an instant. You can do so many activities here like swimming, sunbathing, surfing or if you love to party then you should visit some events in the beach especially during holidays like Christmas and New Year.

2. Take a tour from Bondi to Cooge Coastal Walk

From Bondi, you can take a walk to its six-kilometre stretch of coastline and beyond you will get to reward yourself with a ice cold beer from Cooge Pavilion’s rooftop bar.

3. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Things to Do During Your Vacation in Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most iconic landmark in Sydney and the entire Australia. But besides taking a selfie with the Harbour bridge in the backdrop, you can also be more adventurous and join the express climb. The experience and the view will be so worth it.

4. Kayak in the Sydney Harbour

Another way to enjoy the Sydney Harbour Bridge is by kayaking in the harbor. The water is very smooth and the kayaks are very stable that you do not need to worry about paddling around.

5. Visit the Sydney Opera House

Things to Do During Your Vacation in Sydney

Another icon in Sydney is the Sydney Opera house. If you have enough budget, you can watch what’s playing but if you are on a tight budget then you can go for a tour to know more the history of the place.

6. Take a plunge in Camp Cove

The turquoise water of Camp Cove is more than inviting to take a plunge. You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, paddleboard or go swimming with your friends and family.

7. See the Art Gallery of NSW

If you’re into arts then be sure to include in your itinerary a visit in The Art Gallery of New South Wales. It features significant collections of Australian, European and Asian art.

8. Visit Taronga Zoo 

Australia is popular for different animals that can only be found in the place. See animals like komodo dragon, koalas, zebras, elephants, chimps, platypus and many others when you visit Taronga Zoo.

9. Swim like a pro in Bondi Iceberg’s Pool

Another destination you should not miss is the Bondi Iceberg’s pool. It is one of the most photographed ocean pool in Australia. Well, why not, the place is gorgeous. If you want to become a member of the oldest winter swimming club in Australia, then you must swim three Sundays a month for a period of five years.

There are so many activities to do in Sydney that your schedule will surely be jam-packed. So it is best that you book a cozy hotel accommodation to help you relax and recharge at night. You can check out top rated Sydney hotels and see what fits your schedule and of course budget.

Make your Sydney vacation memorable by doing the activities we discussed in this article.



Things to Do During Your Vacation in Sydney

Sydney is known as Australia’s most well-known cities, and it’s for obvious reasons. New South Wales, its capital is a thriving metropolis that boasts a vibrant scene, world-class hotels, restaurants, gorgeous beaches, and great experiences that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

In this article, we’ll list some of the favourite Sydney experiences that you shouldn’t miss on your first (or next couple of visit).

Visit the Rocks

The Rocks is a network of Victorian streets with a flurry of pop-up shops and creative street performers, which makes it a hit destination for tourists of all sorts. Visit during Friday for the food market and get yourself smokey barbeque skewers. Head over to the Glenmore pub to experience the Tasmanian brewed James Boag beer and see stunning views of the harbour and of course, the iconic Opera House.

Sydney experiences

Get wet at the beach

We mean that in the literal sense. And hey, admit it. Sydney’s beaches are one of the reasons you’ve actually come this far. Kick off with a splash at one of Australia’s – the world’s most famous beach – Bondi! The beach flaunts amazing waves, powdery sand, and fantastic sun, Dry off on a sun-soaked stroll along Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk. Take a break at the fantastic Tamarama Beach. After, keep walking until you reach the saltwater baths at the far end of the half-moon shaped Bronte Beach.

Stroll through the Royal Botanic Gardens

The amazing outdoors is one of Australia’s most prized treasures, and Sydney has nature right at its centre. The Royal Botanic Garden is found in the city centre, a perfect and shady place for strolling and gawking at lovely fauna and flora. Don’t forget to visit Mrs Macquarie’s Chair located at the northeastern tip.

Climb Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney experiences

This activity is almost always ceremoniously done by everyone who has visited Sydney. It might be a cliché, but if it’s your first time here, it’s worth every bit your effort. You’ll be rewarded with a majestic view of the Harbour. Try the sunset tour for a truly exciting experience. You won’t need superhuman strength for the climb but you’ll need a head for it.

Location: Cumberland Street, Sydney

Learn how to surf

The tourist scene in Sydney is a fantastic experience all year round. The most touristy area is on Bondi beach. The biggest swells roll in during winter, so if you’re a novice you’re better off watching the experts go at it. It’s an easy ride in the summer, though.  You can have quick and easy surfing lessons in schools lining up the beach.

Stay in the Astral tower

The Astral tower is a top-rated hotel accommodation in Sydney you shouldn’t miss. It features modern comforts of luxury accommodation fit for all occasions. You have the option of staying in a deluxe room, a Royal suite or even a lavish penthouse. Indulge in a plethora of modern facilities including a fitness centre, an indoor/outdoor pool, buffet restaurant and access to The Star’s wide range of dining and nightlife venues.

The tower is just ten minutes from anywhere within the CBD, so you can go from here to any destination in this list.

Location: 80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Parting Note

There you have it! Here’s a challenge: Why not try to visit them all on your visit? Bets on, mate!

New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour

Sydney is renowned for hosting one of the largest and most spectacular fireworks displays. Spanning the Harbour from Bradleys Head and Taronga Zoo and all the way out west heading towards the Gladesville Bridge, the city of Sydney embraces this event as the population heads to the foreshore for a prime viewing position. More than a million spectators and revellers cram the foreshore at various designated areas and zones. Some are family friendly and alcohol free, some are ticketed areas to restrict the number of people in a particular zone and other areas are a free for all. Without doubt, the most exclusive would be on a New Years Eve cruise. Any Boat, Sydney’s largest and most reputable charter agency has the city’s most exclusive yachts available for you to choose from.

Private New Years Eve Cruises

What does a private New Years Eve cruise have to offer? Well for starters, a lot more privacy and comfort and exclusivity. Your skipper will pick you up and drop you off at a pre-arranged location. In addition to that, most vessels have an all-inclusive food and beverage package. So, all you have left to do is turn up and enjoy the evening. Some do have the flexibility of having BYO. The team at Any Boat in Sydney have recommended the following private charter vessels for you to consider:

  • Element – A super yacht that calls Sydney home, Element is still available for the evening. Capable of holding 36 passengers for the night, Sydney’s fireworks display will be so much more exciting when you’re on the main deck of this vessel. At AUD $45,000, she’s not cheap but that does come with an all-inclusive food and beverage package.

  • John Oxley – A grand old darling of Sydney Harbour, John Oxley has been meticulously maintained. Suitable for up to 30 guests, Alcohol is BYO however; there is a BYO food package for AUD $35,000 or the catered package for AUD $40,000
Ticketed New Years Eve Cruises

If you have a smaller group and don’t want to charter out a whole vessel for yourself then ticketed new years eve cruises are a great option. Tickets have sold quickly for this year’s cruises with boats like Galene and Silver Spirit already sold out. Any Boat’s recommendations for ticketed cruises are:

  • Starship Sydney – Priced at AUD $675 a ticket, Starship is great value. Included in the ticket price is food, drinks, entertainment and access to the Harbour of Lights Parade. You will be able to enter parts of the Harbour that most other people can’t. Holding a maximum of 950 guests, it is sure to be one of Sydney’s biggest parties.

  • Jerry Bailey – Similarly priced at $699 a ticket and also part of the Harbour of Lights Parade, Jerry Bailey will be a little more intimate as tickets are limited to 160 people. Included in the ticket price is food, beverages and entertainment.


steps to hiring a mover

While it is impossible to go on a vacation without spending a single penny, you can go wherever you want without spending a lot of money. Contrary to common belief, traveling is not expensive. Backpackers and budget travellers have proven that it is possible to travel in a limited budget.

One popular destination among budget travellers is Brisbane. It sounds counterintuitive to visit a first world metropolitan and save money, but it is the truth. So how do people enjoy Brisbane without spending much money? Here’s how:

Try Couchsurfing             

Couchsurfing is a new trend among millennials who want to save money when travelling. Here they find locals who offer their home for free. It is scary at first, but there are plenty of reputable websites that could help you meet friendly locals. To ensure your safety, check for red flags before booking with the host: their profile has to be filled out, it has to have profile picture, it has real reviews and they must be easy to contact.

Book a Cheap Car Rental in Advance

There are plenty of cheap car rental in Brisbane and you can easily nab a discount if you book online before your arrival. Traveling around Australia via a car hire is common among travellers because it saves them time and money from taking public transportation. It is also convenient and comfortable to explore if you drive a car.

Find the Best Cheap Eats

Brisbane is the third most populous city in Australia, so it is not surprising that there are plenty of restaurants that offer a variety of cuisine in different price ranges. As a budget traveller, pick the ones that offer the best but cheapest food. You think it is impossible? Try searching for Roll’d in QueensPlaza or Izakaya Kotobuki in Albert St. that are famous for Asian dishes. Papparich in Wintergarden or Buffalo Bar in Mary St. offer hearty meals in affordable prices. You can also get takeaways from Ben’s Burgers, New Shanghai and Le Bon Choix to satisfy your cravings. These foods are scrumptious, so try not to over eat and over spend, okay?

Visit Free Tourist Destinations

There are plenty of free things you can do in Brisbane. Aside from a scenic walk around the City Botanic Garden and the Roma Street Parklands, you can also check out the free concert every Sunday at Customs House. The Gallery of Modern Art, The City Hall and the Museum of Brisbane are also great free travel destinations. If you want to spend a laid-back afternoon, The Sunshine Beach and the South bank are ideal for you. Here you can grab something to eat, wait for the sunset and just watch locals.

Never limit your experience on the amount of money you brought. Not because you have a limited budget doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy your vacation. The list just shows a few ways to save money when visiting Brisbane and if you follow them, you will have a wonderful time in this city.

Things to know before going on Sydney Harbour Cruises

Australians are proud of celebrating Australia Day on January 26th.With lot of fun and activities, this is a day which you don’t want to miss in Australia either you live there or you are on a holiday. If you still haven’t decided what to do on Australia Day, then take the opportunity to join with thousands of people who gather to the Sydney Harbour to enjoy and celebrate the Australia’s National day with lot of events.

Other than joining with Australia Day celebration events, here are some of the best ways which you can spend your day in Sydney Harbour.

Watch Fireworks

Sydney Harbour New Years Eve

Sydney Harbour is popular for its amazing fireworks for New Year. Other than New Year, Australia Day is another reason for spectacular fireworks display in Sydney Harbour. Usually fireworks start at 7pm, so reach Sydney Harbour early and find a great spot to watch Fireworks. You’ll definitely have a remarkable time there.

Relax on the beach

With warm weather and beautiful sandy beaches, Sydney makes it a great place for travelers. Find a beautiful Sydney Harbour beach and spend your time with fun water activities. You can spend your time with your family and even you can read books spending a relaxing day. Bondi Beach and Mindil Beach are some of popular Sydney Harbour beaches that you can spend the day.

Hire a boat or join with a Sydney Harbour cruise

Sydney Harbour New Years Eve

If you still couldn’t decide what to do on Australia Day which is unique and memorable, then join with Sydney harbor cruise or hire a boat and explore Sydney harbor watching Australia day activities. Sydney harbor will feature many celebrations for the Australia day including fireworks. Spend your time in a Sydney Harbour Cruise which includes meal, activities and lot of fun. You can spend the whole day with fun celebrations in a Sydney harbor cruise which makes you lot of lifetime memories. This will be a unique way of spending your day!

With these ideas, we hope you will have unique experience with Australia day Sydney Harbour activities.

Things to Do During Your Vacation in Sydney

Planning a holiday in Australia? Then you must be looking for new ideas and things to do in Australia to make your holiday more exciting. That is why we create this list with some of the amazing things you can do in Australia to make your tour a fantastic one.

Explore Sydney Harbour on a Cruise

Things to know before going on Sydney Harbour Cruises

Stunning inlets, beaches and waterways are the all words I get when I remind the Sydney Harbour. This is the best place to explore on a luxury cruise in a leisurely way. Of course, you can select your cruise either romantic or family cruise including many activities to do as you wish. It can be partying inside the cruise, view the beautiful Sydney harbor, engage in water sports or even whale watching. With all these activities and facilities, sure you’ll have better time in Australia. You can also spend your time in a Sydney Sailing Vacation if you think boat hire is more enjoyable.

Visit the Blue Mountains

Other than the beautiful Sydney harbor, beaches and fascinating views, you can easily climb a mountain by joining a small group day trip. Blue Mountains are popular as a day trip destination and spend your time with Koalas and kangaroos while watching Australia’s wild life in its natural habitat.

Visit Fraser Island

What makes Fraser Island that special? Fraser Island is known as the world’s largest sand island and becoming a hot spot for tourists. You can join with a group and explore this island to add more memories to your life. Sure, this will be a fun idea!

Watch sunset in a beach

TOP 10 Places For a Romantic Weekend in Australia

Just think of romantic moments you can experience in Australia. Relaxing on the beach and watching amazing sunset would be definitely the best idea to be romantic. Australia is full of places to view amazing sunset including Byron Bay, St Kilda Beach in Melbourne and Mindil Beach, Darwin.

Want to know more exciting and amazing things and activities which you can involve in Australia? Simply check this Australia Travel Guide and you will find ideas and things to do in Australia till you find that your holiday is over! And be sure to visit Australia again to experience more adventures and to spend memorable holidays!

Planning a sailing vacation in Sydney? If so, you are planning one of the best holidays which you can have lot of relaxing activities and memories for the lifetime. So, now you know your idea of planning a sailing holiday in Sydney is one of your best decisions ever!

Beautiful views of Sydney harbor and the perfect weather of Sydney are the reasons to spend your time sailing around while enjoying the coastal lines around. That’s why travellers from around the world come to Australia to enjoy time in sailing and to discover what Australia has to offer them.

Discover Sydney Harbour by boat

Tips for a Memorable Sydney Sailing Vacation

Sydney boat hire is really easy and you can easily find a perfect vessel for your sailing trip. There are lot of views to explore including historic funfair of Luna Park and Sydney’s iconic landmarks such as Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera house. You can go further and discover new coastlines. A sailing trip in Sydney would be a fun and adventurous holiday for you and you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect weather of Australia which allows you to view around without so many difficulties.

Sydney Boat Hire Tips

Well, to make your sailing vacation more memorable, we’d also like to give you some hints and tips. With proper planning and with a professional sailing team, you will have a wonderful time in Sydney with everlasting memories. So, here we go!

You can decide on any yacht as you preferred. But, here are some tips to consider before you confirm your vessel for the sailing holiday.

Tips for a Memorable Sydney Sailing Vacation

First gather all the information which you already have regarding your sailing trip such as how many people will be there with you on Sydney sailing holiday, do you want separate cabins or are there any couples who can share the cabins, do you want a skipper or not etc. With these details, next you can easily decide on a yacht because most of the yacht providers give some details and requirements such as minimum people on board etc. If you have some clue about your group, it is easy to make a decision. It is fine even if it is only your family; you need to have the idea before you book your yacht. For a pleasant experience, you can also read Yacht Charter Reviews and make your decision accordingly. If you have some idea on the vessel you are going to book, you will have a fuss free sailing time on Sydney harbour.

Luxury yacht charter is one of the most exciting options to have wonderful vacation in Sydney. Anyway, most of the yachts offer great comfort and you assure a luxury sailing trip. However, sailing yachts are more comfortable and if you really want to go with a luxury yacht charter Sydney, then consider a sailing yacht.

Finally, you need a comfortable and memorable sailing vacation in Sydney. Here we shared some information and tips on Sydney boat hire and Luxury yacht charter. Now it is your turn. You can visit www.yachtcritic.info and read more on Yacht Charter Reviews or you can visit www.anyboat.com.au and book your sailing vacation. You can also read this post on things to know before going on Sydney Harbour Cruises to get more ideas on Sydney harbor and how you can make your vacation exciting!

Sydney Harbour New Years Eve

Are you thinking of how to spend your New Year’s Eve or still couldn’t decide on a location to spend the New Year eve in a grand way? Then we’d like to propose you to spend your New Year’s Eve in Sydney because it is one of the most popular places around the world to spend New Year’s Eve.

Sydney is popular for its fireworks and New Year celebrations. That is why many people gather around Sydney harbor to watch these amazing fireworks live while enjoying their time with others. Sydney Harbour New Years Eve is that much popular and even thousands of people  around the world watch fireworks from television.

There are many ways you can celebrate this New Year eve in Sydney including watching fireworks from foreshore among other tourists and those who gathered into the Sydney harbour. But, for everlasting memories and for a new start of the New Year with lot of excitement, we’d like to propose you to spend your New Year eve in a Sydney Cruise.

Sydney Harbour New Years Eve

Why spending your New Year’s Eve in a Sydney Cruise is the best thing ever? Let me explain with these reasons.

Sydney is crowded for New Year’s Eve

In each year there are more than 1.6 million people gather to Sydney to spend the New Year’s Eve. All of them want to spend the night watching fireworks. Can you imagine how crowded this city is and how if you cannot find a right spot to watch amazing fireworks? Maybe watching fireworks in Sydney can be one of your lifetime dreams and you spoil it simply by trying to watch fireworks by standing on the foreshore.

You can party while watching fireworks

Well, watching magical fireworks is really exciting and interesting when you are able to spend your time in relaxing mood. Just imagine the difference between you watching fireworks among the crowd from the foreshore and you watch fireworks in a relaxing space while enjoying a glass of wine or some other snack you like. Just imagine the moment you are spending with your partner or with your family and watch fireworks. There is always a difference, right? If you decide to spend New Year’s Eve in a Sydney Cruise, then you will have many other facilities including Alcohol Bar, BBQ, BYO Food and catering.

You will find the best viewing spots

Sydney Harbour New Years Eve and 2015 New Years Eve Cruises

If you decide to view from the foreshore, then you do not know the best spots and the worst is these best spots are always fully booked and overcrowded. But, with a Sydney harbor cruise, you will be able to view the fireworks and spend your New Year’s Eve in the best possible way by viewing amazing fireworks from the best viewing places. The cruise staffs are well experienced and they know what the best viewing places for watching fireworks are.

So far I explained my best why Sydney cruises are the best option to spend your new years eve. You can easily book your 2015 New Years Eve Cruises Sydney with AnyBoat.com.au. Finally what you want is a magical night with everlasting memories. I am sure you will have that if you spend your time in any 2015 New Years Eve Cruises in Sydney!

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